Letters to the Editor – May 10

Work to live or live to work

DO you know the old saying “the early bird gets the worm” which means the one who arrives first has the best chance to success. Well, that seems to be part of our lives now from Cunningham — which is about four miles from the city — because we have to be up by 5am and leave home at the latest by 6:30am. So we hustle to work and school, then you may have a meeting in the evening, or even training and you reach home after 6pm because of traffic, then you have to rush through cooking and get ready for another day. So the cycle repeats itself, day in and day out. For a small nation as ours, I’m beginning to see that we are mirroring our overseas neighbours and is it, should we work to live or live to work, because that is the trend we are facing nowadays. Can I make a suggestion for the big wigs to change the starting times for work or school, because this traffic fiasco is causing unnecessary stress. My issues may seem trivial to some but this is what the common man faces everyday, and then you wonder why there is a rise in NCDs. May God bless Fiji and its leaders.


VAT and bus fares

I HAVE the greatest respect for Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry and do not wish to enter into a prolonged debate about VAT on bus fares. However, Mr Chaudhry, as a former minister for finance knows quite well that if bus fares are zero-rated for VAT, there are no VAT implications, which means that fares should not go up or down if there is a VAT change. I hope Mr Chaudhry is well and in good spirits. I wish him well.

ROHIT LATCHAN General secretary, Fiji Bus Operators Association

Tough words

I PICKED up my son’s Year 4 health book yesterday and I came across the word “Assertiveness” and its meaning followed by an example in it. I wonder how this little mind will absorb such words when most of us after reading this word now cannot even pronounce it correctly. Most with the highest qualification even don’t know the meaning of it. My friend Google helped me understand it better. I believe in one of the PDBM units at USP today such things are taught. How I expect my sweet little boy to understand this at his age — God knows maybe.


Coaching legends

TWO soccer coaching legends have had mixed reactions to their soccer career. Arsene Wenger, after being at the helm for Arsenal soccer for about two decades has called it a day, while Sir Alex Ferguson, preferably the most successful manager in England, is fighting a serious illness. Both managers have had their own moments although Sir Alex may have enjoyed a slightly higher winning rate with Manchester United. While I wish Sir Alex a quick recovery, I thank him for devoting his life to the success of the Red Devils. I also wish Arsene Wenger all the best as he bids Arsenal good bye!


Be honest

GOVERNMENT is giving out money assisting people under the Homes and Social Welfare Care program which should be commended. Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa has been reminding the public to be honest when filling the assistance application forms. In The Fiji Time 09/05, the minister said people applying for assistance should not lie regarding what damage they incurred and if they did, they could be arrested and prosecuted for the law said so. While I agree with her that the people should be honest with their application, however, I believe the ministry should have a system in place to verify whether the application is real before releasing the funds, for I know for sure that with the free handout the Government is giving, the people are willing to lie just to get a piece out of it. Finally, I believe that if the ministry will monitor the funds that they have approved and released, many people will get arrested for they will realise that many applications were falsified. K


Impact of climate change

YOUR editorial “Impact of climate change” (FT 9/5) is very illuminating. You illustrate through lived community experience that climate change is a very real and very catastrophic phenomenon. Never mind US President Donald Trump’s ignorant claim that climate change is a “hoax”. He is no expert authority on climate change. His critics claim he is himself something of a con job and not fit to be holding that high office. We must be guided by people who are eminently qualified and knowledgeable about climate change on the basis of their empirical research and understanding. And finally, it must be recognised that we are well past the time for talanoa about climate change. It’s time to take action post haste!


Airport upgrade

WHAT is the update on the upgrading of the Nausori International Airport? We are now seeing a lot of flooding in the West. If the Nadi International Airport closes or is inaccessible because of natural disasters then the Nausori International Airport should be the other air transport route. Vinaka.


Drug worry

WE should be worried about the revelation by police that overnight laboratories are being used to manufacture methamphetamine drugs in this country (FT 8/5). We must support our police to protect us, not harm them in their line of duty. Although the trade is lucrative, we must look at its harmful effects to users and their dependents as summarised by the editor of The Fiji Times Fred Wesley. Someone help!
AMENATAVE YACONISAU, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Weird call

IMAGINE my surprise when I received a call the other day from a friend and he asked me in a soothing tone, “What you wearing?” Isa, sad eh!

WISE MUAVONO, Balawa, Lautoka

Bollywood cut

A CHILD casually walks into a busy barber shop and demands a Bhaagi 2 style haircut, leaving the barber in a state of disbelief. Talk about Bollywood influence. Even the little ones are not spared!


Velovelo humps

THE reply by the Fiji Roads Authority regarding the humps near Velovelo bridge cannot go unchallenged. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that when you move or drive at a speed, it gives the vehicle buoyancy so to speak, meaning the bridge will not take the full weight of the passing vehicle.


The proverb

REMEMBER that saying “Teach a man to fish and he will eat for life”. Well, it has changed, “Teach a man to fish and he will eat for life, give him lots of handouts and he will be dependant forever.”

ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Tourism industry

I BELIEVE more full-time or permanent workers would mean more tax revenue for Government.

DAN URAI, Lautoka

Dark patches

AFTER a synod session in church, I had to walk home enjoying the cool night breeze and reflecting on the synod teachings and awareness. Upon reaching my beautiful Covuli St, I was shocked to see dark patches on the road. I then realised that the authority had re-patched the patches. Is there a possibility, to whoever the concerned authority is, to completely tarseal the road right to the roundabout of Covuli St? You are only increasing the mini humps that could be felt while in a vehicle.


Sad but true story

I LAUGHed at Allen Lockington’s letter in The Fiji Times May 8, 2018. It was hilarious but sad because it is happening every where. It is more expensive to drink kava now than ever before and cheaper to buy beer. My mind takes me back to 1979/1980 while doing peacekeeping duties in Lebanon. In the first six months, there are rotations of soldiers and kava was in abundant supply. But the second six months, no rotation so the quantity of kava diminished. The boys resorted to drying out the kosa and pounding it again to then mix again. Even the grinded kava. It got to a stage soldiers were drinking in small groups hidden in various areas with no noise at all. Favourite spot was in the gun pits. It got to this stage and this was introduced by our battalion doctor Captain Konusi where you clap before and after drinking but making sure your hands don’t touch so there is no sound. Everyone made sure there was no sound as others will come along with the saying from Allen’s letter and I quote “I come with a heart full of love and an empty pocket”. Very soon this method will be adapted here in Fiji where people will hide and drink kava especially with the price of kava at its highest.

EDWIN SANDYS, Namadi Heights, Suva

New target

WOULDN’T it be nice to rope in the services of Kunatani and Tuisova for the Paris and RWC 7s in San Francisco! Although the London 7s is first, I have a feeling that the Paris 7s will decide the outcome of the 2017/18 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series title. In London Fiji faces tricky pool opponents in Scotland, Argentina and the All Blacks. The last thing that fans would want is a loss in the pool games because this would mean a showdown with the Blitzbokke in the cup quarters. Mouth-watering but let’s keep a safe record! Fiji must focus on the tough task and achieve what no one had thought after the completion of the first three rounds in the WRSS. Many thought that the South Africans would have an easy passage to their WRSS title defence and little did they think that the Flying Fijians could topple the star-studded Blitzbokke. Our boys have hit the training ground and Baber should not make too many changes for the trip through Heathrow Airport to the penultimate event of the 19th WRSS and the 18th edition of the London 7s at Twickenham Stadium. We have seen some last-minute drama from the Flying Fijians to win the match in the dying moments and this should add excitement and flavour as the curtains to the series comes to an end. In London as well as top 7s action on the pitch, there will be live music and entertainment, plus a wide variety of food and drinks in the West Fan Village. This, however, should not distract our stars, who have gained a lot of confidence and are playing like a well-oiled engine. It would be great to win one tournament and wrap up a successful season by lifting the RWC 7s. Let’s save the best for the last boys and show the rugby world that we are different and gifted!


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