Letters to the Editor – July 07, 2018

Fijians dressed as police women at the AT&T park in San Francisco during the Rugby World Cup 7s. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Positive takeaway

I HAVE never seen a large gathering of Fijians outside of Fiji as that witnessed at the AT&T Park here in San Francisco over the past weekend.

As the commentators rightfully said, the Fijians have invaded the home of the San Francisco giants.

You got to believe that this is the largest crowd of Fijians overseas when you get questioned like, is there any Fijian left in the island?

I met fellow countryman from Europe, Australia, Middle East, Canada, all over America and those that came from our motherland.

From Seki, a New York rugby player, I was told that the future of Fijians being contracted rugby players here in America looks very bright.

I recall a conversation I had with my tavale Joseva at Laselase Village a few years ago when he told me that his namesake had just left for New Zealand.

This past weekend, his namesake helped New Zealand retain the Melrose Cup.

If there is a positive takeaway from this record crowd of Fijians, let our motherland continue to nurture players who will continue to ply their trade abroad and be a blessing to their families back home.
They will not lack the support wherever they go.

Here at AT&T, we can at least cheer for Scotland, France, Japan and New Zealand when we see our boys in those teams.


Further study

WATCHING the USP open day live on Fiji One, I noticed that USP courses were now recognised in Australia and recently in the United States.

The lecturer interviewed said that this would lead to a smooth transition for those who wish to further their studies in these countries.

This is also good news to those who are migrating there.

All in all borders appear to be opening up maybe via education first.

The powers that be are pushing for globalisation in a big way.

Soon the one world government, one world economy, and one world religion mentioned in the book of Revelation will be at our doorstep.

Have you noticed how there is so much data collection going on in Fiji right now? Every department seems to want you to update your information with them.

KORINA WAIBUTA, Knollys St, Suva

BOG clashes

BA is in the BOG semis after a long time.

Today the side clashes with one of the best attacking forces in the country, Nadi.

Of late, Nadi has found the going easy against Ba.

It is Ba that has struggled to contain the green machine these days which was not the case before.

I would like to thank the green camp for building and maintaining a polished football team over the years.

Ba and Nadi play in the second semi-final to decide who meets the winner of first semi-final between Labasa and Suva this afternoon.

I believe the crowd was good at Churchill Park last week during the pool games.

Again this week a bumper crowd is expected because two western giants are featuring.

Thank you Fiji FA for organising another top domestic footballing action for the entertainment of your soccer loving fans.

Let the action begin and may the best team win.


Lack of willpower

I BELIEVE the “lack of willpower” by some countries (FT 27/7) is to do with no will to impose regulatory measures on business to comply because it affects profits.

Your article titled “Slow climate fight”‘ (FT 27/7) where the PM opened the second Climate Action Pacific Partnership at the Grand Pacific Hotel is relevant.

US President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Paris deal.

Can’t have both!

AMENATAVE YACONISAU, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Mars water

NOW scientists have discovered liquid water 1.5km underground on Mars we don’t have to bother about water conservation on Earth.

We don’t have to worry about trashing Earth with plastic, carbon emission, nuclear waste, mining tailing dumping, deforestation.

You can add to the list because now we can all go and live happily ever after on Mars!

I mean just look at Mars.

It’s an infinitely more attractive place to live than planet Earth, isn’t it?

RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

Kava retailers

I GOT a call from someone in Labasa the other night.

He said that some kava retailers were selling kava mixed with kosa.

Oh my God, can someone please verify this, because the person who called me is a reliable source.

Whew! Now I wonder why some kava in Lautoka is not normal.

If this trade catches on, I’m switching to drinking beer only.

Well it’s cheaper, and of course scientifically brewed.

Or like a mate said: “Sa dikevi vakavuniwai” (Doctors have verified it).

ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

USP, FNU open day

Hats off to the staff members and students of our leading institutions — USP and FNU — for organising their open days with so much information, talent and creativity on offer!

Keep up the good job sirs and madams and I hope that more efforts are channelled to make the tertiary life of our students interesting and easier so that we produce a productive and talented set of employees.

Once again, vinaka vakalevu!


Climate change

I believe no one would be interested in climate change if there was no financial incentive.


Completed roadworks

Thank you Fiji Roads Authority for the roadworks that have been completed in most parts of Ba.

The only concern now is loud noise from “sports cars”.

SAINIVALATI GAUNAVINAKA ainivalati Gaunavinaka, Ba

Ticket price

I believe the ticket price for soccer tournaments is now getting beyond reach for average people.

My wife and I went to Churchill Park, parked the car after paying $2, and went to buy the tickets.

The cheapest was $8 for the embankment. It was an extremely hot and a dusty place to sit on. We decided to go back home, sit at home in comfort and listen to the commentary.

This is the first tournament in 40 years that I missed watching at Churchill Park.


Streetlights concern

Why in many places do the streetlights go off by 4am?

Drasa Ave and Vomo St are two streets that I have seen in total darkness.

Fiji Roads Authority, can you please check on this?


Thank God

I noticed that nobody thanked God for the loss in SF.

I think that’s being churlish and ungrateful.

The beautiful thing about losing is it keeps us grounded and humble.

Thank you Lord.


Boxing injuries

A writer thinks Mohammed Ali suffered from Alzeimer’s because of injuries from boxing.

What are his thoughts on those that suffered from Alzeimer’s but did not partake in the sport of boxing?

DAN URAI, Lautoka

Writing skills

Can infringement officers improve their writing skills while issuing motorists with traffic infringement notices.

Just the other day my friend gave me a traffic infringement notice which was issued by a police officer, and asked me to read out the “particulars of offence”.

I was not able to make out a line clearly, leaving behind reading the whole paragraph.

I reckon all officers are qualified enough to have neat writing skills, and also go through writing skills and practices during recruitment and training programs, but taking the above mentioned situation into consideration, I believe the officer was lacking all sorts of writing skills and knowledge.

On the contrary I reckon services such as paying traffic infringement fines on the spot be made available to motorists.

It would be much appreciated if relevant authorities take heed of the above mentioned situation and at least try improvements in writing skills of infringement officers.

SHAMAL CHAND, Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Vegetables in season

Our market in Lautoka has lots of in-season vegetables.

Tomatoes, cabbage, long beans are just some of the many that have suddenly boomed.

Prices will naturally come down because of the abundance.

This is the time to eat healthy and curb some of the growing waistlines.

We have been told more than enough about eating healthy and these are the very times that can happen.

Vegetables are nutritious but unfortunately many people prefer to eat lots of meat, for example, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, etc.

While eating these in moderation is ok, may I just say that people buy takeaway foods that is laced with salt and sauces that make the food taste better.

And thus NCDs will keep going up if we don’t start eating smart, well at least during a boom in vegetables.

Our fridge is loaded with vegetables and fruits.

By the way, I haven’t seen the price of fruits come down.

Are the importers smiling with glee that they are selling them at the same price and importing it at lower rates of duty.

All I can say is mmmmmmm! But happy eating folks — vegetables that is.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Interesting things

I had the opportunity to visit Labasa for some business opportunities and I found out some interesting things.

Sadly a certain club could not give me any receipts for drinks purchased and a hotel in Labasa charges $38 for a serve of fish curry with roti.

Anyways the homeless problem is also a big problem in Labasa with people sleeping near the post office building.

Anyways I am sure my government will look into these problems very soon.


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