Letters to the Editor – June 17

Former WAF CEO Opetaia Ravai. Picture: FT FILE

Lawsuit against WAF

THE filing of a lawsuit against the WAF by former CEO Opetaia Ravai for alleged unfair and unjust dismissal is an indicator that the three arms of government are independent from each other.

Let’s hope justice prevails.

Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Evangelising offshore

I KNOW for a fact that one of the first missionaries to die in our country was the Rev Thomas Baker who was butchered by iTaukei cannibals up in the hills of Nabutautau, in the Navosa hills during the dark days of early Viti Levu and many more followed suit only to meet their death in spreading the Gospel of Christianity.

The death of the late Pastor Sakaraia Mataka and his teenage son Paula in a plane crash in Kenya last week and leaving behind his wife with his young children to carry on the journey is a very sad and unfortunate incident indeed for his close family members.

My point is this; is it realistically necessary for all the Christian-based faith religions in our country to send our qualified reverends offshore in spreading the Good News to other nations throughout the world and why don’t we all start here first as Fiji is all where it starts and ends, save the Fijian souls first and foremost?

Let us face the reality here at home, Fiji may be a blessed country in terms of the abundance of our natural resources, but it is a very sinful country and ungodly in terms of the many crimes that are committed daily.

I personally feel majority of our ordained talatala or pastors have never set foot on the many of our remote interior villages and maritime islands but are competing for those many lucrative opportunities to travel offshore and evangelise with all expenses paid including their families.

The perks may be better in preaching overseas but why not we unite and go all out to evangelise our nation and make our country crime free, obedient and respectable citizens, a Fiji with a garbage free environment, a rape free country, a country where there is respect and love for all citizens including the education of our youths and children to change the mind-set for all to have the utmost of respect for the different religions we have in this multiracial society of ours, making Fiji a murder free country and most importantly a God-fearing nation.

It might be worth looking at this suggestion for nation building because when Fijians unite, we all grow together, reap and benefit equally as a prosperous peaceful nation.

May the Almighty Great Lord Jehovah bless our leadership and government in their desire to make Fiji a model country for other small island nations in the Pacific.

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi

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