Letters to the Editor – July 01

Call for help line
I AGREE with Mr Dan Urai’s suggestion on opening up a “call line” but not for as stated “complaints” but for general enquires, assistance and information, for if you open a call line for complaints, well! that’s all you get — complaints.

Soccer World Cup
SUKHA Singh should accept that soccer WC is for the best (FT 29/6) and we are rated 187 in the world.
We are all capable of pulling a strong shot.

Stamp duty
IF a vehicle is determined to be genuinely gifted from father to son, why does this attract the 3 per cent stamp duty? Why is stamp duty even charged for sale of vehicle or property, when tax is payable on this transaction anyway or are we missing something here, or has this since been lifted?

Ignoring good counsel
THE Bible often speaks of the importance and value of seeking counsel from others.
“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety”(Proverbs 11:14).
However, we must realise that there is no value in the advice unless we put it into practice and do as we are counselled.
There are times when we are reluctant to follow the good advice we receive because it is simply not what we want to hear.
Yet it is even more foolish to ignore good counsel than not to seek it in the first place. We need to do right regardless of whether it is easiest.
There is no benefit gained from receiving good advice unless we follow it.
Rewa St

Super Rugby match
FIJI, with a population of less than a million people, can host a Super Rugby match with flying colours.
We are certainly grabbing the world’s attention that Fiji is the way the world should see.
We boast the first newspaper printed each day and we are the first nation to see a new day.
We are certainly living up to our name as the Flying Fijans and we produce the best mana magic on and off the field.
Viti noqu qele, noqu vanua….joka Viti!

National budget
I WENT through the whole budget but could not find anywhere any allocation for national disaster. If one comes where will we get the money from?

Budget debate
Facebook was like the gathering of brilliant minds talking about the budget.
I posed a question on my Facebook page asking, “What do you see that is good about the budget.”
I dunno but some people just couldn’t see the good.
Let me list some answers.
– $1000 for newborns
– 5 days paternity leave
– First-time home buyers (buyers (<$50k income) will receive $15k towards construction or $10k towards the purchase of their first home. - Families who make $50-$100k/year also qualify, with $10k provided for home construction or $5k for purchase - Students school injury compensation - Review of the school curriculum - Duty reduced from 5 per cent to 0 per cent for all imported vegetables and fruits - Rubbish pick up daily now - No eftpos cards fees on shopping - 98 days maternity leave for mothers - Plastic bags $0.20c - Five days family care leave - Higher duty on fizzy drinks. Those who didn’t like it simply said, “Where is the money coming from? Aule. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Waiyavi Lautoka

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