Letters to the Editor – May 23

Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan wave as they ride a horse drawn carriage after their wedding ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in Windsor, Britain. Picture: SUPPLIED

Fairytale wedding
THE Fiji Times front page picture
on Monday 21 of the royal fairytale
wedding is commendable.
Prince Harry, the only eligible
bachelor in the royal monarchy,
married his star fi ancée in a worldwide
witnessed event that stopped
The last of the current generation
and the next set will now be about
15-20 years from now.
Thank you The Fiji Times and also
Fiji One for airing the event live,
great coverage.
All the best Harry and Markle —
the cutest couple in town.
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva


Voter ID
WHY are voter identifi cation
card needed to ID people
trying to gain access to
HOMES-CARE, or eTransport
As policymakers, every
mandate issued for workers’
feedback must ensure
there is no perceived ulterior
or upper hand data
Why can’t driving licence,
FNPF cards, or passports
be used?
Why would emphasis be
on voter’s ID details?
After all I believe any
current ID card is all that’s
required to validate one’s
authentic identifi cation.
Nadi Airport

Road upgrades
MOST of the road upgrade
works are taking
shape along the Queens Rd
and the Suva-Nausori corridor
Kings Rd.
It is breathtaking to drive
at night between Kinoya
and Centrepoint.
The road markings and
refl ectors are so internationally
done that full
beaming of vehicle lights
are not necessary now.
Such upgrades are benefi
cial to all motorists especially
those with visual
So much so with the intensity
of the effects of climate
change which has rapidly
increased in the past 15
years generating poor visibility
during rainy periods
at any one time.
Let us hope for the best
that all our major roads are
going to be equipped like
this to enable a safe day and
night travel to all.

Nightingale’s life
KNOWN as “The Angel of
Crimea” or the “Lady with
the Lamp”, Florence Nightingale
was a revolutionary
fi gure in nursing.
The fact that we have a
nursing profession today
is, in large part, thanks to
Nightingale’s dedication
and commitment to serve
Reading inspirational
quotes attributed to Nightingale,
I was inspired by
these pieces “I think one’s
feelings waste themselves
in words, they ought all to
be distilled into actions
which bring results; Live
life when you have it. Life
is a splendid gift- there is
nothing small about it”.
The hardworking and
dedicated nurses in Fiji
and around the globe commemorated
the life of the
founder of modern nursing,
Florence Nightingale, and
International Nurses Week
which ended on Saturday.
I believe nurses around
Fiji attended church services
as part of the commemoration.

Thank you very much
Luke Nacei and The Fiji
Times (22/05) for covering
the service.
I accord my gratitude and
appreciation to our nurses
who work round-the-clock
to attend to our patients.
May the blessings of the
Lord add colour to your career!
Nadawa, Nasinu

Sex education
THERE is a question in
the FBC poll asking for
people to comment.
The question is: Do you
think sex education should
not be treated as a taboo
I believe, fi rst of all people
should know and understand
what is sex education.
Sex education helps
people gain the information,
skills and motivation
to make healthy decision,
about sex and sexuality.
Sex education is a high
quality teaching and learning
about a broad variety
of topics related to sex and
sexuality, exploring values
and beliefs about those topics
and gaining the skills
that are needed to navigate
relationships and manage
one’s own sexual health.
Sex education may take
place in schools, in community
settings or through
Planned parenthood believes
that parents play a
critical and central role in
providing sex education.
Comprehensive sexuality
education refers to
K-12 programs that cover
a board range of topics related
1. Relationships (including
families, friendship,
romantic relationship and
2. Human development
(including reproduction,
puberty, sexual orientation,
and gender identity);
3. Personal skills (including
communications, negotiations
and decision making);
4. Sexual behaviour (including
abstinence and sexuality
throughout life);
5. Sexual health (including
sexually transmitted
diseases, contraception
and pregnancy); and
6. Society and culture
(including gender roles, diversity,
and sexuality in the
I believe sex education
should not be treated as a
taboo subject.
It helps people gain the
information, skills and motivation
to make healthy
decision about sex and sexuality.
The matter is for the public
to know and understand.
Unless people clearly
know and understand what
the sex education is, it
will remain hard for them
weather the subject be
made taboo or not.
Tokotoko, Navua

Atmosphere of relief
I MUST congratulate Fiji
Times Ltd, its three senior
staff members, Mr Waqabaca
and the learned defence
team for the victory yesterday.
This victory is also a
much celebrated one because
I believe it’s a victory
for freedom of speech and
freedom of the press.
The positive result is welcomed
and I join in the celebrations.
I attended the hearing
and the atmosphere of relief
that emanated from the
foyer was inviting.
As I went to meet Mr
Waqabaca for the fi rst time
and congratulate him, he
embraced me into a great
To top it off, we gave
our all when Shamima Ali
called for three cheers.
I was pleased to hear that
the gist of the letter was to
address issues and a call for
national reconciliation to
solve ill feelings among all
This was my takeaway
and I believe that it is something
we should welcome.
It is a means to bring unity
in our nation and I read
somewhere that “Fiji does
better when Fijians unite”.
Farm Road, Nakasi

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