Letters to the editor: June 19, 2018

Leone Nakarawa wins a line-out for the Fiji Airways Flying Fijians in their test match against Georgia at the World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Rugby and decisions
Fijian rugby fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the performance of the Flying Fijians against Georgia has revived much hope after a lack- lustre performance against Samoa a week earlier.
In the second half our team played attacking rugby which we are best known for and feared by most opposition.
Having said that, there are some concerns in terms of selection and substitution which deserve further discussion.
Once Frank Lomani and Nagusa were brought midway in the second half, our backline became explosive. Lomani’s quick deliveries and ability to read the game well saw our backline with more opportunities to attack.
He also scored a try only minutes after entering the field. Nagusa’s decision not to kick possession away but run the ball and support our backline with attacking rugby was exciting.
Unfortunately, our fullback in the first half opted for a kick and chase approach, playing a safe game.
The inclusion of Lomani and Nagusa in the starting line-up will add firepower to our backline including Nadolo, Goneva, Vatubua and Radradra right from the first minute.
Whilst one applauds the efforts of Nakarawa, one hopes that the coaching panel substitutes him earlier as midway through the second half he appeared exhausted.
Amongst the loose forwards, Mata has stamped his mark as an ideal choice for number eight.
Our other loose forwards may need to pick up the pace as on several occasions, Mata had gained good ground, but lack of support at crucial times resulted in turnovers by Georgia.
In terms of captaincy, it’s perhaps time that this role is also awarded to players like Goneva and Nakarawa who have high work rates and good leadership on the field.
The inability to win a number of our line-outs stood out like a sore thumb, including several kick offs which were stolen by Georgia. All in all a win is a win.
This is commendable but one hopes that our coaching panel is decisive in the selection of players for starting line-up and timely substitutions, if we are to play a rugby pattern we are best known for.
Floyd Robinson

Lessons learnt
From the Soccer World Cup, I learnt that even the best player in the world can have his penalty kick stopped. The second thing I learnt was you can push a guy in front of you and head the ball in the net and it is not a foul.
Sukha Singh

Social ills
I fully agree with Nasik Swami’s view on the Tebbutt-Times poll (FT 17 /6) that these social ills cannot be looked at in isolation. Why are there disparities amongst people as indicated by the Tebbutt-Times poll?
I believe now the bargaining power of the union to compensate is hushed, cost of living is ever rising and unemployment a daily concern. I believe there seems to be no incentives to work hard.
Everyone wants to better themselves I’m sure! I believe there is so much disparity in the distribution of income and this is profoundly unfair.
Amenatave Yaconisau
Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Healthy option
Wouldn’t it be great if the Ministry of Health was to endorse healthy food products with their seal of approval? I can think of a few: no added sugar ice-cream, wholemeal long loaves, even bu sold by the boys on the street.
Now bu has got to be as pure and healthy as you can get! This would encourage the public to know what is preferred and contribute towards the fight against NCDs. Support in this way goes to establishing public/private partnership which is considered favourable for economic development.
Julie Sutherland
Tamavua, Suva

Delightful piece
Seona Smiles’ delightful piece ‘Breaching protocols’ (FT 17/6 ) made me wonder what had become of the once lauded “Pacific Way” philosophy of approaching contentious issues among island people?
Rajend Naidu
Sydney, Australia

World Cup
Thank you The Fiji Times for printing out all the World Cup matches in FT 15/6 and then giving the times of matches in the next day’s paper. Very convenient! Together with this thank you TV 1 for showing all the games live!
D. Rawlinson

Sky Pacific
I would like to ask as a subscriber of Fiji’s biggest paid channel, why can’t Sky Pacific show the biggest footballing event of the year which comes every four years, the FIFA World Cup 2018.
If Fiji 1 and FBC can broadcast live then why can’t the paid channel? I thought four years ago when Sky-Pacific was run by Fiji One the rights were shared, why not this year? What’s the use of a paid channel?
Krishneel Vyas

Well-deserved treat
I acknowledge the staff, management and sales executive of South Sea Cruises, Sanjeshni Nand, for giving our 7s stars a well-deserved treat to unwind after the 10 tournaments in a hectic HSBC WRSS and the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
The trip enabled our boys to get out from their comfort zone. The best gesture on the part of the company was not only allowing the players to spend time with each other but also their loved ones, who have been away from them for about three weeks.
According to South Sea Cruises the one-day cruise was a way to congratulate and thank the players for their hard work and commitment throughout the series and wish them all the best for the RWC 7s in San Francisco.
Watching photos and seeing the relaxed attitude and emotions of our players and their spouses and children made me realise what they go through when our boys are in camp or leave our shores for national duties.
On the other hand, the trip was an opportune time to catch some rest before our boys hit top gear and those gruelling training sessions in Fiji and Utah for the RWC 7s preparation.
Once again a big vinaka vakalevu South Sea Cruises for the lovely treat!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam
Nadawa, Nasinu

Congratulations in order
Congratulations to the Flying Fijians for the win over Georgia.
The Fiji Airways Flying Fijians should play its natural game if it wants to make an impact in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan next year.
This was the message from Georgia after it lost 15-37 to Fiji in the World Rugby 2018 Pacific Nations Cup at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Saturday.
It was a delight to see open rugby and big men thundering towards the try line.
Before I watched the replay on TV, I was a bit wary of Georgia’s big forwards, I was proven wrong.
So congratulations boys and to the coaching staff.
And most of all to the sponsors Fiji Airways.
Allen Lockington,
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

Rough road
Driving through Kinoya Rd from either end is like flying in an aeroplane going through turbulent weather.
There are either deep potholes or improperly and overly sealed potholes on the road.
We now have to fasten our seat belts tighter when we go through this road and hope our vehicles reach the other end in one piece.
Vili Ratu,
Kinoya, Nasinu.

Royal visit to Fiji
Great news having Prince Harry and Meghan Markle here in Fiji. It’s been a long time since we have had a royal visitor.
As the most talked about couple in the world today, its just a perfect time to visit our shores.
Whatever Fiji might have installed for the royal couple it should be interesting and exciting.
As they are a very young couple I believe whatever should be done should involve our youths.
What is organised for them should be memorable and unforgettable for them.
Let’s welcome the royal couple in the real Fijian way.
Tomasi Boginiso Boa,
Nepani, Nasinu.

Causes of flooding
Notably missing from the Minister for Waterways list of causes of flooding in Rakiraki (FT 16/06) was dubious construction permits that over the years, along with increased rainfall, have constricted nature’s flow path and exerted pressure on town drains and culverts.
It doesn’t help that the town sits below two lines of hill: one draining south into the Nakauvadra and town from the high ground of Naqoro, the other draining north into the town and river from the area above Penang High School; meaning the surfaced roads serving them regularly turn into rivers.
There may be scope for diverting these flows by inserting cattle-grid type drains, but this would depend on proximate existing properties and the capacity to drain the run-off laterally further afield.
Either way this points up the need for both expert and community-wide — not interest specific — holistic urban planning, and intense public scrutiny of building permission.
The opinions of ordinary people must be actively solicited.
Otherwise history is sure to repeat itself on a grander scale.
Christopher Griffin,
Rakiraki and Perth.

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