Letters to the Editor – July 09

Aisake Raikanikoda, 92, with his wife Vilisi at their home in Nakasi. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

An amazing journey
BRAVO to Ana and The Fiji Times for sharing an inspirational and fascinating story (FT07/08) titled “An amazing journey” about an epitome of two lovers — Aisake, who is 92 years old and Vilisi, who is 88.
I loved this line, “Every day I can kiss her more than 10 times and when I return from somewhere in a particular day I would give her a kiss and a hug and tell her I love her”, because of the depth of love attached to it in terms of affection and sincerity for someone you love dearly and hold close to the heart.
Aisake also said that love should be cherished and maintained in a relationship until people leave this world. I believe this message is crystal clear and is not only relevant to lovers but also in a relationship between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren and friends.
If the foundation of every relationship is love and trust, then we will be able to curb most the social ills plaguing our beloved Fiji.
I must say that I found the article beautiful and I must accord a big vinaka vakalevu and heartfelt gratitude to Aisake and Vilisi for sharing their amazing and wonderful journey!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam
Nadawa, Nasinu

No credit please
I was at my favourite shop in Waiyavi and saw a sign: ‘Please don’t ask for credit’.
I asked my mate Ron the shopkeeper why, and he just said, “You know what, many people now asking for credit, the freebies fever is spreading.”
I wanted to say the struggle is real, but now I recognise a different ailment.
It’s called vucesa!
The people are now trying their luck on small shopkeepers hoping for a freebie. Isa lei ko Viti.
Allen Lockington
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

World Cup prediction
Mathematics predictor to determine who will hoist the golden World Cup trophy in seven days time, the number 7 is my pick.
France, who are the seventh ranked team in the world, are my favourite to win.
The final will also be played in July the seventh month of the year 2018.
The final will be played on 15/07/18 on a Sunday which is the seventh day of the week.
Modern era name for France is Francia and if you add the alphabets they come to seven.
France will have to remain unbeaten and play seven teams and games to win the World Cup 2018.
Can France become World Cup champs again after exactly 20 years with the No 7 predictor?
Go France, show them to them … joka kece!
Shalwyn Prasad
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

When we pray
I’ve always believed that when we pray to God for something, He responds in the following ways:
1. He will give you an answer and grant you your wish in His own time;
2. He won’t grant you your wish but has something better in store for you or;
3. He resolves that what you prayed for was just wasn’t for you.
In the recent Commonwealth Games, we were second to New Zealand, bringing home silver medals instead of the anticipated gold.
In the latest HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, we won the most tournaments — five out of 10 — yet came second losing by two points in the end.
Champion South Africa won only two tournaments.
This got me thinking, why were we being eluded the winner’s podium in the two said important events in our much-loved sevens rugby calendar?
“So close yet so far in paradise” as sung by the late Elvis Presley came to mind.
Then it struck me! We were being intentionally held back because something better was in store for us — the World Cup!
Our coach Baber, his advisers and management are having sleepless nights in Utah and consequently will no doubt find it difficult coming up with the final 12 and the 13th man because these 16 warriors of ours are the best of the best, the money-makers, the cream of the crop, the icing on the cake.
Winning the annual HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series does not necessarily make a team world champion. It just means that team is the overall winner having amassed the highest number of points.
Likewise, the Commonwealth Games, winning the gold medal which is an achievement in itself only shows in a sporting perspective that you’re the best in the Commonwealth, not in the world. The Commonwealth or Commonwealth of Nations being an intergovernmental organisation of 53-member States that are mostly former British territories of the British Empire.
However, winning the World Cup says it all, world champion. The best in the world, and that’s what we are (reigning Olympic gold medallists) and we’ll prove that again come Monday, July 23, 2018 when the dust settles at AT&T Park in San Francisco, US after that final whistle of that final game!
This is what’s in store for us fellow readers, being crowned world cup winner and champion. We proved that in 1997 and 2005 and we will prove it again in “Frisco”!
Call it vesumona, wishful thinking or counting chickens — nah being an optimist with steadfast faith in our warriors, our coaches and in Him, I’m dead set positive we’ll take out this one mate. Keep the faith! Go Fiji!
Ben Kush
Canberra, Australia

Better team
Belgium defeated Brazil on Saturday because it was a better team in terms of organisation and tactic.
Brazil has come up short on the past four occasions with the 7-1 thrashing at the hands of Germany the only time they managed to reach the semi-final.
On paper, they look every bit a dynasty but in reality it is not one any longer. Perhaps they need to move away from being everything about Neymar and focus on building a team truly capable of mounting a challenge in four years time.
By the way, Neymar will be 30 then and probably playing in his last World Cup. I know my friend Rajnesh Lingam would be really sad for Brazil but I would ask him to join forces with me and back France.
At least he can take some consolation from the fact that his favourite EPL side Manchester United will be represented through Pogba or Lukaku in the final.
Shad Alfaz Ali

Explanation please
Could somebody explain the meaning of the term Luvedra na Ratu.
Sukha Singh

Right and wrong
I believe to know what is right and not doing it is as bad as doing wrong.
Dan Urai

Sugar mill breakdown
The pessimist would say that it’s a $16 million breakdown.
The optimist will say it’s a $16 million refurbishment.
The sugarcane lorry driver, as he takes a nap in his truck, can only scratch his head and wonder how a $16 million refurbishment can cause a breakdown.
Sailosi Naewe
Naduru Rd, Nausori

Poetic justice
They came to kill but got killed themselves. That’s what happened to rhino poachers in a South African wildlife reserve when they were mauled to death by a pride of lions (‘Poachers Tried To Kill Rhinos in South African Reserve. Instead, a Pride of Lions Killed Them’ Live Science 05/07/18).
Yes, God does act in mysterious ways.
Or, is that just plain poetic justice?
Rajend Naidu
Sydney, Australia

Giants hit back
Rugby giants were hard to stop. First the mighty and super powers of Super Rugby, the Crusaders, demolished the Pulse Energy Highlanders 45-22.
Then the magical Delainakaikai kings were on song.
Finally, Nadroga, Fiji’s traditional giants walloped Naitasiri 52-19 in the Skipper Cup semis to set up an intense final against Suva away from home.
When the Stallions are in this mood and have found their rhythm, they end up singing a melodious tune.
With our Drua side playing, days counting to the RWC 7s, the Skipper Cup final and the secondary schools zone and Super Rugby play-offs rounding up the giants of rugby should hit back.
Wow, another weekend of exciting and entertaining rugby!

Interesting facts, data
It is very intriguing to understand some of the facts and data of this year’s FIFA World Cup.
Russia, who are the lowest ranked team ever at 70 to compete in a World Cup played in the last eight quarter-final. They entered the WC by virtue of being host.
Only two teams — Belgium ranked third and France ranked seventh — in the top 10 are in the last eight.
The tournament is being held in a Eastern Europe country for the first time.
This is an exotic piece of data Brazilian wizard Neymar Jr has fallen and stopped play for 20 minutes in all games played. He is the most fouled player.
France is the only team that has stopped three South American teams from progressing in the WC this year.
Germany is the second team after Argentina to have lost their first game as defending champions and did not qualify to the top 8. Argentina had the same fate in 2000.
Italy, who are joint second on the highest number of World Cup wins, did not qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018.
And the list will certainly keep growing.
Whether it was the Octopus predictor some years back or the Dolphin this year, it seems a France vs England showdownis on the card for July 15.
All the best.
Shalwyn Prasad
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

World Cup soccer jinx
The World Cup soccer jinx continued to haunt the greatest soccer team in history.
Despite the barrage of attacks in the Belgium goal mouth, hats off to Chelsea goalie Thibaut Courtois for those gallant saves.
Belgium put up a mountainous defensive structure and loads of blocks to hold on to the Brazilian onslaught.
Belief and mental fortitude drained Brazil as the side failed to qualify for the semis and the jittery first half performance and an own goal allowed Roberto Matinez’s side to progress to the semis after the heroics of 1986.
For team Brazil and their ardent fans, it’s another drought, agony and wait while Belgium, one of the best supported nations in Russia, displayed astonishing skills and an extraordinary effort to add dejection and misery to the South American camp.
As Belgium’s cream rises to the top, Tite and team Brazil make their way home looking for answers to another woeful WC soccer journey.
On the other hand, the sweet superb journey also ended for Sweden, Uruguay and hosts Russia. Except for Brazil, as I had predicted France, England and Croatia made the top four.
It’s all over for me as I wait for a repeat of the 1994-2002 WC display by the golden giants from South America that made the world rise and applaud them.
Unfortunately, gone is that memorable era but I have a feeling it’s going to come back!
Until then, let’s enjoy soccer!


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