Letters to the Editor: July 27

Leone Nakarawa offloads to Semi Kunatani during competition against South Africa in their RWC 7s third place playoffs match at the AT&T Park in San Francisco last wekend. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

RWC 7s treat
We may not have been treated to the utmost by our troops but I reckon our number one sporting team in Maciu and Jovesa and The Fiji Times gave us readers a RWC 7s treat. I had been following the buildup via The Fiji Times and I admit that I learnt a lot and I am keeping all the collections in a safe place as I build up to the 2019 RWC 15s, 2020 Olympic Games and 2022 RWC 7s. Hats off to our sensational journalists and The Fiji Times for bringing all the top stories, results, action and beautiful photos directly from AT&T Stadium in San Francisco! The buildup before the tournament started featured articles on our past victories and heroes and brought back memories from 1993 to 2013. During the course of the three days, readers were introduced to a host of fans cheering for our boys. While some were regular faces, others were new but judging from their costumes and attire, I could say that we have a bunch of passionate, dedicated and patriotic fans who travelled all over the globe to offer their support to Baber and our warriors. Regardless of the outcome, I thank our players and team officials for sacrificing their efforts without big allowances or payments compared with what the Aussies or the hosts would have received even without making it to the semis. To Maciu, Jovesa and The Fiji Times, I salute you for the many memories and flavour added magnificent news! This is why you are the best, as the age old saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’! Wananavu! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Editorial comment
The Fiji Times, is certainly the “world champion”, in my opinion, that is. Fred Wesley’s editorial, on 25/7 (P-8), brilliantly summarises the 2018 7s RWC. I was on to my last chilled bottle of Fiji Gold stubby while reading the same. I had to jog to the bottle shop to grab a few more stubbies just to “celebrate” that editorial. Damn that Fred! I don’t care what that Tutu Allen thinks or says, as long as he keeps me updated on the BOG semis this weekend. Anthony Sahai, Suva

Cattle transport

Pick-up and one-tonne trucks have been used to transport cattle from one destination to another for the purpose of selling or to the abattoir.
To avoid movement of these cattle while being transported, they have been tied to the canopy frames of the trucks. These animals suffer and are uncomfortable with their heads reaching almost to the tray of the trucks. This inhumane practice should be seriously looked into by the Ministry of Agriculture, however, more importantly, each one of us should have mercy and pay utmost care to our animals. SARITA LAL, Malolo St, Lautoka

Speeding check

I was driving towards Lautoka from Ba one morning when I came across police officers by the road with their speed gun. Just about 15 metres in front I was stopped by another officer who just so happened to appear by himself to check my driver’s licence with his motorbike hidden inside a compound.
I wonder where in the world do we follow such practices whereby an officer could hide a few metres from the others and actually perform the very same task but without using a speed gun. SAINIVALATI GAUNAVINAKA, Ba

Soil issues
I read (FT 26/7) with interest that experts Professor Nanthi Bolan and Professor Megharaj Mallavarapu, both from the University of Newcastle, arrived in the country this week to meet canegrowers and Sugar Research Institute of Fiji (SRIF) staff members to provide insight into soil issues in the country. Good one. We have been farming since the 1800s, as I look at historical documents and research papers published online. Of course farming will go back further than that. During all these years didn’t any government see the need to have experts on soil issues?
Were there any? Where are they? If they are here, have we used them? If there are none because all have left for greener pastures or in this case more fertile land, I ask why? Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Sevens rugby
My sincere appreciation to our 7s rugby team for putting up a gallant performance at the 7s RWC 2018. Though it was not our day, I am sure the team and management have learnt some valuable lessons which are far greater than a win. For me winning is not everything. What matters is your presence, participation and most important of all is your statement that we are team to reckon with. The boys and management through their perseverance and determination has boldly put Fiji on the world map. They certainly deserve all applause and a big vinaka vakalevu for the awesome season we had this year. Indeed it was a roller coaster ride and you deserve all the breaks. You guys were always in my prayer and will always be. Keep working hard. There’s always next time. “By his power the god raise the lord from the dead, he will also raise us up” 1 Corinthians 6:14. Amit Nilesh Prasad,
Raralevu, Nausori

Victory plan
“I BELIEVE in the work we’ve done in our preparations, the details and the game plan that suits us to counter certain teams and for the players to get out there and execute it is very pleasing to see.” These were the words of our nemesis and All Blacks great Tomasi Cama Jr as NZ scooped the Melrose Cup after squeezing and draining the power and steam out of Fiji. NZ’s skipper and player of the final Scott Curry had identified Ravouvou, Nareki, Rokolisoa and Rayasi as the X-factor in their team. He paid tribute to Nadroga native and Lelean flyer Ravouvou, who walked away with the player of the tournament award as he left footprints and showcased his brutal strength and pace. NZ faced the French and had three players in the bin and were on the verge of kissing the tournament goodbye. NZ maintained the core of the team that played on the circuit and the team that won gold in Gold Coast while Fiji made changes to the team that made headlines after winning five tournaments on the circuit and included our Europe-based players who struggled to acclimatise to 7s rugby and to the pace of the ABs. Tietjens brought Sonny Bill Willaims out from Super Rugby to spearhead their Olympics campaign and it backfired as NZ was belted by Japan.The RWC 7s loss is water under the bridge but I urge stakeholders to devise a strategy to defend our Olympics title! NZ well and truly emptied the tank and danced as a unit to defend their title.
Their dominance at set piece, high fitness levels, relentless defence and man-to-man tackles, fluent passing, trust and self-belief were rewarded.
The young guns proved that you don’t need big names but guts, patience, dedication and self-belief to get glory! As our boys return home, let’s give them a warm welcome. Vinaka vakalevu boys and Baber! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM, Nadawa, Nasinu

Beautiful story

I THANK The Fiji Times for publishing a beautiful story about Suresh Chandra who has two jobs to support his family (FT 25/07).
Apart from being partially contracted with the Suva City Council from the first half of the day, he picks up plastic bottles and aluminium cans from the roadside during the second half of the day, which is something he had been doing for the past four years. What I very much appreciate about the story is that Suresh was genuine enough not to seek social welfare assistance, even though he is qualified to, however, he believes there are other people who need it more than him. Thank you Suresh, you are definitely my man, for there are many people receiving social welfare assistance who do not really need it denying many who really need it. KOSITATINO TIKOMAIBOLATAGANE, Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Thank you
I WOULD like to thank FBC TV for taking the initiative to bring to its football fans the European Champions League in the coming season.
It is a tremendous feeling to feel the UCL free and be able to view our universal stars in action.With the World Cup ending couple of weeks ago, focus now turns to club football and without doubt it will live up to expectations. I feel Juventus will take out the title this season with the inclusion of Ronaldo in their already boosted squad. Through the free-to-air channel we will be able to be closer to the action. Vinaka FBC!

Kosa deal
I WAS surprised that in Labasa the kosa (residue from mixed grog or yaqona) is being dried and resold for $25 a kilo. Boy oh boy our people are just fooled again and again. NARAYAN REDDY, Lautoka

7s frustration
OBVIOUSLY Naca Nabukavou (FT 25/7), Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane (FT 25/7) and maybe Selwa Nandan, Sukha Singh and Nishant Singh are all disenchanted about our 7s losses in San Francisco. I understand their frustration, we all do. But it’s a hard game. Everyone tries to win, and we didn’t go there to lose. It’s a combative sport and very hard. We didn’t do too badly. Let’s let the water go under the bridge. Let’s keep the same coach and players. AMENATAVE YACONISAU, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Boxing comeback
SO boxing is making a comeback. Another name for boxing is “face bashing”. In rugby, a blow to the head gets you off the field for a concussion test. In boxing, the more blows to the head the better for the one delivering! I believe boxing cannot be called a sport when the aim is to inflict injury on your opponent’s brain. Think about Mohammed Ali! His injuries were covered up as Alzheimer’s. FERGUS GARRETT, Vatuwaqa, Suva

Police question

PERHAPS the police commissioner would care to comment on why a young special woman police constable was on duty alone in the Delainavesi Community Police Post when the post was attacked. Hardly a brilliant piece of organisation, was it? Must have been terrifying for her! ALLAN LOOSLEY, Tavua

Posting mail

RECENTLY I was surprised when the youngster I sent to the post office to post mail asked “What exactly do you mean by posting mail at the post office?”. To him, the post office was a bookshop, and you post mail on the internet. Putting a stamp on an addressed envelope and dropping it into the boxes (surface/air mail) was a good learning experience. But for how long I wonder! KORINA WAIBUTA, Knollys Street, Suva

Upset fans

I NOTICED that many upset fans have asked for Baber to go. So what happens if we do not win the tournament next year, do we change the coach again?
ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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