Letters to the Editor – July 15

The bridge over Nabukalou creek along Renwick Rd in Suva. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Audit in, audit out
PARLIAMENT has come to an end it’s been four years and soon we will go to the polls. Or to put in in a fancy way parliament has ended sine die. There are 50 people in that party. How many of them have spoken again after their maiden speech? We have seen only a few who spoke. What happened to the rest? In my book, they were bad representatives. Were they too timid? Or were they gagged, or frighetend? Now, may I say when people want to contest the election, they have to declare their assets when coming in. How about a same kind of audit when they go out? Some may not be coming back and we will not know. As for those who will be coming back they will have to declare again. Auditing them going out may reveal things, nah? ALLEN LOCKINGTON Lautoka

Positive and negative
I BELIEVE the FijiFirst Government has improved the manner in which freebees are distributed compared with past governments. I believe the positive news for receivers is a new government will introduce more innovative ways to distribute freebees. The negative news will be taxpayers are expected to pay more in tax. DAN URAI Lautoka

Reality of death
MOST people don’t want to think about the reality of death, but the certain reality is that unless the Lord returns during our lifetime, all of us will one day keep that appointment. The question is not whether we will die, but whether we will be prepared when that moment comes. The only preparation for death is to put our faith in the payment Christ made for our sins on the cross by placing our faith on our risen saviour. For those of us who know the Lord as our personal Saviour, we also want to live in such a way that we will not be ashamed to see Christ when he returns. Although our salvation is sure, we want to invest our lives in that which will count in eternity. DHARMENDRA KUMAR Rewa St

Measure of performance
THE notable increase of police presence is commendable especially with their new fleet of vehicles just released with recent stringent measures in place to help curb the misuse of these state assets. The monitoring of crime trends is a good measure to ensure efficiency and also acknowledge good performance. Another metric that could be considered is OTP or on-time performance used by airlines to improve efficiency and enhance customer confidence. This could be measured from the time a call is made to police or fire operations and the time that first help arrives. The inclusion of these trends on a weekly or monthly basis would not only improve productivity but also boost the confidence of the public. JULIUS KAMALI Samabula

Proud uncle
My chest swelled with humble pride when I read Sailosi Naeve’s letter. Yes Sailosi, I am honoured to have another nephew. But, as I browse the LTE each day, I see only potential nephews. Where are all the potential nieces? We have very few women expressing their opinions in the letters to the editor page. I bet many of you want to be a niece. I’m bad, nah. Now I’m confused whether to be an uncle or an aunty. But, I encourage women to come forward and express your opinions. We need your thoughts. ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Lautoka

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