Letters to the Editor – August 5

Eyesore....Piles of rubbish simply dumped by the roadside at Qiolevu Rd in Navuso. Picture: RAMA

People’s thoughts
After reading the posts on Facebook about the fatal accident at Cuvu, people spoke their minds. Here are some of their thoughts. 1. How did the head-on collision happen? 2. Was speed involved and one of the drivers lost control? 3. Was there any other factors? 4. There are many cars on the road and public service vehicles will rush after traffic jams. 5. In Lautoka more taxis will be on the road thus cutting down on the income of the existing ones, they will rush from job to job and it could be a serious cause for accidents. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Lautoka

Demand for electricity

The solution to an ever rising demand for electricity cannot be to construct more of those oversized powerplants as usual. Modern technology like micro hydro, solar, and wind power plants should be considered as a more environmentally friendly solution. Electrifying remote areas will benefit the most with this technology and people living there should be allowed to construct their own powerplant and sell it as well. This could be done by forming cooperatives where members contribute funds and raise funds from government in the form of loans to build those plants. Training alternative energy engineering and other requirements can be done locally as well and create job opportunities for those areas. This will empower remote communities greatly. Hans B Boernke Savusavu

Commend the police officers
WE need to applaud the work Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho and his hard-working team of police officers all over Fiji are doing to keep Fijians and visitors to the country safe with their amazing work. Not all of us may fully appreciate or understand the work of the police force and the mammoth operation they’re continually conducting behind the scenes. The callous attack on four of their officers is just one example of the dangers they place themselves daily in, protecting the law-abiding public. Theirs is mostly a thankless task where we never fully get to appreciate or understand the meticulous, often times sensitive investigations they’re engaged in daily to keep the country safe from thugs and drugs. The next time you see police officers, please thank them and encourage them because you just never know when you might need them. Keep up the great work! Colin Deoki Australia

Serevi’s new role!

I salute the Maestro, Waisale Serevi. for offering his valuable service to coach the Fiji Deaf 7s team for the next Oceania Pacific Deaf Championship. The team won bronze medal in the last championship in Australia. The best player in the 7s code has shown that when the call to serve his country is made he has always been available. Through this column, I have requested FRU to consider utilising the talent that Serevi has in promoting Fiji 7s. Serevi has given Fiji a lot of victories. Apart from those at So Kon Po, Serevi is the only player alongside Vunibaka to win two Melrose Cup tournaments and sadly, Serevi and Vunibaka were the last lot to bring the prestigious title home. Serevi brought home our first WRSS title and played a leading role in our 7s victories including the inaugural Wellington and Brisbane 7s in 2000. I wish the Maestro well and I thank him for his generosity. Vinaka vakalevu Sir-Revi! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nasinu

LETTER OF THE WEEK ENDING 16/7 – 22/7 Paying attention
I HOPE our medical authorities are paying close attention to the investigation taking place in Samoa. Since the death of two babies on Savaii, after being vaccinated, more parents have come forth with similar tragic stories. I believe that we should not assume that all vaccines are safe until we have done our own independent research. We need to find out why the Japanese government has banned the MMR vaccine since 1993. We need to find out why Spain, France, India and Japan had filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the HPV vaccine. We should go through our records and find how many of our own babies have suffered after being jabbed. Maybe we should reopen the case of the 12-year-old girl from Savusavu who died soon after receiving the HPV vaccine a couple of years ago. GABRIEL SIMPSON Rakiraki

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