Letters to the Editor: July 16

Peni Matawalu the Suva halfback delivers the ball against Nadroga in the Skipper cup final yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

Unstoppable Suva
The national sevens side has now officially started the final countdown for the assault on the Rugby World Cup Sevens title. Yesterday national coach Gareth Baber named a power-packed side. He has included six of our gold medal winning side to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio in 2016. He’s included strong France-based centre Semi Radradra as well. We will not be lacking in speed either because we have fleet-footed gasman Alasio Naduva. The dropping of a number of big names such as powerful tackler Eroni Sau and forward Josua Vakurunabili is a reflection of the depth in the final squad. It should speak highly of the make-up of the final team. It obviously hasn’t been an easy task for Baber to name his final squad. That was always going to be the case anyway. What has been a standout feature of Baber’s campaign this season has been the team’s consistency over the various legs of the annual sevens circuit. Winning back to back tournaments isn’t an easy thing to do considering the shortened recovery time, specialised diets and training systems employed by the top teams. Better resourced, they have been a thorn on our side throughout the season. To come clean against such top opposition is a significant reflection of the calibre of coaching, and commitment, enthusiasm and dedication on the part of our players. This has not been lost on fans this season. We won the tournaments that mattered to Fijians this season, in Hamilton, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore and London. We lost the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series title to South Africa, and we lost the Commonwealth Games 7s title to New Zealand. However, when it truly mattered, at the top stage of the abbreviated version of the sport, at the Olympic Games in 2016, we delivered. Now we are counting down to the world cup this weekend in San Francisco. Expectations are quite high. There’s a high level of anticipation in the air. We have the makings of a top notch squad. We have height, weight, speed, balance throughout the team, a tested combination, heaps of talent and skill, coupled with a very physical edge that is almost frightening. Aside from sticking to Baber’s game plan for the world cup assault, the team needs us — the eighth man — to inspire them to reach out for the stars and to live their dreams. Go Fiji, go. RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM, Nadawa, Nasinu

Good work
I note with appreciation the work the FCCC is doing and I am so pleased we have a unit to investigate the complaints by consumers in the West and North. Well done FCCC. I quote from a paragraph in The Sunday Times of July 15, 2018: “Such initiatives were put in place by Government to allow those who are less fortunate in rebuilding and recuperating post natural disaster.” Could I ask that this same initiative is put in place for the less fortunate who suffered after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston who have paid for their goods but have so far not received it? Those that have not received all their goods but have paid for it are urged to lodge your complaint with FCCC or the Consumer Council of Fiji urgently. EDWIN SANDYS Namadi Heights, Suva

Termite invasion

So finally Biosecurity Authority of Fiji has admitted that the Asian Subterranean termites are also in Labasa. The question is how did it get to Labasa from Tavakubu in Lautoka? Are the biosecurity officers checking inter-island vessels? Many questions can be asked but I am sure nobody will be able to give the answer because from the day the Subterranean termites arrived into the country until it started destroying homes in Tavakubu, the then Quarantine Fiji officials were just blaming each other. I believe some of the people from pest control background are still around today and will be able to relay what actually went wrong because of someone’s negligence. It won’t be long before this destructive Asian Subterranean termite destroys more houses around our country. All we can do is take precautions, nothing more. NARAYAN REDDY Lautoka

Plastic bags

I was at a Lautoka supermarket on Sunday and noticed people not buying plastic bags. Many had their own and their cloth bags. Good. Then I went to the municipal market and people were buying lemons, chillies, cabbage, baigan, fruit, etc which the vendor put into plastic bags and the shopper puts it into their cloth bags. They were free. So we have saved the supermarket plastic bags because it costs money. Well, when you see plastic bags on the road, just tell yourself, “There goes a free bag”. Anyone listening to me? ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Police vehicles

In recent months, our police force has been blessed and boosted with supplementary vehicles through thoughtful donations to aid in curbing criminal activities. On the contrary, I believe Fiji’s crime rate has soared to unprecedented levels within the past few weeks. Is it safe to assume that boasting a polished fleet of new automobiles in the force does necessarily decrease crime stats or deter thieves and violent criminals from plying their trade? NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

Questionable questions

In her piece ‘Questionable questions’ (From the Crowd by Seona Smiles FT 15/07), she raises some very interesting questions regarding political governance in today’s Fiji which thinking people can relate to. A good democracy needs such questions as the ones highlighted by Seona Smiles to be raised. RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia

Nadi traffic
Our tourist town Nadi’s most disruptive and traffic blocking spot, I think, is the Nadi temple roundabout and it will remain like this until we totally disconnect the Nadi Back Rd linkage. At the moment all traffic travelling towards Sigatoka form a collision because of one outlet at this roundabout. The present mayhem is only addressed through the creation of a bypass re-routing traffic on the back road. I believe it is about time we took firm action curbing traffic congestion on this end of the town which will soon be declared a city. You have done a marvellous job making a bypass and stretch between the airport and Martintar into into four-lane but ignored the other end completely. It does not make sense to me because Nadi Town’s traffic situation has not changed any bit. Navo bridge is shaking and the day it collapses, God forbid it doesn’t happen, the story ends there. Let us act while time and tide is on our side. While you give suggestion, planning and taking right action is yours. SURESH CHAND, Nadi

Suva creates history
SUVA made history at the weekend ending Nadroga’s domination on the Skipper Cup. Suva not only made history but was the youngest side ever from the eldest being 28 and the youngest at 20. They stood head on from the first whistle until full time. Nadroga usually controls the game in the last 15 minutes but Suva was well prepared in that area. And also having what seems to be a heavier pack than Nadroga. Suva is believed to have the strongest and toughest club games in the country and this could be a contribution to their winning the Skipper Cup. With another cup looming around the corner, the Farebrother Challenge wouldn’t be difficult at all for Suva. With its young squad I believe Suva will go a very long way and it seems that its supporters deserve the celebration which has evaded them for quite some time. Vinaka Suva. TOMASI BOGINISO Nepani, Nasinu

Great comeback
WHAT a great comeback by the Suva rugby team to win the trophy from Nadroga. Who would have thought that Suva would have made a comeback knowing the strength of the Nadroga rugby team. Done and dusted by the Suva rugby team to win by 36 points to Nadroga’s 35 points. The rugby season is over after three months of rugby for some teams and two months for those who didn’t qualify to reach the semi-finals and also challenge the Farebrother trophy. Our rugby season is very short compared with our neighbours New Zealand and Australia. Is there a reason when we have our rugby season short? Wouldn’t it be better to re-look at it again and have it in two rounds as home and away basis? That way our players have more match fitness and more players can also be involved thus get occupied for a long season. Now it’s back to club games for some while some it’s the end of rugby for them waiting again until March and April 2019. TAGI VONOLAGI Nausori

France prediction
AS France celebrated its independence, Bastille Day, what a gift it would be to win the FIFA World Cup and returning the glory to its 70 million population. The 7 predator prediction as I had called it from the first day worked for France. It had a very balanced and disci- plined team with young generation of footballers who are now ready to take soccer to the next level. We have seen the Peles, Maradona, Ronaldos, Messis, Beckhams, over the years but this young generation of new superstars there is no one x-factor. France, Croatia, Japan and even England were never tagged as favourites because of a young and immature squad but the critics can now see you do need brands or names to win. One last 7 predator factor that I had saved the best for last was that France independence day falls on 14th July which is the 7th month so what was stopping them from winning. I believe congrats France. Now the 7 predator prediction shifts to Sevens World Cup this weekend, stay focussed. Joka na qito ya vitu sevens heaven. SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

So when is the election

NOW that Parliament has concluded for this term and the national budget has allocations to the election office. So when is the general election? NIGEL FIU Lautoka

Fiji FA privilege

HOW privileged is our current Fiji FA president travelling on an all-expense funded trip to attend the 2018 World Cup Soccer in the former Soviet Union. After observing world-class professionals at “work”, I believe Mr Patel will absolutely fetch back some fine pointers which could assist in elevating Fiji soccer to greater altitudes. Hey Rajesh, if possible please try to grab one of those official match balls (Adidas Telster 18), just like Bob Kumar aka “Jubulani Bob” did when he returned with the”Jubulani” match ball after the 2010 World Cup. I am sure the local fans would be very appreciative of your efforts and perhaps even address you as “Telster Rajesh” in your honour! NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

Police patrols
WITH the increase in robberies being conducted in the city of Suva we need to step up with police presence on the streets. In the days of old there were many police officers doing foot patrols and this is something that we don’t see any more. Perhaps we need to reintroduce the foot patrols to try to curb the increase in robberies in Suva City. EDWIN SANDYS Namadi Heights, Suva

Following the masses

DO your own research. Be careful when you blindly follow the masses. Sometimes the “M” is silent. GABRIEL SIMPSON Rakiraki

The big one

EYES would have been on Russia this morning as France loaded with skills and flair took on Croatia. The Les Bleus France with a balanced and conservative approach has depth and talent. The resilient and indefatigable Croats have been clinical. Lloris, Umtiti, Varane, Hernandez, Pavard, Kante, Pogba, Griezmann, Matuidi, Blaise, Mbappe and Giroud would have battled Subasic, Lovren, Strinic, Vida, Rakitic, Perisic, Brozovic, Modric, Mandzukic and Rebic. History beckons Croatia in the final because every 20 years a team won the World Cup Soccer for the first time. Brazil did it in 1958, Argentina in 1978 and France in 1998. It’s 2018 and by now that special moment would have unfolded! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

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