Letters to the Editor – July 4

The Japanese national team came within half an hour away from pulling off one of the more shocking results of the Word Cup. Japan held what seemed to be a convincing 2-0 lead in the second half before the talented Belgians stormed back to take control of the game in the final seconds winning by 3-2.Picture: CBS.Sports

World Cup soccer action
Watching live or delayed coverage of the World Cup soccer matches just shows the depth and knowledge of soccer possessed by these world- class teams consisting of professional footballers from around the globe. I am awed by the precision of passes which speaks volumes of the calibre and the professionalism of soccer in these countries.
I just hope and pray that our local players learn from watching them and implement this approach with their respective district teams instead of the dhago bhagho game plan. Go Belgium go. Michael Mon Chambers, Kermode Rd, Lautoka.

Masterclass performance

While I applaud the efforts of Brazil in defeating Mexico, I am full of praise for the way Belgium came from behind to beat Japan and book a spot in the top eight.
Many had written Belgium off after they trailed Japan by two goals, but the team spirit and fighting character rode them past the Japanese who threw the towel in the final moments.
Hats off to team Belgium and the loyal fans in Fiji — Amish and Atleshwar, who did not lose hope despite being two goals down! Meanwhile, Brazil teased Mexico and kept their 14-match unbeaten streak since the loss to Argentina.
It was a nightmare for Mexico who once again failed to score against their South American neighbours. For me Willian had to be the man of the match as he orchestrated both moves that led to Neymar and Firminho’s goals.
The goals illuminated the fact that unlike the other big names (Germany, Argentina, Portugal and Spain), who were being eliminated, the soccer giants were progressing to the next round. Well done Brazil! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu.

Fishing groups
When I was young I usually found my mother and related women of the village went fishing in groups. They took their nets, the “noke” and snorkels.
Even I saw those that went individually.
It was a regular thing for them fortnightly with alternative venues for fishing as it was a broad fishing area.
Now you hardly find women near mangrove swamps or in the shallow lagoons for “qeqe, kaikoso” and the likes. Their complexion now has become fair and they have light coloured skin. If they continue fishing they would look dark. Alex Waqalevu, Lautoka.

Best World Cup
Without a doubt it would be hard to dispute the fact that the 2018 FIFA World Cup is perhaps the best so far.
The matches are so competitive, exciting, and leaving some fans on the edge of their seats.
The number of scores in each games and the resilience of some teams to fight back demonstrates resilience at a level perhaps not seen before.
Matches have gone down to the wire being decided through penalty kicks. The upsets continue and the 2018 World Cup is only getting more exciting. What a heartbreaker it was as the handsome lead by Japan was gradually overcome by their opponents.
In summary, there is no guarantee except playing to the final whistle. Meanwhile, I would not be surprised if France qualifies to the semi- finals at least but do not count Russia out. The hosts are revealing themselves as sleeping giants. Floyd Robinson, Toorak, Suva.

Macuata totems
It is heartening to learn (FT 21/6/18) that the Macuata Provincial Council is concerned about the loss of traditional knowledge in the province.
We all should be, all provinces and all citizens. To the list of knowledge which appears to be waning, as cited in your report, I would like to add fishing, farming, canoe-construction, sailing and house-building.
All of these are important aspects of knowledge because they are of practical use; use locally available materials and reduce dependence on imports, as well as promoting community spirit and instilling pride in accomplishment.
One item, though, should be removed from the list: totems. Your report states that there is concern that younger people in Macuata “did not know their … totem animals and plants”. This is not at all surprising or indeed worrying, because their grandparents don’t know them either — for the simple reason that they don’t exist. Totems are confined to most of Viti Levu and some of its adjoining islands. Other parts of Fiji simply don’t have them.
The idea that every yavusa in Fiji has three totems is a fiction that was invented, like the Kaunitoni story, by amateur kaivalagi anthropologists with influential positions in colonial society, and is perpetuated by our school system.
Even in places that do have totems, most do not have three, and they certainly do not recite them like children are made to do by some teachers (eg., Na yacaqu o Jone noqu kau na vesi…).
Where they do exist, they are sacred and not to be uttered without good reason, and teachers who require their students to recite them are showing how little they know about our indigenous culture. Paul Geraghty, USP, Suva.

Bus seats

The seats in a bus should be checked before being introduced to our roads.
This is not about the seats, it’s about the safety of the passengers using the seats. The first seat opposite the driver in some buses have and some don’t have a metal railing in front of the first seat.
It is always dangerous when the bus comes to a sudden halt, if there is nothing in front, the passenger could end up through the doors. But for those with something in front it could help them hold on to. So please passengers, next time you take a bus try looking out for these safety material first before sitting! Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu.

Power pack
I quote Baber, “We know our squad can play with speed and intensity and bringing in the European players allows us to add extra physical strength and power to the group.”
I whole heartedly agree with our 7s guru and thank him for choosing the best 16 players. From the squad that I had picked in my letter dated 14/06 titled “Team to RWC 7s” the only player who missed the cut was Mesulame Kunavula who has been replaced by Tabadamu utility Apenisa Cakaubalavu.
I am glad that most of the players who donned the white jumper during the 2017-18 WRSS have been retained as our boys left our shores to march into camp at Utah.
I am confident that Nakarawa, Kunatani, Radradra and Tuisova will make the RWC 7s team and that they will add flair, experience, speed, power, aggression and make those brutal tackles that should scare our opponents.
I don’t have too many fancy words for our boys but I wish them well on their journey to San Francisco. I have been part of the 1997 and 2005 RWC 7s celebrations and I don’t mind being part of our third victory.
The 2009 and 2013 RWC 7s haunted Fiji as our boys lost to Kenya and the All Blacks but I’m hopeful that 2018 will bring smiles!Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam
Nadawa, Nasinu

Developing or what

Someone read my little letter about whether Fiji is a developing country. He called me from Suva and said something that got me thinking.
He said, “If Fiji is a developing country, and has been developing since I can remember, what is it that is holding us back from moving forward and becoming a developed country?”
“Is it politics, is it the economy, is it the people?”
I was quite taken aback by his questions and it would be nice to know from experts why. Then I said to myself, “If we have been developing for the past 100 years, are we a third world country?”
Then again what is the difference between a developing country and a third world country?
With all the rigamarole we are having going up to the general election, I wonder where Fiji stands.
May I ask, why is it that when the general elections are near, parties point out the faults of the others?
At times I cringe when I read or hear about political speeches and parliamentary debates that could wilt weeds and put the devil to shame.
Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Exciting event

Argentina and Portugal both lost in round 16. Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could not help their respective teams to move ahead in the World Cup this year.
It could be the end of the journey for the legendry footballers as far as the World Cup is concerned. But I think their playing days are just not over yet as they return to their club duties.
Both these players have set a record that is hard to match. I am sure we will see more from them before they are retired. My bet was on Portugal but they leave the stage after being defeated by Uruguay this time. I have never enjoyed the World Cup so much as I do now.
You know why because of the standard of the players and the games. Every fixture is full of action and excitement and no time wastage.
The live coverage we enjoy is also excellent thus far. Thank you FBC and Fiji TV for bringing one of biggest sporting events in the world to our homes. Suresh Chand,Nadi

Fix the road
Can the Fiji Roads Authority please spend a tiny portion of their $563.1m allocation to re-tarseal the Natabua road? This particular road should be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most patched road in the world. Kemudou! Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

The fever
THE FIFA World Cup is getting all but hyped up as we enter the latter stages of the competition. Top teams such as Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Germany have been knocked out to the disappointment of their fans. Let’s hope for some mouth-watering clashes in the quarterfinals in Russia.
Go Brazil! Raynav Chand, Nakasi

Greatest of them all

Messi and Ronaldo have proven beyond all doubts that “being a hero is the shortest profession a man can have”. To me Maradona will remain the greatest of all time. Period! A. SHARIFF SHAH, Savusavu

Cane trucks
With the sugarcane season starting soon it will be a nightmare for drivers around the western part of Viti Levu. With so much traffic problems the cane trucks will just add more traffic congestion soon. It’s about time for a separate lane for these so called load carrying trucks. Narayan Reddy

Village query
THE inquiries of Nacula villagers in the Yasawas of the accountability of Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) through the PM’s office (FT 3/7) is a concern.
I believe not only is accountability being questioned here but also the quality of untreated water that has no chlorine to prevent waterborne diseases like typhoid. Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

What a dummy
To feign a kick or a no look-a (Ku) pass. Ohhhh! Rumelu … what a dummy! MANOJ LAL PATEL, Drasa Ave, Lautoka

Cigarettes and alcohol

While discussing the budget, it was mentioned that the cost of cigarettes and alcohol continue to rise in each year’s budget, it’s basically making the “take home” pay, less, it isn’t actually a determent to reduce or cease the consumption of the mentioned items. The things that make you go Uuummmm? Nigel Fiu, Lautoka

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