Letters to the Editor – February 14, 2020

Manasa Mataele (left) on attack for the Crusaders against the Blues during the 2019 season. The Blues will be hosting the Crusaders in the third round of Super Rugby. Picture: newshub.co.nz

Blues host Crusaders

The Blues and Crusaders have recorded one win and one loss each. Ironically, both teams have fallen victims to this year’s in-form team the Chiefs coached by former Wales mentor Warren Gatland. The Blues are ranked sixth while the Crusaders are ranked seventh although both teams have five points each. Tonight’s battle is going to be tough and the Blues will be raring not to upset their home fans after losing to the Chiefs at home despite leading (19-0). Last year the Crusaders won both the matches (24-22 at Eden Park and 19-11 in Christchurch) but watching the way the Blues mauled the Waratahs I’m expecting fireworks tonight in Auckland. The Crusaders cannot afford to lose this one for it will dampen their hopes of making it four in a row. My best wishes to the ten-time champions! Grab it Crusaders! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Voter registration

It seems that the elections office new requirement for married people to re-register using their maiden name will create a new problem. I know a person who came to Fiji in the ’50s and has married a Fiji citizen so became one through marriage. The unfortunate part is that she does not have a birth certificate where she comes from. Thus this time round she will be unable to vote. Unless the elections office continue to allow married people to use their married names as an option. Or some other means. Norman Yee Martintar, Nadi

Nuclear security forum

Excuse my ignorance but why are we represented at the International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS) at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, Austria? We can’t even get our basic infrastructure and utility services in order or secure our borders from hard drugs entering and exiting the country, yet we are going out to tell the superpowers of our world how to enhance global nuclear security and counter the threat of nuclear terrorism and other malicious acts? So many things to be concerned about on the home front yet we want to go meddle with the big boys! Simon Hazelman Rava Estate, Savusavu

New navy ship

The Fijian Navy would be receiving the newest member of its fleet in due course, and as reported in the media, is named RFNS Savenaca. While the gesture to name the vessel after one of the Fiji Navy wartime hero is humbly appreciated, it would have been more appropriate for the Fiji Navy to use his full name which is on the Navy record, registered as Savenaca Naulumatua. The village of Yalobi, in Waya Island in the Yasawa Group, I believe, would be very grateful if the full name of their hero is used on this new navy ship. The same should also apply to Savenaca Naulumatua comrade on board the HMSNZF Leander, Timo Puamau, should the Fiji Navy wish to name a ship after him too. The warriors from Lau and Yasawa, Timo Puamau and Savenaca Naulumatua perished during the Battle of Kolombangara during WWII in the Solomon Islands in July, 1943. They were not accorded a full military funeral because their bodies were never recovered. Rest in peace, kemudrau na veitau. Ilaitia Bose Suva

World virus

I had once read that there is a world of viruses out there and we are yet to scratch the surface. It just needs the right conditions for the human population to scramble. The latest virus is the coronavirus which started in China. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Tough going

I believe the cost of things are skyrocketing but the wages of the people remain the same. Combined with that comes the rates and taxes. I believe the livelihood of people are getting tough. I think some employers should give some consideration to the wages they are paying their employees. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see how it feels. Nothing is free noways. The cost of so called “free” even comes with some alternative cost in one way or another. Luxury life is just a dream for many but it is not a dream which cannot come true. While certain legislation is there which some employers are highlighting, being kind and considerate with some understanding can help them see the other side of the angle. The struggle is real. Kirti Patel Lautoka

What is love?

Love is a great power – Empower it Love is compassion – Embrace it Love is beauty – See it Love is a game – Play it Love is patience – Wait for it Love is elusive – Grasp it Love is tears – Shed it Love is sorrow – Endure it Love is foolish – Rationalise it Love is wild – Tame it Love is real – Recognise it Love is devotion – Worship it Love is friendship – Fulfil it Love is pain – Bear it Love is cruel – Tolerate it Love is torture – Suffer it Love is criticism – Accept it Love is blind – See it Love is a question – Answer it Love is madness – Love it Love is enjoyment – Enjoy it Love is commitment – Adhere to it Love is loyalty – Be true to it Love is respect – Uphold it Love is craziness – Go nuts over it Love is faith –Believe in it Love is a fantasy – Dream it Love is an addiction – Treat it Love is possessive – Possess it Love is a challenge – Face it Love is a storm – Survive it Love is a battle –Fight it Love is complex – Simplify it Love is dangerous – Secure it Love is risky – Risk it Love is fragile – Preserve it Love is a goal – Achieve it Love is a journey – Travel it Love is giving– Give it Love is a sacrifice – Sacrifice it Love is a dream – Dream it Love is destiny – Reach for it Love is life – Live it Bhagwanji Bhindi Nasinu

Kabani, Valentine

Valentine’s Day, Kabani; Ka jini-ka-va ni siga, namaki; Julujululu, Buju; Julum, Mama, taki Frubu; Fine tuning; Fine dining; Fine wine; Intertwine; Cloud nine … Malamala beach; Choka latte; Calculate, circulate; Adulate, articulate; Express y’self; Exchange … Meet mate; Be, prepared to wait; Relate, generate; Contemplate, appreciate; Communicate, meet mate … Sevusevu, dredre; Go, the extra mile; Buju, like on trial; 911, don’t go senile … Meanwhile; Tok style; Freestyle; Lifestyle; Nahi, style; Rose wine; Profile; Worthwhile; Hitch hike, Fiji style … Sa drix yani, Kabani! By One Brown Coconut! Una Waqainabete Nakula St, Lami Town

Happy Valentine’s Day

Many of us express our love and care celebrating Valentine’s Day annually on February 14. Exchange of gifts, feasting with various social activities are found as part of the sum. Whatever way we celebrate to reinforce the love and care for each other on this day should always remain in everyone’s heart unconditionally. God given romantic gift of love and care should supersede any other expensive gift for a lifetime. Valentine’s Day is everyday so be happy and keep smiling. Happy Valentine’s Day. Tahir Ali Hamilton, New Zealand

Married woman

As a married woman voter who has not used her maiden name in 59 years, I feel like the dog in the current advertisement: “That’s not my name … that’s not my name!” TESSA MACKENZIE Suva

Urban poor

The PM was speaking about how climate change, frequent flooding and hurricanes are the cause of the urban poor somewhere overseas. I think it is your Government that is responsible for creating the urban poor. Just look at the 2017 37 per cent increase in town rates and this year’s 200 per cent increase in garbage rates. Sukha Singh Labasa

Precedent case

I was pleasantly surprised to see the highest court in Australia legally recognise the Aborigine or indigenous people there in a recent precedent case (FT 13/2). Once the dust settles I believe that this case probably will have far-reaching consequences on other cases and policies. Right now Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is looking at changing the policies aimed at improving the life expectancy and literacy of its indigenous people (FT 13/2). This time they are doing it through the eyes of the Aborigine/indigenous people. Korina Waibuta Knollys St, Suva

Maiden name

If I have correctly understood that the name on our birth certificate (required for voter re-registration) will be the name on our new voter registration cards, married women will be registered in their maiden names. What would be the point of that? Sue Cauty Pacific Harbour

Share love

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day! Red the colour, gifts the order, dinner out and a moment with that special one is sure to remain alive in each other’s memory. For me it’s going to be a simple one with my parents, wife, daughter and niece. We must use such occasions to share love and warmth! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Pipeline thing

Since the pipeline thingy is catching on, a suggestion has once again been mentioned on Facebook – for the creation of a Minister for Pipelines. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Lautoka

Media laws

The Fiji Times front page article “Repeal laws” on February 11 informs us that the UN Universal Periodic Review urged Fiji to “lift control on freedom of expression” and restrictions on freedom of the press. I notice there has been no subsequent public discussion on this issue. Why is that I wonder? Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

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