Letters to the Editor – July 29

The Cuvu College U18 team. It has been a good sporting weekend, a letter writer says. Picture: FT FILE

Best weekend

IF you are a sports enthusiast then this weekend will be one of the best for you.

Joseph Parker goes head to head in the ring with Dillian Whyte today, the world will witness a do or die fight between two greats of this division.

Parker not only represents New Zealand and Samoa but is without doubt the pride of the Pacific.

On the other hand, we have some local football action from Churchill Park where Suva take on Labasa and Ba clashes against Nadi in the Battle of the Giants semi-finals.

Surely these four teams have been at their best in the group stages despite Suva and Labasa suffering defeats in their opening matches but I am going up for a Nadi-Labasa grand final today.

The best to watch will be the Super Rugby semi-finals.

Crusaders play the Hurricanes while Lions face off with the Waratahs.

I cannot hide my passion for the Crusaders who clinched the title last season and yet again I am hoping for the championship comes to Christchurch.

May the best come out victors this weekend!


Eight parties

I REFER to your article titled “8 parties to contest election” (FT 27/7) by Luke Nacei.

The registration of HOPE party reflects a competitive party system in a pluralistic liberal democracy.

Electoral competition is rife and well.

I don’t know their scope of political activities but one thing is clear they are going to unite the division and differences and resolve conflicts.

They look like the party to resolve sectional interests together despite the differences.

This “bridging effort” is good but it is interesting to see how they can mobilise support given the inherent differences.


‘Good grog’

I WAS at a grog shop in Lautoka last evening and I overheard the customer in front of me ask the salesgirl, “Is this good grog?”

Salesgirl: “I think so, because no one has complained.”

Chap: “Well, last time I bought it the quality was not very good and no kick.”

I laughed when the another customer said: “Brother, sometimes the grog will be good and sometimes not good. It depends on the weather too.

“It’s just like 7s rugby, sometimes the quality we need will not be there.” Kaila.


Prisoners in pink

I WAS watching a Geographic History video online regarding a prison in Arizona US, The Chain Gang of Arizona.

The prisoners wear pink.

There is a reason for that.

It has a vacancy sign outside guaranteeing a “room” day or night.

It is so tough that it guarantees prisoners never return.

Makes me think about things here.


Green promise

I REFER to the article “PNG to go green” (FT 28/7 p54 ).

I don’t think too many Papua New Guineans will be convinced by that claim on the basis of their historical experience.

For an elaboration, watch the documentary Standing on Sacred Ground: Profit and Loss Eco-April, World Channel on the forced displacement of the Bosmun people and the degradation of their environment as a result of nickle mining by a Chinese company.

Or, the earlier environmental disaster from Ok Tedi Mining (Wikipedia).

It’s easy to make the promise about going green.

A whole lot harder to keep it.

The people of PNG can confirm that.


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