Letters to the Editor – July 30

The dying vegetation and dried up lake at Wainisavulevu in Naitasiri. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU/FILE

Environmental impact
Thank you The Fiji Times, July 28, pages 1 and 3 for exposing the reality in the interior of Viti Levu at the Wainisavulevu River where our Monasavu dam is constructed. The google map of the dried up vegetation is very worrying specifically when one considers the negative adverse environmental impact this will have in the long term on our biodiversity if not fixed now. Hasmukh Patel, the chief executive officer EFL, has been one of the surviving pioneers from the early construction days of the Monasavu Hydro Dam, but now about 34 years later from 1984, can he explain to the resource owners of Nadrau from the vanua o Nadroga and Navosa why these plants are dying? One can visibly notice the landslides on pictures from the front page.I am pretty certain Hasmukh Patel will not blame climate change as an excuse for the damage incurred at the Nadrau Plateau.
I do hope the landowners can collaborate with TLTB, Government and EFL to find an amicable solution with compensation for damage to their virgin native forests. Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi.

Power shutdown

On Sunday, July 29, EFL disconnected the power supply around 0830 hrs for a grand total of 30 seconds in Kavika St, Tavua. EFL engineers very well know that such very short outages can cause damage to electrical appliances, particularly refrigerators. Most instruction manuals for refrigerators specifically warn to switch the supply to refrigerators off for a minimum of five minutes in times of voltage fluctuations and outages before any restart is attempted. No amount of surge protectors, etc., around the house can protect against EFL engineers. I already have one failed refrigerator as a result of their actions. Luckily the new one I have restarted without problems this time. Of course EFL will not pay for damage caused by them, will they? It is about time Government examined the laws regarding EFL immunity to their poor behaviour and started coughing up for damages. Allan Loosley, Tavua.

Weekend of rugby
Apart from the Powerade Super Deans Championship and the battle of the Highlanders, fans were in full force to support their Super Rugby franchises.
But the Super Deans quarters stole the show. Some massive results as fans wait for another round of brutal rugby at secondary school level.
As I had predicted, Cuvu, Marist and RKS stamped their mark at the national stadium while the boys from Raiwaqa left it too late against western giants and 2013 Deans champions Ratu Navula. From that epic win, the spoils from the Deans have been shared by the schools participating in the ever competitive eastern zone. It was Lelean in 2014, RKS in 2015, QVS in 2016 and RKS last year. In the semis for the first time, if records correct me, two western schools in Cuvu and Ratu Navula have reached the semis. Now this will add flavour and entertainment to the semis as busloads of spectators are expected to surge in the capital city. All eyes will be on defending champions RKS who ran riot over Nasinu (46-0), who had no answer to the burning RKS machine and onslaught. Ratu Navula held to their 23-12 lead against John Wesley while Cuvu outclassed Lelean 20-4.
Marist was lucky to have scored the first try and the ruling went in favour of the Flagstaff. In the semis, Cuvu faces Marist while RKS will take on Ratu Navula. Based on the quarter-final results and on form, I’m predicting RKS and Cuvu to progress and RKS to successfully defend their title.
Unlike last year, RKS will not be represented in all the grades as their under-17 side bowed out after losing to Marist 13-11 in the quarters.
In the provincial clash between Namosi and Naitasiri, the Highlanders utilised Namosi’s downfall, which was discipline, to walk away with the Farebrother Cup. Veiteyaki, Naureure, Ducivaki, Tuisese, Lomani, Douglas and veteran Roko proved a handful and superior to the hosts who had the likes of Veikoso, veteran Boko, Kurumudu, Voka, Nadruku, Vularika, Veitokani and Reece. Congratulations to Naitasiri and all the best for the challenge against the giants of Fiji rugby, Nadroga. Finally, Crusaders had a walk in the park against Hurricanes and now await the Lions at AMI Stadium in a repeat of last year’s final. Crusaders stole the cup from Africa last year and look top bets to make it back-to-back.
As we draw the curtain to a beautiful and colourful sporting weekend, I can only smile as I think about this weekend when rugby’s giants converge for another round of thrilling and exciting rugby! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu.

What happened
So much conjectures and possibilities. No one will tell us. To get some insights one really needs to read Ben Ryan’s book as to what really happened behind the scenes. Hope the team and coach have learnt some hard lessons from this. With so much hype and counting chickens before hand, one can’t really blame the 8th man for being so let-down. We could have done it and can still do it had we not left out the X Factor! Go Fiji go!
Norman Yee, Mehrotra Place, Martintar, Nadi.

Supporting Fiji
If you cannot support Fiji when they lose, then do not support them when they win. My message is simple and clear regarding those people who are condemning our Fiji sevens team after their dismal World Cup campaign. I know everyone is unhappy and bitterly disappointed but have hope and believe in the boys and coaching staff members to deliver the best in the coming seasons. Raynav Chand, Nakasi.

Soccer at its best

Ba and Suva stamped their mark when the dust settled at Churchill Park. Labasa was unlucky to concede a heart-breaker but the Men in Black terrorised the Nadi defence, toyed around and scored four wonderful sitters. Labasa’s downfall once again — the inability of strikers to pounce on the ball inside the opposition net. Lapse of concentration allowed the Capital City side to sneak in with a class from Rewa import Nakalevu.
The traditional giants were too hot to handle and the young guns combined with some of Fiji’s top marksmen proved lethal for the Jetsetters.
The final was played yesterday and the best team would have celebrated going into the evening. For the Babasiga Lions, another round of pain and despair but hats off to the boys for playing their hearts out! I urge the official to start preparing for the IDC and final round of league matches remaining. The bigger picture is that the Lions are yet to play in the O-League. Until then, vinaka vakalevu to the players and officials!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Club soccer
I am wondering those, if any, district that organises the above selects its players to represent the district in the national league or not.
Or the district team is made even before the knockout or club soccer, if any, starts? Fiji FA you are solely responsible for the state of soccer in the country and will remain so. The Government has cleaned all rot in every sector. Soccer is left. I think the Government just don’t want to waste its time. It won’t make any difference after all. To Fiji FA … I believe you have killed all future soccer stars’ playing careers. A SHARIFF SHAH,

Clear and focused

Kudos to the Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar who said that Government was clear and focused in their belief that an early start to education was important so that no child was deprived of basic education (Fiji Village 28/7). He said this while speaking at the closing of the Early Childhood Education Week celebrations at Navoli Sanatan Kindergarten in Ba. Even though Government, which has for the first time allocated the Ministry of Education more than $1 billion in its 2018/2019 National Budget, I believe the free school fees and other goodies only apply to Class 1 and above. If Government is really serious about turning Fijians into a smart nation, then have the free school fees begin with preschool or kindergarten and see to it that ECE teachers are paid on par with other primary school teachers. Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Climate change
The comments of ordinary Fijians Asena Marama, Laisiana Nasiga (Suva), Sheshant Kumar (Lautoka), Lavenia Cakau and Jone Adrea (Labasa) to The Fiji Times Street Talk question: What do you understand about climate change (FT 28/7) show they have a good understanding of this critical problem confronting planet Earth and all living things dependent on its integrity and good health. That can’t be said about US President Donald Trump who claims it’s a hoax manufactured by China and former Australian PM Tony Abbott who acts the ostrich and claims it’s not happening. And, he (Abbott) is a Rhodes scholar! Rajend Naidu, Sydney, Australia

The place to be

Savusavu, the place to be — the latest I am Woman magazine thinks so. This part of the country was described as “the true part of Fiji as we are not too commercialised”, and we have not joined the merry-go-round. Well, I thought that may be the last frontier in Fiji to join the human race.
Korina Waibuta, Knollys St, Suva

That corridor

We are quite aware that the Suva/Nausori corridor is already saturated and we cannot expand any more. The best alternative is to have two-way lane between Suva and Nausori is by Princes Road. This area is under developed now and it will be easy to construct the road from Nausori bridge to Samabula junction. This will really ease the traffic between Suva/Nausori and also cut down on time taken to travel between the two centres.
It is time to think ahead to the future than just to fix the present problems. I would request the Fiji Roads Authority to think seriously to this proposal like the Nadi/Lautoka one. We must act now before it is too late. Nardeo Mishra, Suva

Burger King
Congratulations on your Nakasi branch opening. Are you coming to the North or do we have to come that side? Rajnesh Narayan, Labasa

All the best

I was in the Marist squad in 1979 that lost the coveted Deans trophy to Lelean Memorial School 39 years ago and we have not won it back since. Now the qualifications is age-based where people of the same age play each other. Then only weight-based and some mature people (qase) qualified especially from vocational schools in farming and engineering. I wish them the best and may the best win. Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

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