Letters to the Editor – May 2

It's a try! Fiji's Amenoni Nasilasila scores against New Zealand in the quarterfinal of the Singapore 7s. Picture:WORLD RUGBY

Just the beginning

AFTER trailing South Africa until the Singapore 7s, Fiji’s consistency and hard work was rewarded and now our heroes lead the rest of the pack.
The battle for No1 spot is between Fiji and South Africa and everything is possible come London and Paris in June.
After the disastrous Sydney 7s outing, calls were made to axe Baber but the Welshman stood his ground and proved all wrong.
Now he has achieved what no other coach, including Serevi and Ryan, had ever achieved and that’s winning three tournaments in a row and beating the Blitzbokke six in a row.
In Hamilton, Fiji beat South Africa 24-17 in the cup final and in Las Vegas, Fiji downed South Africa 26-22 in the bronze medal clash.
In Vancouver, Fiji proved too strong for South Africa winning 15-12 in the cup semis and in HK, our boys stood tall defeating the Blitzbokke 26-24 in the cup semis.
In Gold Coast, during the Commonwealth Games, Fiji beat South Africa 24-19 in the semis and finally our boys edged South Africa in the Singapore 7s cup semis 12-10.
Wananavu boys! You did what even the commentators had not thought of — a six in a row against South Africa! Sa yawa!
Nadawa, Nasinu

Climate change
AS an ardent reader of your publication, I wish to shed light on the hottest topic in Fiji right now.
Climate change and what are our contributions as individuals towards this massive issue our Prime Minister has initiated.
Just this week, over the news, I saw that our leader launched a $100 million green bond to evidently make people from other countries realise that the threat of global warming is real and if our small country can do something about it, so can you.
But are we as Fijians realising how real and serious this issue is?
Starting from the basics, are we teaching our children to keep our country clean, are we cleaning our own garbage or just leaving it for someone else to sweep it under the rug.
Everywhere we go from public transports, to school, homes, we see evidence of our negligence.
When are we going to make up and realise that every little bit counts?
Kudos to the PM for setting the standard for us Fijians. If we don’t back up his bid, than who will?
It’s time for us small nations to unite and show these superpowers that we also have a voice.
Shout and make us heard.

SODELPA unshaken
THE Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) states that the party will not be shaken by the sentencing of one of its members to two years, five months and 13 days! (FT:01/05).
I believe the SODELPA member was found guilty and charged for committing a crime?
For the party to say that they are not disturbed by this ruling is not only irresponsible but deplorable!
An unbelievable statement indeed!

Heart attack 7s
FIJIANS with a faint heart nearly went through three heart attacks during the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team’s quarter-final, semi-final and final of the Singapore 7s.
The Commonwealth Games 7s final with New Zealand came flashing on our minds as New Zealand was awarded a penalty during the quarter-final with less than two minutes remaining in the game.
We knew that New Zealand was going to kill the time by slowing the game, but the kick for touch did not go out and the near heart attack got a jolt of a dose of Fijian 7s magic, making all fans leaping for joy.
The semi-final with South Africa and the final with Australia were both heart stopping and the opposition thought the game was theirs, but the brilliance of Fiji 7s magic at its best restored our failing hearts with a dying last seconds tries.
London is next on June 2-3, 2018 and we should not be celebrating the series points win at the moment. Reach the final of the London 7s and we can start celebrating.
Vinaka Baber for being an excellent coach and to the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s boys for an excellent display of Fijian die hard sevens rugby magic at its best, that nearly killed Fijian fans with weak knockers.
Go Fiji, go.

Inhumane act
I WOULD like to highlight my concern regarding the inhumane attitude some people have.
For the safety of the police officers, I suggest that they go through self defence training in order to keep them safe in any kind of attack they come across.
Whoever has done this inhumane act to the shop owner and the officers, please bear in mind that whatever you do to others will be done to you.
Vinaka vakalevu.

Litter officers
I WAS told that most municipalities have litter enforcement officers but I can’t see any of them moving around and checking on the people who are actually throwing rubbish in our drains and creeks.
Sitting inside the air-conditioned office and doing what you do best will not solve the litter issue.
So can the litter enforcement officers of Lautoka City Council please visit Kara Punja Rd, Banaras creek, Vomo St creek and many more areas and actually impose fines on those lazy people who are polluting our environment.

Go Blues, go
MY congratulations to the Blues soccer team. They are performing exceptionally well this season.
With the inclusion of three very good overseas players, our boys are playing at a different level.
I am hoping and praying they make it to the FIFA Club World Cup this time.
This should motivate our other district teams to start preparing for a different level of football.
For too long we have been playing bazaar soccer.
I would also like to thank the coaching panel and technical advisers of the Blues team and not forgetting the national coach for his valuable contribution.
Go Blues, go just like our 7s heroes.
AJAY Singh

7s critics
IN response to Wise Muavono’s letter regarding arm chair critics (FT 1/5), why have you looked at it negatively Wise?
Fiji has won, so be happy for the team and the supporters. There will always be critics, the people who criticised are actually giving there views.

New chapter
CHARACTER, fortitude, the “never say die” Fijian attitude, individual brilliance, spectacular defence, sharp moves, big hits, determination, passion, emotion, dedication, teamwork you name it!
These were evident after our team’s gripping 28-22 extra-time win against the Tim Walsh-coached Aussies.
Our boys had enough character and gas in the tank to keep themselves in the fight and the skills, precision and balance of Nasilasila and Naduva combined to break Aussie hearts.
Naduva, with his speed and accuracy, nailed the moment and hit the angle to gift Fiji a victory in the most dramatic fashion.
One could only rise and applaud the Fijians who went 95 metres to score an absolute beauty.
Australia missed the services of captain Parahi and veteran Stannard but Connor, Anstee, Anderson, Miller, Porch, Quinn, O’Donnell, Skelton, Myers, Longbottom and Pietsch stood the test.
They held a slender lead until ref James Doleman, in his 61st match in charge, made the knock-on call much to our relief and Fiji capitalised on the mouth-watering opportunity.
The soulful and grateful singing by our boys was echoed by the fireworks that lit the Singapore skies and at home.
Nacuqu, who dotted 9 times in Singapore last year, had saved the best for the final and his magical performance gifted him the Player of the Final award.
Prior to the final, Fiji had bombarded NZ in scintillating fashion.
The AB’s in Joass, Ravouvou, Collier, Rokolisoa, Nanai-Seturo, Baker, Molia, Shiu, Stanaway, Black, Nareki minus Curry, Mikkelson and Dickson were strong but faded in the dying seconds.
Meanwhile, the semi-final clash against the Blitzbokke was a thrilling affair and kept many on the settee’s edge. My family cheered hard and we held our breath when the rampaging Boks attacked.
Bezuidenhout, Sage, Davids, Selvyn, Kok, Africa, Soyizwapi, Oosthuizen, Du Plessis, Gans and Murphy did not give up but lack of experience, when the going got tough, took its toll on the series leaders, who rested Agaba, Geduld, Preez, Kwagga and Snyman and had lost Kyle and Specman to injury.
The Singapore 7s has marked a new chapter in Fiji’s 7s history as our troops became the first Fijian team to win three tournaments in a row.
I applaud the efforts of our boys on behalf of my dad, mum and wife and I thank each player for the part they played in the epic and historical victory.
Vinaka vakalevu boys!
Nadawa, Nasinu

7s replay
WATCHING our national 7s team live in Singapore on TV and also the replay later, has confirmed my conviction that it is more enjoyable and relaxing to watch the replay later. Congratulations to Baber, Jerry and the boys for an excellent performance.
Kini St, Suva

Singapore 7s
OF all the 7s tournaments where our national team won, this one is simply the one I’d love to watch over and over again. Especially when they had to play a come from behind against the time. They broke the hearts of the specialised South African, New Zealand and Australian outfits. It was 7s played at high intensity with 14 full minutes of running, tackling and rumbling. And it makes me realise the reason why they kept a special team for the Commonwealth Games. Just to beat Fiji first and gold later. Toso Viti, toso!

Road works
CAN the Fiji Roads Authority advice us motorists what is more important to repair, roads or footpaths because the contractors are doing the footpaths along Vomo St and the road is full of potholes. Very soon I will plant some trees in those potholes if it’s not fixed soon.
Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

THE war in Singapore is over. Fiji won gold, Australia won silver and England got bronze. The three team’s picture together in The Fiji Time on Tuesday shows that they are all friends again. All the hard and rough tackles are forgotten and they all sit together with smiling faces. This is what sportsmanship is all about.

Oil spill
THE confirmation by the Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd that a foreign vessel has been fined $20k for breaching the Sea Ports Management Regulations 2008 (FT 1/5) is a matter of disquiet and it continues the breach of environmental rights under Section 40 of the Constitution. We are currently the president of the Climate Change committee held in Paris and such act is disregarding.
Palm Drive, Delainavesi

7s prediction
GONE are days when rugby pundits could predict who plays in the final. Nowadays it’s Fiji versus whoever can make it to the final. Vinaka na wini boys. Ice is the lucky charm. Viti, noqu Viti.
Auckland, New Zealand

Striped socks
THE “Dadakulaci” striped socks on our 7s gladiators is missing for some reasons. Conspicuously, it has been the distinctive national trademark of Fijian rugby and we would love to see it back on the mighty legs of our heroes. It looks amazing when they gallop.

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