Letters to the Editor – May 22

Lautoka’s Brian Kaltack goes on attack against Team Wellington in the 2nd leg of the OFC Final at Churchill Park in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

A polished effort
HATS off to Lautoka for the polished
Despite losing to Wellington, our
top bet scored three goals against a
professional outfi t.
Had they been tight on defence
and maintained their discipline and
composure, a win was on the card.
However, the narrow 4-3 loss
should motivate Lautoka to do
well come the 2019 OFC Champions
Thank you Blues for fl ying Fiji’s
fl ag in the Champions League!
Please don’t be disheartened and
remember that there’s always a second
By the way, the “Voice of Soccer”
is back and will add fl avour to the
commentaries and talkback show
on Radio Fiji 2.
I look forward to the feast of soccer
at Ratu Cakobau Park which will
host the Fiji FACT this weekend.
On the other hand, power, speed,
experience, passion, aggressiveness
is in the 33-man All Blacks squad.
Except for Crusaders and Hurricanes
sensation Jordan Tafua and
Ben Lam the team named for Tests
against France is phenomenal!
Kieran Read will be missed as
Whitelock leads the charge!
Nadawa, Nasinu

Jail space
I WONDER if there’s
enough space in jail for the
tens of thousands of people
who apparently received
their cards through deceit.
Multiple individuals
from single households,
undeserving and unaffected
households and the
opportunists, all must be
brought before the law.
If they can blatantly lie
and steal taxpayers’ money,
they defi nitely cannot
pay the $20,000 fi nes.
Jails are already full to
the brim.
It pains looking at the
crowd (Shirley Park cannot
be described in words),
some driving expensive vehicles
to the venue.
One guy actually parked
his Corolla in a parking
slot with more than half
the car still on the driving
lane (he got off and actually
ran to the queues), as I
walked past during a morning
fat burning project.
The people have lost all
That’s it.
They say the “honest”
ones returned their cards!
Why then did they get it
in the fi rst place?
I would like to see if the
people actually get punished.
While special events
are unfolding this year the
world over, our people are
grossly involved in daylight

Let’s pay attention
IN this country we have
three self-created problems
that need greatest public
attention, change in attitudes,
respect for law and
the ultimate benefi ciaries
will be those not willing to
listen and not wanting to
bring changes.
The three most critical
problems are (a) accidents
(b) increasing non-communicable
diseases and (c) littering
A lot of time and money
is spent on awareness programs
by the Government,
social media, schools, tertiary
institutions, statutory
bodies, law enforcement
agencies, religious organisations,
organisations, concerned
citizens, learned people,
medical experts therefore
being ignorant and continuing
with bad habits in
this country should not be
an excuse.
You have a brain to think
positively, eyes to see
things properly and ears
to listen attentively so it
should enable you to know
what is right/wrong, do’s/
don’ts, good/bad, necessary/unnecessary,
unwanted and other negative/positive
things in life.
Sivi Rd, Caubati, Nasinu

A royal talanoa
SITTING around the
tanoa at the weekend, one
noted how the royal wedding
dominated discussions.

In the end, it turned up
into a heated debate as the
men argued on the true definition
of royal blood. As
the clocked ticked into the
early hours of the morning,
my eyes struggled to stay
I avoided contributing to
the discussion, quietly observing
a range of views.
In the end, they abruptly
demanded my opinion. I
quietly and slowly responded
stating that “we are all
of royal blood as we are
consuming a royal drink”.
Before any of them could
reply, I had the honour
of swiftly declaring the
grog had maca or fi nished
and suggested for them to
“walk back to their homes
in a royal manner”.
The rooster crowing was
like a royal alarm reminding
us that a new day was
arriving. So much for a talanoa
It was just so surprising
how men around the tanoa
were engrossed into a royal
All in all, royalty is
sometimes in the mind as
the Creator of all life is of
a royalty greater than all
Toorak, Suva

The no mores 

I WAS reading The Sun
online, a UK news company
which reported a few interesting
things about the future
life of Meghan Markle,
The Duchess of Sussex.
The American actress
will be getting to grips
with the strict rules that
come with being a member
of the royal family, and
here is what she will have to
see the back of.
No social media.
No longer vote.
No more freedom to go
out in public alone.
No more selfi es.
No more wearing dark
nail varnish.
She will no longer sign
Go to bed before the
Queen. (If she is in the same
building as the Queen).
No more short hemlines.
I suppose there could be
more “no mores”.
But I wish the Duke and
Duchess well.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

HOMES-CARE assistance
AS days go by, more cases
of people dishonestly obtaining
assistance is coming to
I believe all these people
including the genuine applicants
are screened before
the card is handed to
them in the same manner.
Interesting to note is the
fact that if these people did
not fulfi l the requirements,
they would not get the card
in the fi rst place.
Their dishonesty will no
doubt be regrettable but
what of the system that allowed
it to happen?
I believe if your system
was perfect this could have
been avoided from day one.
Now we incur additional
expenses to prosecute the
suspects which will take
years to complete, if it
starts at all, all because of
your mistake.
The expenses grow if the
suspect is put in jail.
I think we should do our
homework before starting
any scheme such as this
one. This is simply a disaster
in my view.

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