Letters to the Editor – August 4

The 2018 Vodafone Hibiscus Festival contestants during the launch of the festival at the Albert Park pavilion in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA /FILE

Hibiscus festival, a Suva event
The mother of all festivals is no longer the Mother of all Festivals simply because it is not being held in the mother of all cities – the City of Suva; the Capital of Fiji. The MOAF or Hibiscus Festival should be held in Suva because it is unique to Suva, it is Suva’s festival; has been and will always be. It is a Suva event which we are all proud of. It’s even in the tourism calendars, in flight magazines etc. The chairman and committee should fire themselves for even thinking of moving it outside of Suva. It appears they didn’t do their homework with no forward planning to book a venue etc. Whilst on the subject the festival itself has lost its hype over the past few years with nothing fresh or new added to the festival. I urge all Suvanites to come out in numbers and get the committee to bring the MOAF back to Suva and also to bring back the glory and hype this festival was once renowned for. Otherwise let’s just all boycott their now not so mother of all festivals. George Kutty Padam Lala Rd, Namadi Heights, Suva

Kidney dialysis

I would like to inform the A-G that no one wants the Government to provide the kidney dialysis for free, but everyone wants it to be affordable. If a labourer who earns $2.70 an hour to a businessman earning millions is able to afford it, I would say kudos to the Government. If not I would say, is the opposition ready? Dellas Singh Valebasoga, Labasa

Mother of festivals
Listening to my colleagues dissect the issue of the new venue for the “mother of all festivals” was laughable and hypocritical to some degree. One of the common complaints was the distance they would have to travel from the capital to Valelevu, Nasinu to be part of the 2018 Vodafone Hibiscus Festival. While I listened in dismay, the thought of ungratefulness emerged from my mind. For the past so many years, this great festival was held in Suva and one can imagine the significant number of people outside the capital who take the initiative to be part of this awesome event. Regardless of the futile venue arrangements within the Suva locality and the extra cost anticipated on logistics for the new venue, we must give credit and be thankful to the Hibiscus Events Group for their sheer hard work and commitment in making this prominent festival a reality for 2018. Complaints after complaints would not do us any good, instead humble yourself and be grateful for once for the opportunities that will unfold as a result of this much needed change. The new venue will benefit everyone in so many ways and not confined to a particular segment of population such as Nasinu. Let us join hands and support one another in making this year’s Vodafone Hibiscus Festival a success. Thus, in a few days time, Valelevu will be a popular meeting place as people will travel along the Suva-Nausori corridor (and beyond) to engage in this memorable annual event. Cheers and have a blessed weekend. SPENCER ROBINSON Suva

Festival time
A talanoa session at Kava Place went like this: “How many festivals are held in Fiji?” We have the farmers’ carnivals, and festivals organised by religious bodies or organisations. There are also the ones organised by the vanua. And there are the ones that are sponsored. Labasa – Festival of the Friendly North; Nausori – Tebara Festival; Nasinu – Millenium Sinu Festival; Sigatoka – Coral Coast Festival; Ba – Riverside Festival; Tavua – Tavua Carnival; Rakiraki – Rakiraki Festival; Levuka – Back to Levuka Festival; Savusavu – Hidden Paradise Festival; Lautoka – Sugar Festival; Nadi – Bula Festival; and Suva – ah, sorry we don’t have any, people leave behind too much rubbish so we shifted it to Nasinu. Oh and no more space to have it. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

LETTER OF THE WEEK ENDING 9/7-15/7 Neymar trigger
UNCLE Allen aptly described Neymar on his shenanigans. Triggered a memory from my childhood and am sure for a whole heap of others. For when as a child I would take a side trip after school to take a dip in the Ba River. Getting home, trying to hide but still getting caught with the wet clothes. A belt ensued. Nai (no) Ma, nai ma… that was the yelp. Won’t do it again, Ha! Like a hollywoodist? Neymar, Neymar… Oso! MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Ave, Lautoka

LETTER OF THE WEEK ENDING 2/7-8/7 Releasing a turtle

IT made me feel proud to be a citizen of Fiji when I saw the photo in yesterday’s paper (FT 02/07) showing the people of Kinoya Village releasing a turtle that had been destined for the cooking pot. The two boys, Apisai Tinaikoro and Amini Vakalala, are to be truly commended for showing moral courage and setting such a wonderful example. Vinaka vaka levu boys! Whoever we are, we are all citizens of a larger home, the planet and the oceans of the world belong to all of us. It is vitally important that whether at village level, in the broader South Pacific, or the entire world ocean system, that we each play our part in protecting and respecting the water and the creatures who live in them, especially when, through our own behaviour their numbers have been reduced to levels where they are approaching extinction. Thank you for the good news. A great way to start the week! VIVIEN COUNSEL MITCHELL, Waidroka, Serua

A tough defence

Unlike the one sided affair and an easy win against Nasinu, the kings from Delainakaikai will face a strong Ratu Navula contingent, which carry the hopes of the West and Nadi. The warriors from Ratu Navula showed that they will be no pushovers as they shrugged off a tough Wesleyan onslaught to book a semi-final spot. RKS has been preparing well and the win in Japan, plus the fact that they have a strong line-up and an effective training program set by Naca Saumi, makes the Lodoni brigade hot runners for the Powerade Super Deans championship. The way they have jelled so far is a beauty to watch. I would love to see the giants of rugby to be given the opportunity to represent Fiji against the NZ and Australian schoolboys in September. Last year our under-18 boys lost despite the best players being assembled from different schools and were in camp for about three weeks. So if RKS wins the Powerade Super Deans title this year why don’t we give them the opportunity to represent Fiji against the Australian and NZ schoolboys! Who knows their winning combination and superior fitness take them through as was seen in Japan. I leave that to the stakeholders. Just my thought! Back to the Powerade Super Deans championship and the other semi-final between the boys from Flagstaff and the young brigade from Cuvu is expected to go in favour of the western giants, who have been boosted with technical expertise from the man who once was part of Nadroga Rugby — Frank Boivert. Cuvu College has been training at the sand dunes and this should prepare them physically, mentally and psychologically. Therefore, I pick Cuvu and RKS to make the finals. The hope of RKS for a clean sweep was shattered by the Marist U17 side but I’m betting on the boys from Tailevu to reach the finals in all the other grades. Once again, Suva’s ANZ Stadium will be a sea of colours as parents, former scholars and fans will converge in big numbers to provide that extra ounce of strength. Cheers! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Naibi or ivi
Dan Urai laments the use of naibi as the real name is ivi (FT3/8). Dan’s letter compelled me to pick up my phone and actually call VS, the learned ivi seller friend who displays the naibi board every weekend. The ivi seller explained the issue to me. He said several people had expressed their discontent to him regarding his naibi board. His customers are mainly Fijians of Indian ethnicity and they call it naibi, not ivi. He said he had displayed ivi signs some time ago, but the customers didn’t pay attention, therefore causing him loss of sale. He said he had asked the complainers why they said basi for bus, niusiladi for New Zealand, ingiladi for England, talevoni for telephone, tikite for ticket, etc. According to VS, the Kiwis and the English may also not like the wrong references to their countries. The naibi seller said he had successfully made his point to the complainers and said that they were generally convinced by his explanation. Now the matter may be referred to Dr Paul Geraghty, sorry Paula Qereti. See! Language is diverse, and whether it is called naibi or ivi or even na ivi or some Chinese name, the thing tastes the same. Dan definitely meant humour through his letter. Me too! VS too, but with some frustration and an argument! I am sure naibi discussions will kick off here and I hope some nutritionist also jumps in with vital information. Sooner or later, we may all have to meet at the makeshift stall just outside Lautoka City, around 500m towards Ba. Interesting. Donald Singh Lautoka

National debt

I believe your ‘street-talk question’ on Fiji’s indebtedness to China (FT 3/8) indicates people’s aversion to debt and such dependence continues. Who will pay it? Future generations? Amenatave Yaconisau Palm Drive, Delainavesi


This ambulance which went past me was making a weird siren sound. It sounded just like dogs howling after seeing a ghost. Looks like the ambulance was more sick than the patient. Shamal Chand Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Kava ban
Can the Shree Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji please implement a total kava ban on religious functions in Fiji especially at funerals? The estimated funeral expenses if someone dies is between $1000 — $1500 and kava itself is twice the funeral expenses. To make it worse, the family of the deceased have to provide kava for 14-15 days to all after the funeral. I am glad my grandfather came up with his own version of three days ritual and off you go. I will come up with one day ritual either you love me or hate me. I will be gone anyway. At least my family won’t have to waste their hard earned money on kava. Moses Mani Auckland, New Zealand

Taxi issues

I find it unbelievable that the Fiji Taxi Association has only 276 active members and only 158 voted for the association election. Lautoka has about 400 taxis alone and what would be the total number of taxis in Fiji? I believe this election was conducted under the supervision of the elections office. Looking at the figures I find that something is not balancing. John Brown Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Floating drugs
I have been told that illegal drugs have been found floating in Fiji waters. Pictures I’ve seen in passing also tell me this. How many are being kept by the finders who know what it is and its value? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

For starters how can Government allow investors into the country to set up shops without employing one local person? I believe the majority of the work being carried out by these Korean labourers can easily be done by locals. What are we trying to achieve here? Very deceiving indeed! Simon Hazelman Savusavu

School bus

This school bus that was dropping off children was full on with loud music. What even beat the base of the music was the way children remixed the base by banging the side wall. I can still hear the remixed base roaring through my ears. Indeed Fiji got talent! Shamal Chand Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

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