Letters to the Editor – July 10

Divers working around the clock trying to rescue the young footballers from the cave in Thailand. Picture: CNN.com

Thai cave incident
So far four boys have been rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand, where they had been trapped for two weeks with eight other boys and their coach.
Eighteen divers entered the cave in order to free the trapped victims.
I think this is one of its kind diving rescue operations in the world.
From their time in the cave, some of the victims are malnourished while some experienced exhaustion which is making the evacuation riskier and challenging for the rescuers.
More rain is forecast in the area which is another hurdle for the vastly challenging rescue operation.
The four boys rescued are believed to have been immediately taken to the hospital where they will recover until they are allowed to go home.
No doubt friends and families of all the victims are quite shaken with such an unfortunate mishap.
May the Almighty provide his help and guidance in the successful rescue of the remaining boys and the coach.

Daylight robberies
I have in the past 12 months come across ladies getting their jewellery worn around their necks stolen by youths who when the opportunity arises, plucked or pulled from their necks.
I am aware of instances in Nadi Town, in the town council arcade or the postal area or in Lautoka City in the market area.
Some victims complain but others, because of police response and attitude, just feel it’s futile.
Can the authorities, whether it be the municipal councils or the police authorities, install CCTV cameras in these built-up and high density areas to monitor such activities.
I as a ratepayer in Nadi wonder why my council is not looking at curbing this criminal activity.
Why close and lock the Nadi Town Council Arcade after 6 or 7pm?
Would it not be a better idea to have CCTV cameras installed and monitor criminal activities thereby making our streets, malls and arcades safe?

Rental car business

At present I believe anyone can operate a rental car business as long as you have a minimum of five cars.
Before we used to get a rental car for $50 to $60 per day but now it costs us about $100 per day. Why?
I believe the reason being that the companies have to pay 6 per cent environment tax and 10 per cent service turnover tax.
On top of that $10 stamp duty per hire, 9 per cent VAT and 20 per cent income tax. So who pays for all these? Obviously the customer!
People do not realise that our cost of living has gone up so much because of all the extra taxes we are paying now.
Do you think getting all the freebies is worth knowing that we have to pay all these extra taxes that we never had.
Don’t forget that nothing is free and someone has to pay for it and that is you.

Developed or developing
Allen’s question on whether Fiji is a “developing” or a “developed” nation is a challenging one.
The answer is dependent on how one would define a developed nation.
I personally believe that most of the nations in the world are still developing.
I would consider a nation developed when it:
n eradicates NCDs;
n disciplines its children;
n lives within its means and is not in debt to the global bankers;
n its citizens have solid work ethics and leave the handouts to the genuine needy; and
n allows its citizens freedom of religion and expression.
I’m sure there are other things that can be added to the list but if the above points can be met then I believe that country can safely be termed “developed”.

World Cup
The Soccer World Cup is coming to an end. Big names have bombed out.
Grown men and women cried tears of joy and sorrow.
I love the video clip where a group of children are running with a soccer ball and someone calls out “Neymar” and all the little children fall to the ground writhing in mock pain. Oilei Neymar the most expensive player on the planet and best Hollywoodist!
As for me my heart is still hoping that one day a Fiji team will play in the tournament.
If that happens please contact me, I will probably be having a basin in Nirvana or I could be a fireman in the other place.
Don’t worry I will probably be reading things that humans were doing, yes I will be on Facebook.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Super Rugby playoffs
With the last round of matches to be played, the Super Rugby playoffs boasts four teams from the NZ conference.
Based on rankings, the super powers of rugby the BNZ Crusaders are set to have a warm-up match against the Rebels, the Tahs to host Jaguares, the BNZ Highlanders would face the Lions away from home while in an all NZ affair the Canes to host the Chiefs.
It’s a pity that one top team from the NZ conference will bid bye to the 2018 Super Rugby competition.
I have a feeling that the introduction of the conferences has somewhat lowered the levels of competition as the Australian and African conferences lack that intensity and fire when compared with the NZ conference and I wish to see the round robin system brought back where teams played each other.
As for now the high rate of casualties in the NZ camp is a result of the intense competition between the Crusaders, Chiefs, Highlanders, Hurricanes and Blues.
While I fully support the Crusaders and expect a walk in the park, I will be supporting the other NZ teams in a bid to have three NZ teams in the semis.
Nadawa, Nasinu

Rugby show
FIJI TV aired the above program every Wednesday.
It was interesting to hear of a hardworking gentleman, a rugby enthusiast. He is none other than tovata Tiko Matawalu. No wonder the people of Nadroga, “my dreu”, have faith and trust in his leadership. More tovata!
Alex Waqalevu

EFL shareholder
Now that I am about to become a shareholder of EFL, could I ask the EFL board to buy back their head office in Suva.
I would also like to know why can’t they rectify the problem on their “transformer” which they want to replace for $5 million.
Sukha Singh

Hand-washing station
It was good to read about the launching of the hand-washing station in Xavier College in Ba.
This shows the collaboration between private companies and the schools to invest in the health of children by providing basic items such as soap.
The focus needs to be on good hygiene practices, especially in children so that this healthy behaviour can be carried into adult hood.
The same needs to be emphasised for adults when drinking kava. The simple act of proper hand-washing reduces the risk of getting diseases such as diarrhoea, typhoid and even flu.
Vineet Chand

Talented soccer actors
Hollywood movie companies should attend the current football World Cup in Russia. They could make a killing recruiting some talented actors from the participating teams especially in the area of faking injuries.
Emosi Balei

Interesting match
That game between Brazil and Mexico was quite interesting, and even though in the lead Neymar, the Brazilians went into drama mode and rolled around like a fish being caught and well, anyone could have guessed the intent. So much of these dramatics on the field in Russia and in the World Cup matches, it’s really out of a comic book and should be banned from the game. Some referees ignore it, but some are real penalties, but most are really seeking a penalty shot in the box.
Anyhow sure spoils the reputation of those top class players who are actually earning top bucks. Talk about an off-beat comedy movie! These guys are sure up to the task for a part in one. Well may the best team take out the World Cup in Russia. Maybe one day Fiji will be there. God bless.
Richard M. Abel

Russia’s soccer success
I was amazed to read an article online about Russia’s success at the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament which I believe would come in handy as our 7s team continues with their preparation in Utah in a bid to adjust to the 8863 metres above sea-level atmosphere.
The five reasons identified in the article include having a close-knit squad, huge support from the fans, total dedication by the players and team management, tactical flexibility by the coaching panel and foremost superb and high levels of fitness.
These five components drove Russia to produce a fairytale drive as the hosts of one of the most competitive soccer tournaments.
The team has also been maintaining a positive attitude and high levels of discipline.
I hope to see this brand emulated by our stars in San Francisco!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam
Nadawa, Nasinu

Healthy behaviour
There have been many comments regarding the increasing prices of alcohol and cigarettes because of the increased taxes on these luxury items.
Alcohol and cigarettes can lead to many illnesses and increase the risk of developing non-communicable diseases as well such as heart disease, stroke and cancers.
Alcohol and cigarettes should be considered wants and luxury items and not basic needs.
I believe the reduction in prices of such items will increase the demands and more people will be indulging in their consumption.
This is basic economics where the demand has to be met by the supply.
The reduction will not lead to more income and more food on the table but more consumption as more people will be able to afford alcohol and cigarettes.
There have been a lot of awareness done by healthcare workers including labelling of cigarette packets.
There have been brochures that show the cost of cigarettes.
The Tobacco Enforcement Unit has been trying to reduce exposure to cigarette smoke in public places through fines but the human resource numbers are not enough to enforce the legislation in all areas especially rural areas.
The onus is on the parents and family to set good examples and get children not to start with smoking and alcohol consumption in the first place.
The request to parents, please talk to children early on about peer pressure and the risks and diseases caused by these drugs.
The increasing prices are meant to discourage people from buying these items.
In the end it is the choice of people and addiction as well that contributes to continued consumption of alcohol and cigarettes despite the increasing prices. We will continue to see a rise in NCDs because people are not developing and maintaining healthy behaviour.
Vineet Chand

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