Letters to the Editor – June 10, 2018


Special buses, food stalls
Yeah that’s really what happened in the Tavua/Rakiraki areas when people came to collect their M-PAiSA for Homes Care initiative.
People as far as Nadrau and interior of Ra hired special buses just to be part of the program.
And at the grounds, loud music and food stalls were everywhere.
Only Ferris wheels and bouncy castles were missing.
Pita Soroaqali

Changing banks
A pensioner went to his bank to open an account.
He went in at 9.30am and came out two hours later.
He was so frustrated that he let the bank employees know.
He said, “In the past we didn’t have computers and now with computers the service is slow.”
The reply was that one computer was not working.
He said: “That’s not my problem, you guys have to keep all computers working, we come here for service and we want the best.”
He stormed out and is thinking of changing banks.
Allen Lockington

Beyond comparison
Our good CEO said in Thursday’s papers that he expects three to five thousand people to cross the gates daily during the Battle of the Giants tournament.
I am not at all surprised given the present state of soccer.
He knows it all too well since he was also the national team manager, what soccer and the crowd numbers were like before the year 2000. Ten thousand used to cross daily through the gates, if I am not mistaken.
Can he tell me why the reduction in numbers since he and his president always proclaim that soccer is very much developing and on the right track.
The president is very quick to give praise to national sevens captain Jerry Tuwai and his team.
Thank you.
But I am wondering when, or if ever, Tuwai will return the favour.
As of now there is nothing for Tuwai to lavish his praise on.
The difference between 7s and soccer in this country is beyond comparison.

Smart telephones
They were supposed to make people’s lives easier.
Instead, they have controlled most people, making them addicted and unsociable, where friends and families no longer talk to each other but instead interact more with their phones.
And some term it as technical development.
Dan Urai

Damage numbers
I have been trying to decipher the number 47,358 — people who received the Homes Care assistance.
How many of these people live in the same house?
Anyway, looking at the recent floods and cyclones, did 47,358 homes sustain damage in some form or other?
If we multiply that by five, the average number of people in a home that’s 236,790 people affected.
We have around 912,241 people in Fiji, so one third of the people of Fiji were affected, by my calculations that is.
This is interesting because over time, cyclones will get worse and numbers will increase.
Allen Lockington

7s coach removal
Whatever happened to the demands from certain writers for the removal of the national 7s coach?
Do you still want him replaced?
Suli Tokalau

Track logic
The Fijian Government, with the kind assistance of the Chinese Government giving help worth $16 million, is building a state-of-the-art 100-metre track and improving the grounds at Marist Brothers’ High School, Flagstaff in Suva.
Work has already started and we are told that it will be completed within four months.
What is the logic behind building an athletic track at a school, of which I am an old boy, where the nearest international standard 400-metre track is located just a kilometre away?
Most students at that school, can actually walk to the stadium in 20 minutes, which serves as a good way to get those leg muscles warmed up before the actual running starts!
To have an athletic track at the Flagstaff school seems unnecessary, especially when considering the plight of other schools in Fiji which do not have access to such facilities by a country mile.
Would it not have been better to build such an athletic track and or improve ground conditions at a school outside of Suva?
Or in Tailevu, which could have served the students of Queen Victoria School, Ratu Kadavulevu School and St John’s College and reduce the need and costs for those schools to come into the city to train or practice, and so on and so forth?

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