Letters to the Editor – July 22, 2021

Fiji 7s players Asaeli Tuivuaka and Semi Radradra train together in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. Picture: FIJI RUGBY

Best players

I THINK Semi Radradra is the top Mickey Mouse (7s) player in the world. He did not require a trial. He did not need to play any matches with the best Mickey Mouse team in the world. He is being praised by the coach and Rajnesh Lingam while nothing is being said about the official best 7s player of the world, Jerry Tuwai. Vacava nomu vakasama, taciqu Jan Nissar? SUKHA SINGH Labasa

7s team

THE wizards of 7s will play Japan, Canada and Great Britain at the Olympics next Monday and Tuesday in Pool B on those two days let’s just wait until that’s completed before we know if we are still in it but all teams are facing another competitor that’s COVID-19, the dreaded viral invader it can knock out and rattle any team even before they can fulfill their Olympic dream looking forward to our three pool games hope that they do well to bring us fame. EDWARD BLAKELOCK Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

COVID-19 safety

OUR boys looked in high spirits, as they prepare for the Olympic Games gold medal defence but many, here at home, are worried about their safety and wellbeing. South Africa’s 7s winning coach Neil Powell tested positive for COVID-19 and he will not be able to coach the Blitzbokkes from the sidelines. However, former 7s player and assistant coach, Renfred Dazel, will step up. About 70-plus players and officials have tested positive and the number is rising. Hence, it is imperative that the team management and players exercise safety and caution. So far, morale has been good leading up to our first game against the hosts, followed by a tough battle against Canada and then a solid hit-out against Great Britain. Toso Viti toso! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Show some respect

I REQUEST that Mickey Mouse from Australia to show some respect to our beloved nation which is known for its rugby skills and magic. Our country is already battling enough with COVID-19. There are so many unhappy people around with upsets, either in terms of sickness, death or poverty. The last thing we need is your Mickey Mouse thoughts which ridicules our pride in our nation. My curiosity is also with the editor on why he publishes those letters that go against the pride of the nation? I believe only these types of letters that this man is continually harping about be kept out of this column. While on that, there’s some good news for Lautoka as the South Seas Club has taken the initiative of the drive-through vaccination which has made it easier for people who have not received their jabs yet. Please, people, make the most of this opportunity. Do get vaccinated for yourself, your families and our beloved nation. We have more rugby tournaments to go through but first, get vaccinated. May God help us in fighting this catastrophic situation.  KIRTI PATEL, Lautoka

Post-budget analysis

I BELIEVE the Government’s firm directive on the “no jab no assistance” is draconian in nature indeed. Jab or not, I believe it’s the legal responsibility of any elected government to ensure the welfare and security of its citizens in times of crisis. Meanwhile, I wish to reiterate the call for a live post-Budget analysis between former PM MPC and the Minister for Economy and multiple portfolios, the honourable Sayed-Khaiyum. Are you game, gentlemen? NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

Promises delivery

THE “promises” have been delivered. “Miles of smiles” all around. Something is afoot. But we wait for the “delivery” of the “promises”. My elderly citizen’s bus fare has been badly depleted. Oh, how ghastly! ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

Lockdown please

THE ongoing alarming greater Suva COVID-19 stats are scary, frightening and most worrisome. Honourable Prime Minister, most respectfully, please have a change of heart. Institute plans and begin a systematic lockdown of the greater Suva Peninsula. Allow minimum basic necessities to operate at staggered intervals, i.e. supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, butchers, bakeries, local and imported fruit and vege outlets in their various containment zones. Allow four-hour windows e.g. 8am to midday, 10am to 2pm and 12midday to 4pm. A systematic staggered four-hour window at allocated containment zones is worth a try. A four-hour window per day is worth trying, in my humble opinion. Government has nothing much more to offer now in terms of a practical workable solution, going forward. Capital City Suva does not have to go on a total lockdown as such. Please be bold. Be innovative. Think outside the box. Nothing else has worked since April 2021. Daily deaths are most revealing, non-consoling and absolutely needless. I do care and offer my views, with utmost respect, care and concern, free of any monetary gain to assist our beloved Fiji move forward. I remain a caring and retired kai Nadi. Cry, our beloved country. RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi

Personal details

WHY do few NGOs require personal info such as your TIN, FNPF number and other stuff? Getting those personal details to help others is not necessary. JAHEED BUKSH Korolevu, Sigatoka

Optimistic budget

MR Narube has said that the budget is too optimistic. Well, Mr Narube, their “optics must be too mystic”. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

Mask matters

WHILE unmasked people and those who wear masks improperly are high-risk bods, both in terms of being infected and infecting, another plausible possibility of the surge in COVID-19 cases may be cheap-fabric or homemade masks that do not suffice the intended purpose and also re-using disposable masks. Most fabric masks, as per advice given to me by a government doctor, are considered to provide 35 per cent protection and, therefore, lower grade ones would be no better. Also, I have personally seen quite a few people washing and re-using disposable masks! Matters like these are obviously overlooked and hence not yet nationally addressed. A swift public awareness may greatly assist in reducing case numbers. Likewise, there may be more issues, otherwise being regarded petty, that could be contributing to the pandemic’s inexorable march and an urgent review and addressing of such matters can possibly provide significant respite. Still on masks, while there are now spot fines for not wearing or improperly wearing them, one wonders whether there is sufficient policing being done. I have come across road check-points specifically meant to keep an eye on mask transgressors but so far, haven’t sighted a single policeman patrolling busy and more relevant areas such as Nadi Town, where unmasked or improperly masked people are frequently sighted and often such people are the ones who simply loiter around or chat in groups. Ditto for supermarkets as well where some masks easily, and often intentionally, slip down the nose, much to the consternation  of those dutifully abiding by mask rules! BIMAL PRASAD Newtown Rd, Wailoaloa, Nadi

Ticket to dream

I CAN see a time when one can replace all other cards with one which shall bear a number. That card will hold more value and power than any other; more than a passport, more than a birth certificate. Money cannot buy this card bearing this number but it will bring life and hope to the world. The card will enable the one whose name is on the card to access sporting venues, gyms, restaurants, resorts, to will enable them to fly overseas. The bearer will be exempt from quarantine both on arrival at the destination and upon return. This card will be proof that the one whose name is on the card is fully vaccinated. It will be a card to freedom; a ticket to dream. While this reads a little like Revelations from the Bible, it is not intended to be apocalyptic but rather a beam of hope and joy for humanity and may be it is what Jesus meant when he said how He is “the light and the hope’ (John 8:12) and later “I am the way and the truth and the life”. (John 14:6). Full vaccination will certainly bring light and life to Fiji and the world. The day Fiji achieves herd immunity with an 80 per cent vaccination rate, it will be a day like no-other. Expect a celebration. JULIE SUTHERLAND Tamavua, Suva

Honest people

WEDNESDAY, July 21 and we responded to a call from a family that had been on a 14-day lockdown/isolation. They and others are being provided groceries. Anyway, they have other needs for food and sanitary rations so I offered from our supply. His reply: “Bro, I have some money and I can buy other necessary things.” I went to his area, that is guarded by police officers, made arrangements, collected cash from him. He put it in a plastic bag we provided, the bag was sprayed with sanitiser. We did his shopping and returned to him. With people double dipping and hoarding stuff, we encountered this. I wish we had more honest people like him. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

National budget

NARUBE has rightfully highlighted when preparing a budget, “is not to hope for the best but plan for the worst” (FT/19/7). I believe the prediction that tourism will recover 20% by mid next year, while hopeful, is far fetched and unrealistic. Even if such was the case I believe the current state of low working hours and leave without pay will continue as hotels and resorts continue to strive to make ends meet. I believe studies have indicated that tourism may begin recovery towards the end of 2023. To base the 21/22 national budget on tourism recovery is far fetched and  unrealistic. While a temporary rosy picture is painted for some, realistically another mini budget will have to be presented  within six months time, when reality hits. Accept the freebies while it lasts and those who decide to vaccinate, do so, but I believe it’s no time to rejoice. DAN URAI Lautoka


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