Letters to the Editor – July 8

Outgoing Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Premila Kumar. Picture: FT FILE

Thank you Premila

I WOULD like to say to Premila Kumar, the outgoign chief executive officer of the Consumer Council of Fiji, thank you so much for all your good work.

It is very much appreciated, vinaka vakalevu.

I would also like to wish you and your family all the best in the road ahead.

May the good Lord bless and guide you.

Richard M Abel, Suva

White house

During a talanoa session with some of my friends, someone asked why is the official residence of the President of the US painted white.

A quick reply was it`s easy to paint with one colour.

To the Fiji Rugby Union, keep that famous building white at all times.

You are commonly known here in Fiji as “those at the white house”.

Vili Yaranamua, Nadi

Saving bank

Yay, daylight saving (DL) will be celebrated again from November 4, 2018 to January 13 2019.

Once again, I’m opening my Kava Pl DL Saving Bank for people to deposit whatever they gained or saved from this happy occasion.

Allen Lockington, Lautoka

Explain please

Could somebody explain the meaning of the term Luvedra na Ratu.

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Account to God

There are many times when we allow the concerns and opinions of others to become more important to us than what God thinks.

While we should not be rude or careless regarding what others think or feel, ultimately the only judgment of our lives that really matters is the one God will render.

We must remember that we are not going to answer to God for others, but for our own actions, thoughts, and motives.

“So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” (Romans 14:12).

Even if no one else is doing what is right, we can still follow God’s path if we care about His opinion most.

Our ultimate goal should be to please God.

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Classy fish, classy price

You know what?

Ever since there was a ban on certain fish that I will call classy, the other fish price now have classy prices.

Fish that was usually overlooked or sold for $10 a bundle now sell for prices that have poisoned me financially.

I don’t know about the price of qitawa.

I will have to ask Wise and Cameron.

I’ve heard they are experienced qitawa fishermen.

Allen Lockington, Lautoka

Brawn and Bruyne

Some brawn and a Bruyne is all you need to beat Brazil.

Fiji FA, you hear?

Manoj Lal Patel, Lautoka

National debate

AS we approach the 2018 general election, it would be very interesting if a national debate between the leaders of all registered political parties could be organised.

This would be the ideal opportunity for them to introduce and explain their election manifestos.

Emosi Balei, Suva

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