Letters to the Editor – August 26

This open manhole at the corner of Balabala Crescent in Newtown needs to be covered. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Rubbish everywhere
FIJI has so many festivals and most of the contestants and or themes are about climate change, and how to clean up the environment. Yet after the festivals, one can see rubbish piled up on a daily basis. After the festivals the spots where the stall holders had done cooking is full of grease and stinks for months. I wonder why this happens, because it seems everyday someone is going on about not throwing rubbish in waterways, on roadsides and The Fiji Times Eyewitness snapshots show rubbish piled up right beneath signs that say no dumping of rubbish. I travelled to Suva and stayed there a week, I noticed rubbish. And then on my way back in the bus a friend sends me photos of the Vunato Dump on fire. Surely, there are ways to make our people learn to be more aware of how they take care of waste. There is so much talk about rubbish that I feel it’s all just rubbish talk. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Mokusiga guy

THERE is a guy by the nickname Mokusiga here in Daku, Savusavu. The name of his villa is Mokusiga … so is his vehicle … and guess what …. his yellow boat too. He came to Fiji and fell in love with the place. He ended up in the real Mokusiga place … Savusavu. Every night after 11, for as long as I can remember, while everyone is glued to their TV sets, tanoa or under the blankets, this guy takes his Toshiba and his spear and goes out. He goes to Mokusiga, on the beautiful beach that’s in front of his namesake villa. He does not go out spearing fish. He goes out spearing all the rubbish that is pelted by our so called patriots, our own people. He can fill up a 50kg bag every Sunday night. On weekdays, he fills up two plastic bags full every night. Sometimes, he goes twice to collect the beer bottles. Once he takes his well-earned break with a coffee, someone is on the beach drinking again. Sometimes, I wonder why he chose this name Mokusiga. Did he like it or is it that he keeps reminding all of us that we are all mokusiga and vucesa (lazy)? I am asking our very good government to please honour this very humble gentleman, a gentleman so very rare. If in case our government does not, then they should stop spreading the gospel about COP23. To Mokusiga, I salute you bro. A. SHARIFF SHAH Savusavu

Asking us to repent

I draw your attention to the very loud noise coming from a religious group quite some distance from my house in Samabula (indeed, it is possible that the actual venue could even be on Mead Rd, or ?). I have closed all of my windows but still the noise fills my house. And that of every resident in two or five kilometres radius from the spot. “Preaching” vociferously at 300 decibels, and in vosa vaka viti (which informs that only iTaukei need to repent) for the past two hours — it’s now well into the evening. If one were ill, or elderly, or had small children to get to sleep or comfort of what use is a preacher blasting away? Would a family or person so assailed be drawn to the substance of the preacher’s shrill pronouncements (presumably of hell-and-damnation, but who am I to know)? Is it not selfish? The Pacific people’s preponderance for “relationships” dictates that the assaulted population forgives while its members cover their heads with pillows, or attempt to comfort an affected child or elderly person.. Consider: “relationships” have their place. I believe that members of the public have the right to rest in the quiet and beauty of each evening. So what right has any individual or organisation to take away that peace and restfulness and invade people’s homes? What are the conditions of the licence — if there is one? P. Kailola Suva

Clots of fat
THE other day after dinner I kept the leftovers in one plate. The next morning, I saw clots of fat in the same plate. Of course I had lamb chops the previous night. Then, I decided to put the same plate outside in the ground for hours at a temperature of more than 25 degrees at least. The fats melted and it did not clot at the temperature. Then I thought, if fats do not clot at 25 degrees then there should be no issue inside my body as it works at 37 degrees. Maybe an expert is needed here to explain the whole process of blockages please. Otherwise, I will consider myself a scientist. ASHIS KUMAR Ba

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