Letters to the Editor – July 6

Raka 7s Apenisa Naitini (left) and Tournament director Rppate Kauvesi is joined by Fiji Times Editor Fred Wesley and Marketing Manager Annie Robinson during their signing in Suva earlier in July. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU/FILE

Raka 7s partnership
The organisers of the 2018 Raka 7s have promised a 7s fiesta bigger and better than last year.
With the rugby brains in our former 7s manager Rob Kauvesi and now that the organisers have teamed up with the number one The Fiji Times, I can see that dream turning into reality.
The tournament is expected to close our local 7s scene but I am wondering about the timing as it could coincide with the Dubai 7s.
I believe the partnership with The Fiji Times will help promote information.
However, the best part of the tournament is that it will go plastic free as this will help keep our environment clean.
Apart from this, I support Wesley’s view that the tournament will identify and develop potential players.
These should come in handy with the departure of 7s stars such as Sau and Naduva.
My best wishes to Ropate Kauvesi, The Fiji Times and the Raka 7s tournament organisers! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Humane gesture

I would like to sincerely thank through this medium, the driver for vehicle #FL010 on the morning of Thursday, July 5, (7.55am) for the humane gesture he showed to a dog that was hit on the road.
This gentleman stopped his vehicle in the middle of the two-way almost busy lane while keeping his vehicles hazards on and with precaution picked up the dog which was still alive and bleeding and put it on the footpath gently.
This deeply touched my heart towards the kindness shown by this gentleman for the helpless creature, something we often ignore.
God bless you and your family brother! Shanon Kumar, Natabua, Lautoka

Independence Day celebration

While we celebrate with Americans their Independence Day (FT 04/07), suffice to know that it was a day when American revolutionaries rejected the sovereignty of the British Crown and laws of the British Parliament as John Locke said.
As we are about to cast our vote in the general election, it’s good to know that sovereignty is with the people.
All are created equal and they are endowed with liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness.
I believe Fiji is a liberal democracy and all have equal voting rights. Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Schools chefs challenge

I applaud the initiative of the organisers of the Schools Chefs Challenge which began yesterday at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort.
With the theme “Promoting a healthy and fresh food culture” the competition will not only expose our future chefs to developing good food habits in Fiji but it will also raise awareness on the importance of eating healthy food.
Since its humble beginning in 2012 with one school, the Schools Chefs Challenge has taken a step up and captured interest from more participants with an explosion of creativity and talent.
There are 10 schools and 120 students competing and this makes the competition interesting.
There’s no shortage of creative chefs in Fiji and such competitions bring out the best from budding talents.
I wish the participating schools and students all the best.
To Shailesh Naidu, the event founder and chief judge, sir, you have a wonderful personality!
I hope that you will nurture our young chefs to be the best!
Cheers and I hope to see all the actions and pictures in our number one Kaila! newspaper next week Wednesday!
On the other hand, I wish Peter Hopgood all the best as he leaves the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Diabetes issue
It’s been veraciously proclaimed by the health experts that consumption of food items such as refined flour, polished rice, lentils from peas, potatoes, certain cooking oil, fatty food, sweetened drinks and desserts compounded with a sedately and indolent lifestyle are high risk factors that cause diabetes.
Desolately, these items are daily consumables in a quintessential Fijian home.
To curb this generic menace, I believe every household in Fiji should change their eating habits now with the help of medical authorities through vigorous awareness campaigns incessantly.
The benefits will turn things around dramatically and we as a small island nation can be a shining example to the rest of the world.
Presciently, the prevailing inertia in most of us would be disastrous in years to come should we obstinately fail to discard the current eating habits. Ravind Chandra Naidu, Tua Tua Branch Rd, Labasa

Goalkeeper advert
I refer to the advertisement in The Fiji Times (5/7) regarding goalkeeper coach by Fiji FA.
One of the conditions under qualifications and skills is the person should hold a UEFA pro-goalkeeper licence or equivalent.
How many people in Fiji would have a UEFA or even OFC goalkeeper qualification? I believe it looks like it is tailor-made for a person already lined up and this advertisement is a formality. Nardeo Mishra, Suva

Eye Witness section

I believe we, the public should be grateful to The Fiji Times for providing this section in the daily newspaper. This I believe is not meant to condemn anyone but a very timely reminder for the concerned authority to attend to this section. Sometimes we have seen dangerous spots, eg., broken footpaths, manhole lids missing, damaged signboards, leaking water hydrants, piled rubbish not attended to for weeks etc.
I believe The Fiji Times’ camera is very effective and would like to thank the efficient photographers for being on the right spot at the right time. Please continue with this section in order to help keep our towns and cities to the required standard. VIJAY MAHARAJ, Navua.

Food labels
We refer to Satish Nakched’s letter titled “Food labels” published in The Fiji Times on June 30, 2018. We share similar sentiments expressed by Mr Nakched in his letter. He had enquired about the legislative powers available regarding the labelling of goods in the English language.
We would like to highlight that the Food Safety Regulation 2009 sets out the information needed on food labels. It further states that the information must be provided in the English language.
Section 23 (e) of Regulation states that: “the language used in the label of food produced within Fiji for use in Fiji shall be in English for imported food, the mandatory information shall at least be in English languageā€¦”
Section 23 (f) provides: “if the language on the original label is not in English, a supplementary label containing the mandatory information in the required language may be used instead of relabellingā€¦”
Moreover, according to section 23 (g) “in the case of either relabelling or a supplementary label, the mandatory information provided shall fully and accurately reflect that in the original label”.
The regulation requires that labels must be presented in a manner that is easily visible and likely to be read.
The council also conducts market surveillances regularly into food products. Often, the council found food and non-food items with foreign language labelling and instructions. In these cases, the council advised traders that a simple English supplementary guide or manual needed to be attached to the product when selling it for the safety and knowledge of users.
These cases have been publicised by the council via press releases, social media and the council website. Concerned consumers who come forward with similar complaints have been advised of the regulations and provided redress in certain cases. The council also referred such cases to the Ministry of Health’s Food Unit Department for legal action.
There are, however, limitations on what the council can accomplish alone. Major supermarkets are not the only retailers of groceries, there are thousands of smaller supermarkets, neighbourhood shops and canteens. Unfortunately, the council is in no position to monitor every single trader in the marketplace. As such, we would appreciate if consumers can be the eyes on the ground and report all cases of foreign and incorrect labelling complaints. They are also advised to bring photographic evidence so that action can be taken against such traders. Premila Kumar (chief executive officer), Consumer Council of Fiji.

Speed cameras
There is a need to install speed cameras from Nadi Town to Martintar! Even temporary cameras would do the job on these very busy roads. Vehicles travel at a speed of well over 60 km/hr most of the time in 50 km/hr zones.
I hope LTA looks into this. I would also like to appreciate LTA for recently bringing in the system to report offensive stickers. Sailesh Singh,

Aircraft names
The two main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu will have to miss out on getting their names on a plane because there are around 200 islands more around and have their own significance.
But I have always hoped they would name it after a province or town or city or village one day. These places have their significant features also. But it sounds better having the islands’ name because it sounds tropical. But well done Vatulele! Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu.

Beyond manpower

Now the claims by an Iranian general that Israel is stealing their clouds is just the same as that child in the US who sued his parents for the colour of his skin. I am wondering who will be that superman judge to give a ruling on these two superhuman claims. Pita Soroaqali, Nadarivatu.

Bus revenue
On May 24, I asked if the bus companies had noticed an increase in revenue since the introduction of the e-ticketing system. I reckon there has been no reply because they are busy celebrating the increase in revenue. Hahaha! Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka.

Rude stickers
Scribe’s (Allen Lockington) letter (05/07/18) reminded me of a van I saw many years ago. It was a very old, rusty, dirty, paint chipped, The A-Team type van that had stained curtains on the windows. On the bumper it had a sticker which read: “DON’T LAUGH, YOUR DAUGHTER MAY BE IN HERE”.
Nigel Fiu, Lautoka.

Road woes

I heard from a reliable source that the Natabua Rd junction will be converted into four lanes. Hold on Wise and gang, you can follow up later with another letter on the long queues and dust once roadworks begin. Edward Kumar, Lautoka.

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