Letters to the Editor: July 20

Fiji Airways Fiji 7's team member Eroni Sau during the captain's run at Causeway Bay Sports ground at Hong Kong 2018. Picture: RAMA

Sevens rugby focus
The Fiji Times headline article on Eroni Sau respecting the decision to drop him from the RWC is timely. Our focus is on how we are preparing to counter this new format and intriguing RWC setup. The team has been named and let’s get together as fans and supporters, well-wishers and support The Fiji Times that Fiji achieves another milestone in sevens. We have been through this process of star players missing out but that does not change our passion living and breathing For Fiji, ever Fiji as The Fiji Times headline. Remember Sau, Kunavula, Nacuqu and Vakurinabili are still with the team in the USA and whether they play or not they are part of the team and the road to glory. That is how Fiji is for the world to see on and off the field. The four will be our number one supporters and fans and remember Ratu Peni Rayani’s message, our 8th player, the fans we need to support. Thank you The Fiji Times for live updates from the United States of America and as the predator predicts it’s a third RWC for Fiji why not we have the Octopus, Beast, Bus, Trailer and Jazzman to pound them all. For Fiji, ever Fiji with The Fiji Times, joka kece! Let the games begin.
SHALWYN PRASAD, Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva.

Down memory lane
Thank you Felix Chaudhary (FT 19/7) for letting some of us “old-timers” reminisce as you took us down memory lane in your beautiful article.
Yes, it was an amazing time for live music and protest songs we passionately believed in to effect change. Anil Valera, along with many other amazing musicians like Jimmy Nathu, Richard Lucas and people like Bharat Jamnadas took it upon themselves to be the voice for the voiceless.
Your three superb photos brought so many memories of a time that we were together as a people without focusing on ethnicity or any other trivial prejudices. There was such an amazing respect we had for each other even though we were from different backgrounds and bands. The catalyst for much of this was the legendary Ken Janson. The other sad though poignant fact is some of our brothers in those photos have since passed on to jam in Heaven’s orchestra. We miss them dearly including my brother Raoul. Vinaka vaka levu. COLIN DEOKI, Australia.

Talking about ‘The Bus’
I felt really proud and relieved that we have role models such as the young and talented Josua Tuisova (FT 17/07/18). He is what he is through the guidance of his parents. Likewise he has been obedient and respectful to his parents. This is what we need in our families filtering into our society. According to the article by Maciu Malo, he is not very highly educated which his mum says had been supplemented through his commitment to the advice from his parents. As a rugby player he has been able to build houses for his family and has farms, thus making his future bright through his own initiatives and the guidance of his parents. I salute such parenting and parents as well as obedient personality who listens more than talking. Great role models that should be promoted and highlighted more frequently in our daily The Fiji Times to catch the attention of at least some of our own who have gone astray in their responsibilities as parents and as a child. All the best “The Bus”. May your speed be guided by good coaches and lead you to right destinations without accidents! God bless you and your dedicated parents. DHIRENDRA PRASAD, Lautoka.

Faithful, warrior

Eroni Sau has been a faithful honest warrior and an excellent dedicated true Fijian son of our nation. He was there when his coach Baber needed him the most. He defended like nobody’s business and scored tries to keep his Fiji 7s team winning when the overseas players were busy plying their trade in their different professional outfits for their respective overseas clubs and earning much more than our local 7s reps but he remained true to his commitment for a fraction of a dollar. He held the fort with his other now dropped 7s team mates with or without the overseas-based players, but they were winning tournaments and kept the crazy and demanding Fijian fans’ spirits high, but the priority should be to develop and expose the local talents first. I am positive Gareth Baber will want to pick Sau up again after the World Cup win or lose when the overseas players have returned to honour their club contracts. The policeman and Yasawa native should move on and depart with his family to honour his new 15s France club rugby contract and concentrate on making the Flying Fijians national 15s World Cup team for 2019 which I am sure he can achieve.
Do not be disheartened as you have achieved all in the 7s game as there is nothing else left to show but best wishes to your wife and children, the world is in front of you. Baber’s 7s coaching career never achieved stardom until his appointment as our national coach. I believe he achieved nothing for the Hong Kong national team let alone a win for them in the Hong Kong leg of the World Rugby Sevens Series tournament. No insult meant to the head coach. Just expressing my feelings and support for a fellow Fijian but best of luck to our 7s gladiators. TUKAI LAGONILAKEBA, Namaka, Nadi.

Tuwai’s journey

Indeed wonderful to hear that Tuwai’s parents will be watching their son play in the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens. What an amazing journey, despite going through hardship in life, Jerry is keeping his parents safe, secure, happy and independent. I admire Jerry’s courage and humility. Our sevens captain is celebrating life together as a family. He is simply accepting all the changes his parents are experiencing as they age and embracing their age. This journey with his parents is full of empathy, care and lots of love. Jerry is a wonderful young role model for all. He loves his wife and children and at the same time hasn’t forgotten his parents. If your parents cared for you, care for them. If they didn’t care for you, and if you have the opportunity to do so, care for them. Be sure to spend time with your parents while you can because one day when you look up from your busy life, they won’t be there any more. Wonderful testimony Jerry. Vinaka vaka levu, God bless your family. DHARMENDRA KUMAR, Rewa St, Suva.

Power cuts

With so many intermittent power cuts I believe when power comes back on it will be a little higher than 240 volts. I could be wrong. But I have lost a few electrical appliances during an unplanned power went off and came on again before we could turn power points off. I believe Energy Fiji Ltd is protected under the Electricity Act No. 13 of 2017 in that they will not be liable for any damage to property in cases of overloading. Come on EFL, there have been so many power cuts that electrical appliances have been damaged. Have some decency and take responsibility and compensate your consumer for damage incurred by said power overload. Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

Great Fijian team
The journey to the 2005 RWC 7s is special and memorable! Our team had assembled two weeks prior to the RWC 7s and travelled to the home of 7s under Pivac, Finau, Savou and Feeney’s guidance. This was a great Fijian team loaded with experience, skills, speed and power in Naevo, Serevi, dubbed the greatest 7s exponent, ‘the Serevi clone’ Ryder, Bobo, Bill and Apo (British Army) Satala, Vunibaka, Daunivucu, Delasau, Rawaqa, Nanuku and Roko. The maestro attributed the win to the togetherness of the players. Unlike the 1997 RWC 7s where “Phil 4:13” was embedded on the 7s jersey, the words “Cotton Traders” were spotted on the team’s jersey. Fiji started strongly thumping Japan 47-0, Portugal 33-0, Canada 29-14, HK 38-0 and Australia 31-5. Argentina was next up in the quarters. In a nail-biting affair Argentina had a penalty and the opportunity to sneak in front but missed the kick and Fiji scored two tries to win 22-14. USA coach Mike Friday was the coach of England captained by Amor. Paul, Richards, Roques, Sanderson, Starling, Appleford, Monye, Dowson, Thirlby, Gollings and Haughton wore the white jumper. Fiji let a 19-7 lead slip and allowed England back as the match went into extra-time. High drama and emotion as Serevi delivered the killer blow, speeding past Gollings into the corner. The heart-broken English lamented their unlucky stars as an unbeaten Fijian side with so many weapons in their armoury went on to battle undefeated, dynamic, inexperienced and disciplined ABs with the likes of Latimer, Raoma, Cocker, Mafi, Wulf, Josh Blackie (recalled from the ranks of Super Rugby), Messam, Ellison, Naoupu and Toeava after Ioasa and Ai’i were ruled out. The final was a war between two past RWC 7s champions who met at the RWC 7s for the first time. Fiji raced to a 10-0 lead. Daunivucu and Serevi scored while Josh Blackie pulled one back. The floodgate opened as Naevo, Apo and Bobo crossed over. Wulf and Toeava scored two tries but the epic script of a great Fijian team in its finest expression had been written long ago and when Junior Serevi lifted the Melrose Cup, Serevi’s dream unfolded. The lovely shot of Junior with the Melrose Cup was hailed by the stars. The hymn Au Rai Vei Kemuni brought So Kon Po Stadium to a standstill and the Melrose Cup was back in the hands of a religious nation whose enthusiasm for rugby is regarded second to religion. I conclude with the words of renowned 7s commentator Nigel Starmer after Serevi scored Fiji’s second try “It’s all happening here. Serevi, the man himself! That’s Fijian rugby at its very best. And this man to score again in the final is the stuff of legends. It is becoming the tournament of legends. You will not see, greater skills, instinctive skills!” The 2005 7s win, I regard, the greatest! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu.

Issue of democracy
I believe democracy is about the mass determining how they should be ruled, not otherwise. Dan Urai, Lautoka.

A plastic question

How much has been collected nationally through the Environment and Climate Adaptation levy of 10 cents on all plastic bags? Furthermore, it would be interesting to know how much is collected in respective towns and cities across Fiji as this will provide some idea on people’s behaviour in urban areas across the country. Whatever one’s views, I hope there is a change in public behaviour through an increasing using of other non-plastic bags.
Floyd Robinson, Nasinu.

True leadership
With reference to John Brown and Allen Lockington’s letter (FT 17/5) on the Croatian leader — who took no pay and travelled economy class to watch the World Cup in Moscow — the distinction in leadership style is apparent: some become leaders to serve and others become leaders to be served, if they are not serving themselves with public money. The first variety is more of an endangered species. The second is more of a pest. Rajend Naidu,
Sydney, Australia.

Coalition talks

I believe any talks of coalition (FT 19/7) for the sake of dethroning power holders will be in vain because it’s conspiratorial. The alliances and possibilities in the future should take into account coalition behaviour where they can self-cancel where they are contradictory and reinforce where they agree. There is so much economic conflict and deteriorating welfare. Election is an abstract choice of government anyway. Amenatave Yaconisau,
Palm Drive, Delainavesi.

Eroni Sau
Echo Shad A. Ali’s comments, FT 7/18. This is why the Englishman will be Fiji’s most successful 7s mentor ever. Back to back HSBC titles and the Olympic gold in two years. Remember his comments on the players that did not make the cut? Respect! Pasirio Kitione, Nadera, Nasinu.

Just out of reach
Well! Here’s one for around the basin. A friend’s home in Tacilau, Lautoka is located on a hillside and he enjoys the majestic view of the Sugar City and every night they’re mesmerised by the wondrous and magnificent lights emitting from the sweetness of the city, his home is a couple minutes away from the nearest power pole, but guess what, power is yet to be connected to their area. So near, yet so far, but at least he’s enjoying the city lights. Nigel Fiu, Lautoka.

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