Letters to the Editor – June 1

Semi Radradra and Josua Tuisova with a fan in London. Picture: Supplied/ Veilawa

Explosive news
Readers have indeed been entertained to some explosive, mouth-watering, mesmerising and breathtaking news and letters via The Fiji Times about our 7s team in London and the inclusion of Radradra and Tuisova. Rugby fans are thrilled and many are finding it hard to control their excitement now that “The Bus” and “The Trailer” have joined Baber’s team.
I agree that their inclusion will add pressure and increase competition for a spot. Sadly, the “Sledgehammer” has announced his desire for “greener pastures”. My pick for London — Josua, Sevu, Mesu, Nasoko and Paula in the forwards and Semi, Tuisova, Nasilasila, Sau, Jerry, Vatemo and Naduva in an “explosive” and “class” backline!
This lethal combination, fantastic levels of confidence, team spirit and bonding and the fact that we have “a special group of players” capable of delivering something unbelievable, magical and entertaining should pave the way for Fiji wrapping up the WRSS title in the penultimate round.
Toso Viti toso! -Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu.

Health facilities
I believe the issues raised by Allen Lockington are true for almost all health facilities in Fiji.
Some health centres are old and some have been there for more than 40 to 50 years now. I believe it was made to cater for the population at that time.
The facilities have been through wear and tear brought about by daily use by patients and staff leading to the poor state of the facilities.
The population has rapidly grown over the years and the health sector needs to re-look at utilisation of services and develop health facility plans to cater for the current and future population. There has to be maintenance done to the facilities to improve services, which are OHS compliant as well.
We need to invest in the health sector in terms of facilities and human resources so we are able to get the best health services.
I commend and appreciate the staff at the health facilities for providing the best customer services in conditions which are beyond their control.
They serve us with the best possible care in such facilities.
Keep up the good work for the people. – Vineet Chand, Rakiraki.

Shocking event
The closely-knit Natabua community was clearly shocked because of what happened to one of its young ones recently.
He was hit by a vehicle after getting off a bus on his way back home from school. There was no goodbye, nor was there any formal farewell that afternoon. And he was just in Year 2.
It was really painful for all of us here. And we have all been traumatised by this tragic event including the FNU students waiting by the roadside.
The question now is “could this have been prevented?” Yes, of course. Just put up road humps especially in the area beside the FNU junction because of the number of people using this road.
The accidents that have been happening here can be compared with a burning house.
Not only must we stop the arsonist but we must also prevent other arsonists from burning other houses in future.
To the powers that be, please put up humps now to prevent such accidents in future.
Please think of the people here in Natabua.
Isa Boseiwaqa, moce noqu tagane! The Natabua community misses you so much! – Joeli Naleca, Natabua, Lautoka.

Red tape
For a small third world country as ours, I believe we have so much red tape and laxity that it is no wonder we are always reacting rather than acting on what needs to be done.
Just the other day, the top person who is to look after our drainage told farmers in Bua that the drains and culverts designed by FRA would be attended by them, meanwhile we have more flooding, and roads being damaged, causing more headaches for motorists.
Can’t we just all work together for the people of Fiji? I mean it is they you are serving right, or am I wrong? I guess we just have to keep pressing these issues via this column and maybe the bigwigs will react to it at their own pace, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers huh? Now there is talk about a survey about transportation. So I am glad something is in the works and as a nation, we can only wait patiently.
But in the meantime, I urge all the citizens of Fiji to do their bit and stop waiting for handouts and clean your environment, clean the drains, don’t wait for them to flood and then cry foul about this and that, and for those that are squatting near rivers, you either move inland or go directly to the bigwigs and ask for help, because to read about flooding in these areas in this day and age is like listening to a record that has scratches. I mean seriously, we would have gotten the picture the first few floods ago.
Come on Fiji, there is talk about our ancestors building the nation by the sweat off their backs, and what do we do? Just sit back and complain. Start small with one step at a time, clean your yard and then we can move from there, so kua so na vucesa.
Toso Viti! -Lawrence Wara, Suva.

Safe crossing
Did the four-lane road planners at Namaka forget the safe crossing of pedestrians from one side to the other of the busy road?
– Dan Urai, Lautoka

Soccer players
I would appreciate if our soccer players can be contracted out to overseas clubs where they could learn new arts of soccer. Playing locally won’t help at all, even if you hire the best coach in the world. FFA needs to invest in our local players. Learn from what the rugby union and rugby league are doing at the moment. -Usaia Tagi, Delainavesi

Fatal accidents
Lately, there have been numerous accidents on our roads resulting in casualties. I believe the main contributing factor proved to be speeding.
These situations don’t augur well for our country’s image. Stern measures must then be imposed to prevent or, at least, reduce considerably such tragedies. Enforcement has to be strict and records have to be updated.
I believe the power to suspend these errant drivers should be vested in high-ranking police personnel. – Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

Wet Fiji
I must congratulate FRA on its vision and determination. They have done wonders considering the fact that Fiji is so wet. Not at all easy to work here. Vinaka FRA. – SHARIFF SHAH, Savusavu

Tavua team
Although our fresh Tavua team did not make it to the semi-final, it was a very good start by them.
If they continue working hard, they would be one of the best teams, taking home many titles. Well done team Tavua. Keep that going. – Rani Rosy Sharma, Nausori

Rugby stars
After watching the England versus Barbarians match and the way Semi “The Trailer” Radradra was performing at outside center, I just can’t wait to see him either at the London 7s or at the ANZ Stadium teaming up with the likes of Tuisova, Goneva, Nakarawa and Ravai to name a few. But first things first this weekend, good luck boys and go hard, and I urge all citizens to wear white this Saturday to show our support for the boys in Twickenham. Go Fiji, go! – Lawrence Wara, Suva

London 7s
Let the games begin and the praises after the finals. -Dan Urai, Lautoka

Exciting thought
Whew, the thought of Josua Tuisova and Semi Radradra playing in the next leg of the 7s and beyond is just too exciting.
I can’t wait to see them tear apart the opponents, like they did for the Barbarians in the thrashing of the English 15s team.
And I am sure they will fit in well with the champion team led by mastermind Jerry Tuwai.
Gareth Baber has kept the best for last. I am excited.
I am ready for the games.
I bet there will be no near heart attack moments.
I’m already preparing my kava instruments to watch the games.
Go Fiji, go. – Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Golden jubilee
I must congratulate and acknowledge the dedicated efforts of the Lions Club from the soccer crazy town of Ba for celebrating 50 years of service.
The club’s golden jubilee lift-out in The Fiji Times yesterday was read by many and I believe messages of appreciation flooded the club’s page.
It’s true indeed that because of strong support the club has survived.
Reading president Pradeep Chandra’s message, I was inspired by these lines “One must become a lion to experience the joy of giving. Over the years, the Lions Club of Ba has initiated many activities that benefited the Ba community. It has on many occasions extended its humanitarian services to Lautoka, Nadi, Tavua and Rakiraki.”
I must say that I was delighted to read the club’s service projects, activities and initiatives including diabetes awareness, red-alert during disasters, scholarships, cancer screening camps, projects related to medical evacuation, hearing aid, bus shelter and wheelchair, and assistance to the Golden Age Home and Christian Treasure House.
Apart from thanking the club for organising worthwhile initiatives to spread the joy of charity and keep alive the spirit of sharing and caring, I accord my gratitude to the various sponsors who came on-board to assist the largest NGO in the world.
To the founders and the hard-working members, as the name indicates, you are all lions and I am glad that you have indicated strongly that the Lions Club will keep the spirit of lionism alive.
God bless you all! – Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu


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