Letters to the Editor – June 12, 2018

Eroni Sau busts through a gap against NZ. Picture: WORLD RUGBY

Rookie of the year
Congratulations to “The Sledgehammer” for being awarded the Rookie of the Year award ahead of fellow speedstar Naduva and Aussie gentleman O’Donnell.
You deserve this award our gas man! Your ability to score sensational tries and your hard hits earned you the title “The Sledgehammer”.
You had been brilliant since donning the national jumper in Dubai. Thank you for the memories!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam,
Nadawa, Nasinu.

Inspirational player
Congratulations Eroni Sau for becoming the WR7s Rookie of the Year. What an inspiration for all other upcoming athletes irrespective of the sport they are engaged in, and many of whom are girls.
Wishing the Fiji 7s team all the best in their World Cup outing in July. Your achievements thus far make you an outstanding contender. Enjoy contesting it.
Hamidan Bibi,
Huon St, Toorak, Suva.

Message of unity
The unity message for all Fijians on billboards nowadays is eye-catching.
I take it is a type of idealism being espoused.
For the sake of unity we cannot trample people’s freedom and choice.
For example, we are seeking unity for group social action to address a poverty issue. It is perceived as a noble goal and good thing. But despite being persuasive on the issue, unity is not realised.
Then we should be always tolerant in giving dignity of difference to one another. In a democratic society unity is not desirable if it is at the cost of freedom.
Sachida Nath

Sharing sentiments
I share the sentiments expressed by Tukai Lagonilakeba (FT 11/06) on how wonderful it was to read the story of Isikeli Ralovo in The Sunday Times.
Tukai also tells us this wonderful statement, “Make your votes count and do not let other political parties deter you from achieving your childhood dreams to become a productive Fijian in your later years.” I agree, wholeheartedly.
In fact, I think students should be empowered by “other political parties” that, just like the Government, will enable them to graduate with their desired degree but without the hassle of a massive debt hanging over one’s head as they start off their professional career.
Samuela Savu
Farm Rd, Nakasi

7s rugby is not easy
Just try mada and run around for seven minutes getting tackled and being tackled.
It takes more than being ordinary to play this game week in, week out.
One solid tackle on you, no matter how fit you are, it will shake your very being.
Then you bounce up and run again.
You have to be a robot to be able to do this.
But I watched all the games in Paris and South Africa seek to have that extra oomph in them.
They have now what I will call the best coach in the world judging by their consistency.
Fiji is a champion team and God bless all of them.
You are still my heroes.
Allen Lockington,
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

Laws of the game
A popular football commentator has the tendency of authoritatively saying that “goalkeepers are protected in the 6-yard box”. I believe this is false. The only function of the goal area, also known colloquially as the “goal box”, or “6-yard box” is to delimit the area where a goal kick is taken: A goal kick in association football is the way to restart the game when the ball has been kicked past the goal line and outside the goal by the attacking team. Therefore, the 6-yard box is only there for restart purposes and it plays no part in the general open play of the game or should not be considered special in any decision making by the referee.
Goalkeepers are “protected” inside the whole penalty area (18 yard box) in that the Laws of the Game (LOTG) state that: “when a goalkeeper has gained possession of the ball with his hands, he cannot be challenged by an opponent.” There is no significance of the 6-yard box in providing any special privilege to the goalkeeper.
I hope the concerned football commentator will take note and refrain from spreading misinformation. Football commentators will be doing a great service to the game if they read and understand FIFA Laws of the Game, the latest version of which is available freely from the FIFA website.
Nilesh Lal

Tuisova and Radradra
Any reason why a decision was taken to omit Tuisova and Radradra from hitting the ground at their second home in France?
Their mere presence and crowd support would have made the difference and the tension to see we succumb in the quarters in Paris.
South Africa with or without their stars is a quality team and with two wins in the series this year to be crowned champions against Fiji with five wins is phenomenal.
Decisions at crucial times make a big difference.
Shalwyn Prasad
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Standout woman
We have a lady who has spent a lot of her time working with the grassroots people of Fiji.
To select a female leader, she must have the calibre to enhance the support and the interests of the grassroots people, work with them, walk the talk, be consistent, energetic, positive, visionary, transformative and constructive. She has that progressive vision, uplifting and motivating, unifying and inspiring.
That lady has been spoken widely of in the Western Division. It is none other than Mereseini Vuniwaqa. I heard a lot of people spoke of her, especially women.
Alex Waqalevu

Fijian pilots
Yes Dan, I believe Fiji Airways pays expatriate pilots more than our local pilots (FT 11/06).
I believe even expatriate co-pilots are paid more than local captains. Sad eh?
Wise Muavono
Balawa, Lautoka

NCD issue
One of the greatest contributors to NCD is eating because food is available not when we are hungry and eating processed food.
Dan Urai

Healthy food
Wouldn’t it be great if the Ministry of Health were to endorse healthy food products with their seal of approval?
I can think of a few: no added sugar ice cream, wholemeal long loaves, even bu sold by the boys in the street. Now bu has got to be as pure and healthy as you can get! This would encourage the public to know what is preferred and contribute towards the fight against NCDs.
Support in this way goes to establishing public/private partnership which is considered favourable for economic development.
Julie Sutherland
Tamavua, Suva

People’s choice
Riddhi Damodar is so right — “Be extremely careful of who you choose as your leaders (FT 11/06)”. Listening to Ravi Zecharias sermon on Sunday, I was taken back when he said “a nation deserves the government it gets”. He went on to expound on the life of King Saul from the Bible. I believe King Saul took their nation straight back to witchcraft and he was the peoples’ choice.
Korina Waibuta,
Knollys St, Suva

Breaking hearts
The SA Blitzbokke should thank the English rose for creating the opportunities for winning the Paris 7s and indeed the HSBC Sevens Series by two points over Fiji.
The Englanders broke Fijian hearts when they won the quarter-final and more so losing in the finals to the South Africa.
Amenatave Yaconisau
Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Illegal operators
Once again I read (FT 11/06) that the LTA will take illegal transport operators to task.
Yeah right. I’d like to see you eradicate this illegal industry.
Allen Lockington
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Fiji’s loss
I would blame Fiji’s loss at the Paris 7s to the probability theory.
Sukha Singh

Fijian style
To me Spain was the best team at the Paris 7s. I have some questions to ask the referee of the South Africa and Spain match in real Fijian style.
Ashis Kumar


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