Letters to the Editor – June 23

BLK's Liga Gukisuva with Lelean ruggers wearing their new jerseys. Picture: SUPPLIED

New rugby uniforms
HAVE been following news and reports of schools receiving new sets of rugby uniforms from Beyond Limits Known Ltd (BLK) commercial and marketing director Liga Gukisuva. I applaud the initiative by BLK to provide assistance in kind to schools as they battle for a top spot in the Deans competition scheduled for this school term. Competition has been going around in the West, North and Central divisions and teams are wary of the threat that the Delainaikaikai boys will pose in the under-18 grade. I was told that the Lodoni brigade thrashed QVS U18 41-0 in the Tailevu Zonal meet. BLK has provided sporting uniforms in the past and has been the merchandiser of the champion Nadroga rugby team. According to Mr Liga, “After giving out the first batch of uniforms, we saw that the morale of players rose. They are determined when playing on the field and they are enthusiastic on the field looking brand new.” I was impressed with our future rugby stars from schools such as John Wesley, Lelean and RSMS who looked posh in their new rugby uniforms with the Vodafone logo in front. A big vinaka vakalevu to BLK and Mr Liga for the great initiative and I hope and pray that this initiative will also boost schools in the West, North and those schools in the Central Division with limited resources! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Traditional arts

IT has been said time and again that the traditional arts will soon be forgotten. First of all, the presentation of the sevusevu. I had the privilege to be among people who cared when I worked in Levuka. One of them was Master Iliesa Baravilala — the composer. One time a group of my friends came home one evening to drink kava and they decided to present it. I was kinda taken aback because I didn’t know how to reciprocate. But I learnt. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Difficult moments

ALMOST every week we read about cases of suicide and murder in the newspapers. The most recent case was that of Marianne Premila Devi who was sentenced by Justice Salesi Temo on Thursday. Devi murdered her de facto partner by pouring kerosene on him and setting him alight on November 17, 2016. Justice Temo very well summed up the case by stating that “there were other non-violent ways Devi could have used to resolve their problem on that day but she chose murder”. It was a timely reminder to Devi as well as to all of us that murder is never the answer. No matter how difficult your situation is, there is always a better solution than murder. We must understand that we all go through good as well as difficult moments in our lives. We must celebrate the beautiful moments and learn to endure and overcome the worst of life’s hardships. We must understand that whenever we reach a crossroad in our lives which requires us to make important decisions, we must stop, think of the consequences of the decision on ourselves and our families, and then decide. Whatever we decide, we must remember that murder and suicide should never be an option. SHAD ALFAZ ALI Navua

Unfortunate news

THE report printed on the front page of The Fiji Times (22/06) titled, “Walkout” is an unfortunate news for workers of this country, especially to note that wages councils are now dissolved and therefore, no more. In addition, for Mr Jone Usamate, Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations to say that the concerns raised by the unionists about wages councils and minimum wages were non-issues is an understatement, for minimum wages I believe, is an important issue to consider in Fiji today because the cost of living is considerably high.It is said the Government would engage a consultant to advise them on the minimum wages, however, my query is how independent will that consultant be compared with the wages councils? Finally, I strongly believe that dissolving the wages councils was not a fair move. KOSITATINO TIKOMAIBOLATAGANE Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Inter-island links

I AM so glad to read the comments (FT 21/06) by the Consumer Council of Fiji chief executive officer, Premila Kumar, on the subject. According to the report, “She said complaints against shipping companies showed the same recurring issues from overloading of vessels to instances of missing and damaged cargo, cancellation and delay of trips/schedules without notice”. I’ve seen a lot, including punctured dingy, rusty holding chains, overloading, to name a few. One of the main shipping companies that services the Suva-Savusavu route are well known for delays. It would be appropriate if the name of this particular shipping company changed to “MV delay — proud to leave late and proud to arrive late”. Or! madam CEO, don’t forget to check the high market prices of all the locally-branded products on board. That can be an added value to your investigation. USAIA TAGI Delainavesi

Purpose of life

THIS life is often the sole focus of people’s attention, but this life, I believe, is only a brief moment in time in preparation for eternity. I believe all of us will one day give an account to God for how we have used the time, energy, gifts and resources He has provided. We only get one opportunity in life and serve God. There is no going back to claim wasted days or years. Each day comes once and will never be replaced. Strive to use the time you have been given to accomplish as much as possible before it is too late. We all have 24 hours a day, the question is how much time are we giving God. It’s so important that we spend time on eternal things rather than temporal. DHARMENDRA KUMAR, Rewa St, Suva.

League battle

FANS get an opportunity to witness our Fiji Bati warriors when they front the Kumuls tonight at the Campbell-town Stadium in Australia. After an impressive outing in the RLWC last year, our boys have regrouped under the watchful eyes of interim coach Matthew Adamson since Mick Potter left our shores. After the success at the RLWC, a crisis hit the Bati regarding the payment of allowances and I am glad that the impasse has been solved and top players such as Hayne, Suli, Naiqama, Uate, Montoya, Raiwalui, Bukuya, Tui, Vunakece and Evans have made the cut. PNG will be a tough nut to crack and the Kumuls will be strong upfront with the likes of Boas, Albert and Page. Hence, expect a tough battle in the forwards where the likes of Tui, Evans, Vunakece and Roqica are expected to play a key role. Our boys set the benchmark last year with a string of big wins over US, Italy and Wales and the narrow win over NZ that set up an exciting clash against the Kangaroos. This match has been the talk around the tanoa and tonight fans will witness an enjoyable and entertaining traditional rivalry and battle. I wish our Bati boys all the best for the champagne battle against the PNG Kumuls! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

 Rugby rankings

THE Fiji Airways Flying Fijians are just a fraction away from 8th ranked France. We are on 78.51 and France on 79.10. A good win over Tonga by more than 15 points and a third loss by France to the All Blacks this weekend may push us closer if not to 8th ranking. This will be a good platform going into the Winter Tests and the 2019 Rugby World Cup. John McKee must focus on these rankings to mould the best combination for the WC as a good example is England, who a year ago, were on the verge of threatening the AB’s No.1 spot as they consistently won all Tests however, are now on 6th with several losses. Consistent performance from now until the WC and who knows we may topple Scotland on 7th at 81 points. We have never hit the top seven and anything is possible. Go Fiji, show the world the way we are. All the best for the 7s series bid by FRU. Joka na cauravou kece … Viti kei na vuravura SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Semi fever

SEMI Radradra now appears in the West and in Suva he set up tries and scored a try himself and it was money worth watching him with the game against Georgia last Saturday. He has proven himself globally and to watch him on his home ground is just a treat. For fans in the West, it might be the only opportunity. Be sure to be there to prove my critics right. Go Fiji, go. TOMASI BOGINISO Nepani, Nasinu

Rugby clash

THIS is a good Test match for our Fiji Airways Flying Fijians against Tonga today in Lautoka. With Fiji already securing the PNC title, it should be an interesting show of strength as well as experience which will pave way for future encounters before the Rugby World Cup in Japan. So to our flyers, we pray for a good game and show the Fijian flair. Vinaka, toso Viti, toso. God bless. RICHARD M ABEL Tubou St, Samabula, Suva

Interest rates

ACCORDING to The Fiji Times (22/06) there is a big gap between the rates of interest paid by the various agencies on term deposits. The highest rate paid is 6.5 per cent and the lowest is 2.5 per cent for a period of five years. Can anyone including The Fiji Times please explain the reason for this big difference. Is there any risk involved if we opt for 6.5 per cent? VIJAY MAHARAJ Navua

Fiery clash

AFTER the rugby “earthquake” last week in Suva as the Flying Fijians trounced the Georgian team, one would expect “tsunami” rugby today. But I beg to differ. We know how our Tongan brothers are always passionate about their rugby. And we know that the Flying Fijians would never want to give up in front of the local crowd. So we should all expect a fiery clash today at Churchill Park. To both teams, good luck! JOELI NALECA Natabua, Lautoka

Road conditions

WITH so many millions of dollars spent to upgrade the roads in Fiji, one can still see potholes everywhere, even on the new roads that was build last year. What can be the problem, is it workmanship, poor building materials or is it over loading? Whatever it is, FRA should look into this problems. JOHN BROWN Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

National budget

I ASKED my friends what they hoped for in the budget announced next week and majority hoped for price drop in food items and the sky-rocketing housing costs. Well, we just have to wait and see. Anything is possible especially with the general elections around the corner. EDWARD KUMAR Lautoka

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