Letters to the Editor – July 19

‘The Bus’ Josua Tuisova attributes his success to his parents who he says had been his pillar of strength and source of guidance for his career. Picture: youtube

An inspiration for all
Thank you The Fiji Times for highlighting the stories of our 7s players. In particular, I refer to Tuesday’s headline on Josua Tuisova.
The piece highlights that our rugby hero dropped out of school after class 7. He joined his father cutting cane in Ba as a young adult.
He later started playing rugby and landed a contract to play his rugby trade abroad. His secret?
“I thank my parents for their guidance and upbringing which enabled me to reach this far,” he said.
“Without them I don’t think I will be this successful and I will always respect and listen to them.
“Even though I am married, it will not affect my love and respect for my parents because the Bible says we need to obey our parents. I believe this contributed to my rugby success.”
What a good reminder on the virtue of honouring one’s parents.
In fact I’d read that elsewhere too. In the Old Testament, Exodus 20: 12 it reads — “Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you”.
It’s part of the “Big 10”. A commandment with a promise.
As Tuisova testifies: “Without them I don’t think I will be this successful and I will always respect and listen to them.”
I hope that many of our children would have read the piece. At home, I asked my two children to read it out aloud and to reflect on the contents.
Those that missed the piece may be asking what is the success that Josua Tuisova is referring to?
Apart from being a much sought after professional rugby player and Olympic gold medallist and soon to be Rugby World Cup 7s winner, Josua Tuisova has achieved more.
As related by his mother, Luisa Ratulevu: “He doesn’t talk much, but listens more.
“Tuisova has purchased a land in Namosau with four concrete houses for the family.
“He also has a cattle farm in Ba and yaqona farm in Kadavu.
“This is apart from the boat and vehicles he had bought for the family,” she added.
Well done Luisa Ratulevu and Tuisova’s dad for the excellent upbringing and nurturing of a fine young man who has become a household name and an inspiration to many.
Well done Tuisova. Congratulations on your recent wedding.
Thank you for being a good role model to our children. Thank you for the excellent reminder of the virtue and value of honouring our parents.
May you continue to empower our people and score countless more tries.
May “The Bus” wreak havoc on opposition teams in San Francisco.May our good Lord also continue to shower you with His favour and blessings in abundance.
Kiniviliame Keteca

Public safety
This is in response to George Kutty’s Letter to the Editor dated July 17, 2018.
The overriding concern and consideration of the Fiji Roads Authority is public safety.
Many people cross Stinson Pde in the area of the Port entrance and central market every day.
There are also many visitors to Fiji that leave the port on foot and need to cross the road into the city centre; these people are unfamiliar with our city and so need guidance on safe crossing areas, hence the need for the pedestrian crossing.
With regard to the stated structural integrity concerns for the bridge — there is no design requirement for vehicles to be “free flowing on any bridge”.
Free flow cannot be assumed on all bridges at all times as traffic may be held on a bridge in a queue as the result of an accident or severe congestion.
The Stinson Pde bridge, like any other bridge worldwide, is designed to support the worst case loading requirement, with an added factor of safety, which will ensure no detrimental effect on the structure.
Jonathan Moore
Chief Executive Officer.

Politics and religion

According to our prime minister, politics should be kept out of religion.
This was revealed by him in the news section of FBC and also on Radio Fiji Two the other night (17/07). He wants all church leaders and talatala to keep away from politics.
To my surprise our PM attended the Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha’s annual convention as the chief guest and spoke on politics.
He even indirectly attacked the Opposition parties. This was supposed to be a pure religious gathering. At times as a “Sanatani” myself, I get disturbed when the officials of our religious organisations invite politicians to officiate at such religious functions.
I believe the only people suitable for such religious programs are well qualified priests or people with deep knowledge of our scriptures, culture and religion.
There are so many around.
Finally, I also believe that we should follow the way shown by churches and keep our Sanatan Dharm out of politics.

Paying attention

I hope our medical authorities are paying close attention to the investigation taking place in Samoa.
Since the death of two babies on Savaii, after being vaccinated, more parents have come forth with similar tragic stories. I believe that we should not assume that all vaccines are safe until we have done our own independent research.
We need to find out why the Japanese government has banned the MMR vaccine since 1993. We need to find out why Spain, France, India and Japan had filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the HPV vaccine.
We should go through our records and find how many of our own babies have suffered after being jabbed.
Maybe we should reopen the case of the 12 year old girl from Savusavu who died soon after receiving the HPV vaccine a couple of years ago.
Gabriel Simpson

Be the change

Women empowerment and equal rights have been an ongoing topic for many years, not only in Fiji, but across the globe.
Just by yelling and posting on social media sites for equal rights won’t help.
Quoting the words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see”, we have a living example in Fiji. With reference to The Fiji Times, Saturday, July 14, 2018 (pg 20), Bhawna Sharma, 27, an instrument fitter at FSC’s Labasa Mill. A lady in a predominantly male domain. This is a very empowering point for all women. Changing other people is not the solution but being the change yourself is.
Asking for equal rights and empowerment is not the solution, earning those rights and empowering others is.
Ashwini Basant
Vuci Rd, Nausori.

Greatest athlete
THE 7s World Cup is just around the corner and I do have to say this — when people talk about the greatest athlete/players, they usually like to float names such as Ronaldo, Maradona, Messi, Jordan, O’Neal, Jonah Lomu, the William sisters, Dan Carter around. No disrespect to these legends.
To grace the fields will only be Waisale Serevi — the King of rugby 7s. Can guarantee you, that there never was, is, or will be another Serevi. All the best to the Fiji 7s team.
Ashneel J. Prasad
Auckland, NZ

World Cup 7s

IA, ia! Who else is looking forward to the Rugby World Cup 7s this weekend? I know, I am! Very unfortunate that Allen did not make the team. He should just stick to playing marble.
Wise Muavono
Balawa, Lautoka

Social presence
A LOT of government MPs are on Facebook and you can see them with the community visiting them or even having meetings. I thought our PM once told the people that Facebook was bad and I wonder why a change of heart by the government MPs on what the PM said.
John Brown
Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Mozzie breeds

THE Wolbachia mozzie has been introduced to combat dengue. Now can the scientists develop a mozzie that sucks fat?
Allen Lockington
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Sevens critics
THERE is a superstition that when a person’s ear is ringing, it means someone is talking about him or her.
I wonder, if our sevens coach is going through the same? Imagine, if the team doesn’t perform to the fans’ expectation?
Same old story, change the coach, why was the “sledgehammer” not chosen, why bring in 15s’ players and so on. Come on fans. The coach has picked the best so let us support them with prayers and well-wishes.
Coach Baber said: “We are yet to see the best” and I believe he meant this upcoming world cup. Win or lose, go Fiji go.
Pat Vuli

Sugar mill

I think the team from the Rarawai mill needs to be transferred to the Lautoka mill.
Edward KumarLautoka

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