Letters to the Editor: May 21

BLK Nadroga halfback Sakiusa Gavidi looks for support against Qaqa Naitasiri during their Skipper Cup match at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Great traditional rivalry

A jam-packed Ratu Cakobau Park applauded the efforts of Naitasiri and Nadroga. On a high after three consecutive wins against Namosi (24-23), Rewa (22-15) and Nadi (21-13), and leading the charge on the Skipper Cup points table with 13 points, the Koli Sewabu-coached Naitasiri side marched in favourites. They beat Nadroga at Ratu Cakobau Park previously in round 1, and losing to Naitasiri in round 1 proved to be a good omen for the Stallions as they lifted the Skipper Cup. Unlike the unbeaten Naitasiri side, Nadroga had a poor start losing to Nadi (13-5) but bounced back to beat Suva (28-26) and thumped Navosa (62-0). The team is slowly finetuning its moves and set-pieces. I look forward to the clash between Nadroga and Naitasiri as it brings back childhood memories of our former rugby stars who, with pride, donned their respective jumpers. The playing days of Etika Tovilevu, Solo Donu, Esala Nauga, Jonetani Waqa, Ifereimi Tawake, Rokini Kiliraki, Waisake Tuisese, Nasoni Roko, Paula Biu, Asaeli Boko, Savenaca Batimala and Senirusi Seruvakula come to mind. Last year Naitasiri finished first, Nadroga finished runner-up, Suva finished third and Namosi finished fourth. Nadroga accounted for Suva in the semis (35-12) but Namosi upset the Highlanders (16-13). Both Namosi and Nadroga took revenge for their earlier loss in the round-robin competition. Nadroga went on to win their eighth title (out of nine) thumping Namosi (40-20). My best wishes to the most successful provincial team in Fiji’s rugby history! Hakwa Nadro hakwa! Congratulations!


Poverty poll

THIS would be a good time to release information on poverty. We have had poverty alleviation programs from way back. Is it working? The sight of the throngs of people who came to get assistance tells us something. Is it really poverty? Is it greed? Is it want? Is it need? Does the throng of people
desperate for handouts tell us a reality of things? The census program gathered much information that could be of use to determine some semblance of the reality.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

No hiding please

HIGHWAY police should not be hiding behind trees or corners trying to catch speeding drivers. They should be openly visible on highways. Drivers will indicate to each other the presence of police, resulting in drivers keeping within the speed limit, thereby saving lives. I hope rumours that highway
patrol productivity is judged by number of speeding drivers they catch is not true.

Making Fiji proud

LEONE Nakarawa has made Fiji proud by winning the “Best Player” award in Europe even though his team lost in the finals to another European Club captained by a Fijian Nacewa. He still managed to scoop the best player award. Nakarawa has been consistent throughout the year and now being selected to the Flying Fijians for the June Tests and the World Cup Rugby Sevens in July. Poverty poll Let’s not forget he is a gold medallist from Rio
the year before and was the Sportsman of the Year in Fiji. The Government should also give him an incentive for showing how a Fijian can be  internationally. And just when you think he is retiring, Vereniki Goneva scoops prizes from his club. Goneva is always there for rugby and displays rugby at its best every time he is given an opportunity. Goneva’s position is always hard to fill when he is around, and it seems it’s not the end for Goneva with the prizes he has just been awarded. Vinaka vakalevu Leone Nakarawa, Vereniki Goneva and Nacewa for a great year of rugby.

Traffic lights

ABOUT traffic lights. I think we must understand the basic signal timing fundamentals. Traffic signals may be placed into two broad groups by their method of operation. They can be either pretimed or actuated. I think Nadi is using the pre-timed signals that provide each intersection approach
a fixed amount of time on a round robin basis, serving each approach consecutively, and repeating the pattern. Under this pattern, no movements are skipped. Whereas an actuated traffic signal relies on some mechanism for detecting vehicles as they approach the intersection. Where detection has occurred, green time is provided to that approach. Approaches with no detection are skipped. I thank the authorities for installing the lights in
Nadi. While the rest of lights work fine, the one near Carpenters Motors needs an adjustment to the timing. You wait for too long before the green light comes on. I request FRA to please look in to this asap.

Judging clarification

Difference in age, race, education, or background sometimes matter. However, God does not treat us that way. He judges justly, without
regard to who we are or where we come from. He expects the same from His children. God demands that we use the same standard in treating
others. “If ye fulfil the royal law according to the Scriptures, thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well: but if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors” — James 2: 8-9 The world around us is divided by many ways, and too often people are treated differently because of something over which they have no control at all. We all stand equal before God, and we all should be viewed by a fair and equal standard. We must not allow anything from treating all people with equal love and respect.
Rewa St, Suva

HOMES-CARE assistance
AFTER the HOME-CARE assistance card was handed out, some brought the cards back. These “honest people” may have been fearful of being prosecuted for lying. On the streets, I saw people talking about selling the items they had bought so they could use the money on other things.
Then we went by Shirley Park on Sunday morning and saw the rubbish left behind by the people. It reminded me of the aftermath that happens after festivals. People only care about what they can get, the environment is someone else’s business. I stood and looked long and hard at the rubbish and said to myself that it will be a very long time when our people will learn to use the bins put there by the city council. I hope I am still alive to witness
this, They got assistance and then trashed the park.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Reason to leave
RAJNESH Ishwar Lingam is very fortunate to feel he has no reason to leave his motherland (FT 18/05). Millions of people around the world
do not have that luxury. They have been forced to leave behind family and friends and flee from their motherland. The least we can do is to show some respect for them.
Sydney, Australia

Bus terminal
VERY appalling services at the Nausori bus terminal with the terminal for the Suva route being very unpleasant in their service. The buses don’t park at the spot, they seem to have moved further along the terminal. On this particular day the actual Suva route spot had been used as parking space by a bus company. The other day during a certain bus company’s time, there were hardly any buses but a lot of passengers waiting. I caught one but there weren’t any other buses around until the moment we left to make a turn from the town end where the next bus was parked. The terminal marshals that dominated the area during its opening are no longer seen and only one I noticed has gained a bit of weight and is always seen in the bean carts and juice area. The Nausori bus terminal is so dirty dust seems to be everywhere with rubbish, and the juice area is so dirty that you wouldn’t even want to drink the juice. Hopefully, the Nausori Town Council checks these areas and gets regular cleaners to do their job.

That tone
WE all know that the Fiji Police Force is to maintain law and order in the country. I walked into a police station which I would not like to mention. I
walked in and I had forgotten to take my hat off, the officer (female) spoke in a very rude manner maybe because she must have been tired since it
was in the afternoon. But the issue is how she spoke to me with a tone that was not acceptable. Since the force falls under the service industry and
we all know that service is all about the customer’s experience, I think these types of officers need to learn to speak in a manner that would make
the citizen feel safe and that they are being served with officers who are willing to serve.A polite tone would not hurt.

Desperate for help
FROM the pictures from the Saturday Times, for State help we can see how desperate the people are. I believe every person needs a good job and
our money has to be revalued. To all the parties in the coming election, can you find or create jobs for the people?

Fishy deals
I UNDERSTAND the Tui Macuata’s frustrations. The hardworking fishermen sell their catch to middlemen for $10 a bundle. The middleman takes the fi sh and sells it for $25 a bundle. It happens to all, including cash crop farmers. Welcome to Fiji.

CARE scheme
GLANCING through the list of CARE schemes, you would think that it’s a product from one of the insurance companies. I believe the Government
has set a precedent that if you meet a natural disaster, don’t worry, turn to us and we will assist. And no, don’t insure your assets, we are your insurance. I believe a real sign of prosperity is when everyone can afford insurance.
Naduru Rd, Nausori

Royal wedding
WHO cares?

Bible verses
JESUS Christ said in John 12:8 that the poor will always be with us, but Psalm 12:5 says we must not oppress them but kindly treat them: Deut 15:7.
Palm Drive, Delainavesi


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