Letters to the Editor – June 6

Semi Radradra of Fiji runs at Stedman Gans of South Africa in the final of the London Sevens at Twickenham. Picture: photosport.nz

‘How can we stop them’

Whatever emotions we say about the victory at the London 7s, the fact remains that off-loading attacks remain their most lethal weapon. Once David Campese and Waisale Serevi and later William Ryder mastered the art of “goosestepping” and everyone followed suit. This will be no different! To be able to change the direction of attack at enormous speed without even looking is indeed a deceptive art that is harmful to the opposition. Once the question was “who will win it”? Now it has changed to “How we can stop them?” I don’t take anything away from the coach and the two “attack weapons” employed. They were brilliant. Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi.


Dumping rubbish

The Leppards family from Australia summarised their disgust with a thumbs down gesture over the dumping of rubbish in one of the Yasawa islands (FT 04/06). I ask: 1. Was this action a cost cutting measure by the crew of the ship? 2. How often have they been dumping rubbish? 3. Is the waste management for the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands’ cruises being monitored. Anyway, a big vinaka vakalevu to the Leppards family and also the ship’s management for the immediate response after it was highlighted on Facebook. Jonas Bradburgh, Makoi.

Install bins

Taking a look at our environment this week, and looking at our localities, I would suggest the municipalities and Government install bins at every street corner, along the city/town walkways, parks, convenience, etc, every two metres or so. No room or excuse for litterbugs. Apart from this, a program or school curriculum to enforce cleanliness as part of ethics studies to correct the mind-set of our young who would influence their elders and tune into a brighter and cleaner Fiji. Edward Kumar, Lautoka.

Sevens code

Over the past 38 years, our sevens code has so far developed in accordance with the “march of time” and simultaneously exposing so many hidden talents our country has to offer. Within the past 15 years, it is clearly visible that the raw talents extracted have to be well polished mentally and physically to engage in this 21st century sevens rugby era. The current HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series has just depicted that “note” whereby our team won its fifth gold medal with an unbelievable sevens rugby display. It is crystal clear that our team has 90 per cent of ingredients already inbuilt and it’s just a matter of “finetuning” the residue to generate the explosion. Thank you gallant warriors. All of you have practically shown the World Rugby organisation the god-given talent we possess. Come on FRU! Provide the best contractual benefits. This will also elevate the 15s code as a whole. Samu Silatolu, Nakasi.

No hiding please

HIGHWAY police should not be hiding behind trees or corners trying to catch speeding drivers. They should be openly visible on highways. Drivers will indicate to each other the presence of police, resulting in drivers keeping within the speed limit, thereby saving lives. I hope rumours that highway patrol productivity is judged by number of speeding drivers they catch is not true. DAN URAI, Lautoka

Taxi permits

AS per the crowd turnout to apply for taxi permit, it could be anticipated that in coming years the travelling public will only receive service from taxi operators. Taxi operators should realise the fact that because of their failure in providing services, a large chunk of their share is now in the pockets of the illegal operators. I believe those operating their vehicles illegally should be given a chance so that they can be part of the taxi industry and not against. Hundreds of illegal operators are doing business and giving them first chance will mean that this Government is making an attempt to make illegal into legal. Let’s give these drivers priority after all they have been there in need. I understand that many legal owners will curse me for being blunt. GULSHER ALI, Lautoka

Fiji you beauty

All glory to our God Almighty for our gladiators’ spirit and victory at the London 7s. You guys rocked the joint and the world. The best on the planet as far as 7s goes. Vinaka ra boys and also to our two big guns who gave our lads a big help. Working as a well-oiled team made it. Just too good to explain. Commentators came up with some good ones like “waiting all day for a bus in London” and along comes Tuisova, and Jerry Tuwai was “as slippery as a butcher’s apron”. A lot of other ones and you guys made it all good out of the comic books. So all thanks to our gladiators and officials and coach Baber for a “well done job”. It was great watching you all and showing the Fijian flair at work. Toso Viti, toso. God bless you all. We are with you all the way. Richard M. Abel, Suva

Best yet to come

When you have a special breed of players who have faith and belief in themselves and in each other and an energised coach who wants the best out of his players then you can expect better things ahead. Gareth Baber said the London performance was just the “tip of the iceberg” and that the team was working consistently to improve their performance. When the series started, NZ and South Africa were the top bets. Our coach did not lose faith and maintained the core of his team. He worked hard with his forward pack and today he has forwards who are capable of tormenting and bulldozing opponents. Our forwards have been praised by renowned commentators for their ability to hold possession and deliver those incredible offloads that have resulted in thrilling and scintillating tries. Our defence worked tirelessly and ferociously throughout the two days as we outmuscled our opponents. Fiji showed world class stuff and entertained the huge Twickenham crowd with deft handling, exceptional ball passing skills, brilliant round-the-back-offloads, one hand passing and thumping tackles. Despite the earlier nerves against Argentina, when our boys found their mood they were unstoppable. We butchered Scotland, NZ, Canada and invitational side Ireland. South Africa were tough but our boys were in rampaging form and have now set a record of beating the Blitzbokkes seven in a row. Who would have even thought that this was possible based on the Boks’ form last season and their win in Dubai. Fiji outpaced their rivals in Hamilton, Las Vegas, Vancouver, HK, Commonwealth Games semis, Singapore and London and indeed our boys are majestic and sublime to watch. Since the win in Vancouver our boys have extended their winning streak to 24 games, the best that the world has seen from Fiji. Five tournaments and the 1999-2000 series winning record has been equalled but a new record of four straight wins has been set by Baber and his brigade. Now Fiji leads our nearest rivals by seven points but I urge the boys to remain calm and stay focused on the tough task in Paris, which has not been a happy hunting ground. I know Allen had a great time controlling his nerves and trust me, his mix got tastier as the tournament progressed. Wananavu boys! Thank you very much for the win and for bringing the Marriot London 7s trophy home after a lapse of six years! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Party promises

Many promises are being made by the different political parties in this election year. All of them have pledged to support the poor and downtrodden. Could I suggest that they also pledge to cut the salaries of the President, PM, Cabinet Ministers and members of Parliament by 75 per cent if they win. If they can do this, then I believe we can be sure that they are not running for the money. Gabriel Simpson, Rakiraki

 Life goes on

It’s always better to lose a minute of your life than to lose your life in a minute. It gives enormous pain and suffering to your loved ones. Life has to go on … without you … but it will never ever be the same. A. SHARIFF SHAH Savusavu

Sacks, plastic

After doing my shopping at a renowned supermarket at the weekend, the cashier told me they had run out of empty cartons to fill in my groceries and whether I would be comfortable with an empty sack. To my surprise the cashier told me it would cost me 50 cents as it was always free in my previous shopping. I thought ‘oh maybe a new Bill must have been passed in Parliament without public consultations in regards to empty sacks’. Or sacks are included in the definition of plastic bags. I have to check. Pita Soroaqali, Nadarivatu

7s pressure

Have you wondered how much pressure the 7s boys go through during games?What about the pressure the coach goes through? I know how much pressure I go through. You already know this! Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

London 7s quote

This has to be the quote of the London tournament. Commentator on Jasa Veremalua: “The Jazz man started it, the Jazz man finished it off.”Congratulations Fiji and looking forward to watching the Jazz man in Paris. Sailosi Naewe Naduru Rd, Nausori Fishing issue Again? Can the fisheries department tell us how one would know if the kawakawa is not swimming below. Secondly, kawakawa has a big mouth and swallows fishing hooks right to its tummy. Again, how can we remove the hooks without removing their stomach, liver and gall bladder? Solution please! Usaia Tagi Delainavesi

Gareth Baber

Just wondering if Gareth Baber is the number one coach now? Sukha Singh Labasa



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