Letters to the Editor – Friday, June 25, 2021


Townsville battle 

WHILE I’m excited about this weekend’s Oceania 7s battle in Townsville, I must admit that I was caught napping with the outfi t of our 7s team.

To be honest, I did not anticipate the new design.

I guess I’m too used to seeing our boys play in our traditional white 7s jersey with black shorts.

Nike is our new sponsor and, I guess, the company had a say in the new design but then FRU should have had the final say.

I don’t know why but the newly-designed jersey looks awkward.

Putting that feeling aside, I wish our women’s and men’s 7s teams all the best.

I know that the men’s 7s team is capturing all the attention but the women’s 7s team also needs our support.

To both the sides — get the basics right, wear the jersey with pride, play your hearts out for the victims of COVID-19, and be good ambassadors on and off the field!


Nike outfit 

INDEED, its glaring watching the Fiji 7s team in their new Nike outfits.

I am sure this is going to boost their energy level come the start of the Oceania 7s.

With weeks of solid preparation, the team is oozing with confidence and just like the Nike slogan, they are ready to “Just do it”.

PRANIL RAM, Votualevu, Nadi

Violence against women 

I’M appalled to read the statistics report released by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre’s national coordinator, Shamima Ali, a few weeks ago that they received more than 800 calls for the month of May 2021, which is one of the highest since the establishment of the DV National Helpline 1560.

Ms Ali further says that 75 per cent of these calls are domestic violence-related cases committed by men on our women and girls.

In this COVID-19 lockdown (first wave and second wave) and restriction of movements, our women and girls are at the forefront of keeping members of the family safe, ensuring that members of families have food to eat, especially children and yet they are still being harmed and abused by husbands or partners after long days of hard work in managing our families and household chores.

What is wrong with these men or partners?

“A real man wouldn’t lay a finger on a woman. He treats his partner with respect, love and support. Men have no place abusing that power. Everyone has problems and arguments happen but that’s when a real man uses his intelligence to talk it out.” ~ Matt Lanter.

I’m ashamed to be called a man if I’m causing violence against my wife or partner.

No woman and girl deserves to be treated this way, never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable.

STOP Violence Against Women and Girls in Fiji.

JIOJI M CAKACAKA, Tadra- Votualevu, Nadi

New day 

THE new day is now here 

Ushering in new aspirations 

Bringing in fresh ideas 

Invoking new hopes and wishes 

Inspiring creativity and innovation 

Emerging are new desires 

Raising higher the expectations 

Generating new opportunities 

With so many various options 

Meeting emerging challenges 

Dealing with various issues 

But the moment to do is now 

Exploring, creating and doing 

Searching new solutions 

Looking for new alternatives 

Making the correct decisions 

Taking the right actions 

To fulfi l goals and targets 

And much to learn today 

Yet more tests still ahead 

And a new day is coming again. 


COVID-19 jabs 

IT is very clear now that this outbreak is still finding its peak.

We cannot achieve what we want if we don’t work together.

I believe this is a human rights issue and a humanitarian situation.

Thank you to the Australian government for lending us an AUSMAT team.

We need people to get vaccinated and the civil societies supporting this Government with psychosocial support.

It needsto be televised.

And any church preaching anti-vax sermons should be reprimanded.

I believe it is very concerning that nothing is being done about anti-vaccination propaganda.

I believe our individual rights have been impeded by those that are not doing anything to get to herd immunity.

We need to get to some sense of normality.

ASENACA R. BLAKE, Raiwai, Suva

Embracing ideas 

THERE seem to be many critics in terms of suggestions in relation to COVID- 19.

Some have even condemned the suggestion of online buying.

We can understand there will be pros and cons in many scenarios but the thing is, if one cannot think of a more logical way of coming up with solutions, don’t criticise or downgrade the ones who are trying to help.

Certain things will only show results if it is being taken into consideration.

We cannot do everything the way we used to do before so until the situation settles down, hopefully soon, let’s embrace those little ideas and suggestions and try to practise them.

At least some transactions will be done than nothing at all.

We understand the frustrations but dwelling on that and only seeing one side of the story won’t be good for anyone.

We have reached the stage where anything and everything is possible in terms of COVID- 19.

The sad thing is some still do not agree to get vaccinated.

Please, people, try to understand, this jab is important for us all.

We respect your rights but this is the situation where this “right” is associated with others around us and it can impact many lives.

Think twice.

May God give wisdom to all and help them see all sides of what is happening now.


Counter video 

DOES anyone think that the nearly half minute video on International Day of Yoga was to counter Opposition Whip’s Tik- Tok video?


CEO departure 

IT’S a trend, expatriates hardly complete their contractual terms despite huge salary payout.


Will another expatriate replace him?

DAN URAI, Lautoka

Swift exit 

WAS the LTA chief executive officer’s swift exit because of equivocal or rather “personal reasons”, as was the custom for previous expats who departed our shores in a haste? (FT 24/06).

Anyway, as I believe there are no competent locals to step up to the plate, let’s assign another expatriate with a six figure salary, shall we?


‘Killer’ variant 

VERY well stated that with increasing COVID cases along with the rise in deaths, this variant is a “killer”.

It reminds me of our young days when people used to say that “the killer is on the move”.

Despite the truth, we are complacent!



WHEN will Fijians stop complaining and blaming the Government and take some responsibility.

A significant majority seem to be complainers and blame shifters.

Taking responsibility means a cultural paradigm shift.

Things are never going to be the same again.

So it’s time to wake up and change.



WHY are we, such a small country, comparing ourselves with countries like the UK and India.

A better comparison for us are our counterparts Australia and New Zealand.

They managed to contain the virus with immediate and effective lockdowns.

In my opinion, we should be looking up to them for better containment plans.


National budget 

IT’S time for the national budget announcement soon.

With the current economic situation of the world, I don’t think people should expect much.

Well the Government knows what is best for people.


Big brothers’ help

Thank you Australia and NZ ONE reason why we are still able to endure the fight against this killer virus is because of the huge support we are getting from our Pacific big brothers.

Australia and New Zealand are continuing to bolster our fight against COVID-19 by donating essential medical supplies needed to fight the virus which has now taken Fiji by storm.

The recent donation of 13,000 tonnes of personal protective equipment and $700,000 worth of medical supplies by New Zealand and the great gift of almost a million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine by Australia illustrates the fact that during difficult times, our immediate neighbours will always answer our calling.

Their generous donations of essential medical supplies will go a long way to help save lives of many Fijians as well as assist the struggling frontline workers to contain the spread of this virus.

Frankly speaking, I believe we would not have been able to afford such huge investment in health sector at this point in time.

The two countries’ donations are greatly assisting all Fijians.

We Fijians are very fortunate to have Australia and New Zealand as our very caring neighbour, who respond immediately whenever we face a calamity; either natural disasters or an outbreak of health pandemic of this magnitude.

Thank you to the people and governments of Australia and New Zealand from all Fijians.

Please also pray that we are able to contain this virus soon and very soon.


Grave concern 

THE NSW Health Minister recently revealed something of grave concern, regarding the transmissibility of this Delta variant.

He stated and I quote… “It’s a virus that is very capable of transmitting even when we have very fleeting proximity between the individual who is infectious and any of us that might be passing by.” (FT 21/ 06).

Although not specifically stated, one could logically assume from that reveal, that the 2 metre rule for social distancing, may not be far away enough.

If proven correct, then I believe this is probably why we are having more and more cases here each day, without knowing why.

It would make sense.

Let’s get more info on this revelation quickly, so that we can stem the spread of this seemingly more airborne variant, pronto.

Apart from increasing the safe social distance length, we might have to enforce a more standardised multilayered and micro-fibre face mask, to prevent the unwanted inhalation and exhalation of the virus.

The current ones in use — and there are so many different types — may not be effective enough.

A WHO-approved standard one, can be then distributed to everyone, on an ex-gratis basis — without exception.

EDWARD BLAKELOCK, Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

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