Letters to the Editor: May 27

Rubbish floating in this blocked drain at Nadawa in Nasinu needs to be removed. Picture: SUPPLIED

Live, laugh and love
God created this world. Every human being is born with equal rights. Living in this beautiful world,we don’t want to die. Everyone of us want to stay alive for longer period. However, life is too short and humanity takes it for granted.We live because we have to do it to the fullest. We don’t like to be sad all the time. We like to enjoy our daily lives. Many a time we forget that we need to laugh.Laughter is the best medicine and everyone loves a good laugh. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cell and infection-fighting antibiotics, thus improving one’s resistance to diseases. Laughter promotes an overall sense of wellbeing and can even temporarily relieve pain. Love is the sweetest thing that can happen to any of us. How much and how we love entirely depends on us. It just may be the best medicine out there. Strong relationship can do anything from lowering blood pressure to helping one recover from cancer. It even keeps a person’s skin healthy. No one loves enough and if we love one another like we love ourselves, the world will be a better place to live. Therefore, for every human being, we must understand that life is too short and humanity takes it for granted. Whatever period of life we live, we should learn to make good use of it. Whenever it is, everyone should laugh and enjoy life to its fullest. We should practise to love and form healthier, safer, friendlier and stronger relationships. Once we go about and put into practice the safer and healthier part of living, laughing and loving, there shall be no doubt that this world will be a better place to live in. Indar Jit Tokotoko, Navua

Elegance in fashion

Where is elegance in fashion? The media and Hollywood have mixed sexy and elegance in fashion, that the mixed message of being exposed has become an accepted norm in fashion. What advice do we have for our beautiful youths, aspiring to become international models? Universally, fashion with elegance will always be attractive, stylish, graceful and refined, even if this means being covered up to display designs and creativity of one’s talents. On the same note when beautiful girls with skimpy clothes model cars, ice cream, homes and gardening tools, how does one overcome the vulgar, uncouth thought waves experienced. Finau Naigulevu Turaga Nadi Airport

National priority

Suresh Chand of Nadi might be premature in declaring the sedition case against The Fiji Times is “finally over” (FT 25/5 ) because the DPP Christopher Pryde plans to appeal the High Court decision to acquit those charged. Shamal Chand of Wellington wonders whether the case against The Fiji Times was “necessary” (FT 25/5). Colin Deoki of Melbourne provides an appropriate answer (FT 25/5). He says “the authorities might learn a valuable lesson from this sad and unnecessary saga to focus the resources and attention on more pressing issues affecting the nation”. Many in Fiji and around the world would agree. That’s the sensible thing to do in the public interest. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

No traffic jam

I drove to Saweni on Wednesday morning (23/5) and was anticipating a traffic jam at the Velovelo bridge. Lo and behold there was none. Hallelujah, the humps have been removed and the bridge tarsealed. Vehicles were zooming away to their destinations. Thank you to the authorities, good sense has prevailed. And thank you to those who came out and said their bit via the Letter to the Editors column. Psst, Wise, the humps are gone now, I’m looking for something else to whine about. Allen Lockington, Lautoka

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