Letters to the Editor – August 14

Lautoka’s Samuela Drudru tries to control the ball as Labasa’s Lekima Gonerau comes in to clear during the Vodafone Premier league at Churchill Park on Sunday. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Lions roar
Once again Churchill Park proved friendly to the Babasiga Lions who ended Lautoka’s unbeaten run. Earlier the Lions stole the CVC title from the Sugar City and beat the hosts during the BOG. The loss to the Lions ended the Blues hopes of making the semis.
Hats off to the Lions, in particular goalie Mateisuva, for the wonderful performance! While I applaud this win, I am pleading with Labasa to reset focus on playing in the O-League competition. Who knows that this is the platform towards the O-League play-offs! Thank you boys for the wonderful victory! On the other hand, the secondary schools IDC is played in the Jet Set Town and my best wishes to all the participating teams and I thank The Fiji Times for all the coverage and stories and build-up to the tournament! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu.

Chemical warning

IN a landmark case, a Californian jury ordered a weedkiller manufacturer to pay $289 million damages to a man who claimed that the herbicides containing glyphosate had caused his cancer (ST 12/08). I believe these chemicals are widely used in Fiji mostly by our farmers. I have often seen them spraying without wearing any protective clothing. They are also packed and sold in unlabelled bottles. Given the inherent health risk, it should be made mandatory for the distributors to warn the users of its possible harmful effect not only on the users but also on consumers of vegetables after they are sprayed with this chemical. Health authorities should also closely monitor the sale and indiscriminate use of these products and create more awareness of its associated health hazards for the information of the public. Or better still ban its import.

Fish of interest
The confiscated fish is of public interest. The reply Wise and I got had no merit. The effort put in the reply could have solved the issue by simply telling the public what happened to the fish. No use being defensive. Just tell us what happened. If not then I can be reached via my email kavaplace@gmail.com I can then tell the public what happened. The authorities owe it to the people to be transparent. Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

Let’s enjoy

Samuela Nabenia and Malakai Tiwa scored a goal each that gave Ba victory against the Capital City boys in their league encounter in Ba on Sunday. Suva was also beaten by Ba when the two met in the BOG final recently. Ba won both encounters by two goals. Ba gets back to its winning form and credit must go to the coach and the players for doing everything right at the moment. I think while strikers do their bit, Ba’s goalkeeper is in form too. Their standing on the league table will improve if they keep performing like this. I believe coach Roneel has finally found the force and combination he had been looking for. With the improving result, I am sure the fans are very happy. I think all teams still have some matches to play in the league. Labasa drew with Nadi but thumped Lautoka in Lautoka while lowly rated Dreketi received a hiding in the West. As the battle continues, the title race is becoming more and more interesting. Let’s enjoy the season. Suresh Chand, Nadi.

Permits as assets

Taxi permits can be sold, hire permits can be sold, then why not rental permits? If taxi and hire permits are classified as assets then so should the rental permits! I was surprised when reading the LTA Act which still says that all permits belong to LTA but then again if the taxi permits are assets and the recipient of the permit can sell them, what does that mean? John Brown, Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka.

Impact assessment
After what happened at Wainisavulevu, I believe the environment impact assessment can be questioned or challenged on all future developments.
I suggest that three different environment impact assessments be carried out in all future developments. Narayan Reddy, Lautoka.

Taxi permits

I was dumbfounded when I read that people who were not eligible received the taxi permits. I am flabbergasted to read LTA’s advertisement regarding the amnesty period for those ineligible recipients to return the provisional permits. I believe the chairman of the LTA board should be man enough to admit the “barrel draw” was a farce. I believe that some heads must roll. Why can’t LTA advertise all the names of the recipients? Let us be transparent. Those who have cheated must face the full brunt of the law. No its and buts, please. No amnesty! Arun Prasad, Dikusha, Nausori.

Flamboyant Lodoni brigade

In my earlier letter titled ‘Ready for battle’ I had predicted RKS to walk away with all the five titles and the flamboyant Lodoni brigade featured strongly and made their presence felt as they elated the old boys and their fans after winning the U14, 15, 16, 18 and 19 grades.
Last year the Delainakaikai kings created history by making a clean sweep but this year fell short after their U17 boys were whipped by Marist. Nonetheless, winning five out of six finals is an incredible achievement for the Naca Saumi mentored sides. In addition, the U18 final was a beauty but I guess the exposure at the Sanix tournament and the fact that the team has been playing as a unit since the U14 grade gave the Lodoni brigade the edge over their western counterparts, who also deserve a round of applause. The RKS forwards in Loaloa, Ramasibana, Vunikauregu and Matalaweru dominated breakdowns and were hungrier for possession, while the backs were sublime and a beauty to watch. Koro, Maqala, Vatuwaliwali, Nawai, Naiduki, Natoga and captain courageous Sokiveta were outstanding. Maqala and Vatuwaliwali, the king- pins, orchestrators and distributors, rose to the occasion and were a class as they penetrated holes in Cuvu’s defence. Koro, who was the water boy of the U17 team last year, surprisingly made the team and sealed his place as the fullback and he delivered to the best of his abilities. RKS’s body conditioning and superior fitness and pace and the timing of the subs lifted the tempo of the Herons, who played like men possessed and showed urgency and baptism of fire to lift the holy grail. They relentlessly applied pressure on Cuvu and were rewarded with three beautiful tries. Cuvu failed to execute their set-piece, in particular the scrums and line-outs and this gifted RKS opportunities. RKS skipper Sokiveta, who captained the team since the U14 grade, scored a beautiful team try while player of the final Vatuwaliwali followed the footsteps of Talebula and Keresoni to win the Deans final twice.
Natoga and Nawai, who scored five tries between them in the semis against Ratu Navula, are future stars. Furthermore, Naca Saumi proved that he has the rugby brains to develop talents and I urge FRU to utilise his expertise. Naca, a former national rep, has moulded RKS into a classic team. As I conclude, I congratulate RKS for winning the U14, 15, 16, 18 and 19 titles and QVS for winning the U17 title. The eastern zone has once again dominated the Powerade Super Deans competition! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

RKS rocks
Was the RKS under-18 a secondary school side or a professional rugby team? Whatever one’s views, their performance has set a benchmark that will be difficult for other secondary school teams to supersede. Watching their performance on Saturday, with all due respect, they put the Flying Fijians to shame. Their passion, teamwork and commitment was definitely way above that of our national Flying Fijians during their encounters against Samoa, Georgia and Tonga. Perhaps as part of the buildup to the Rugby World Cup, the next time our Flying Fijians team is in Suva for training, they ought to take a field visit to Ratu Kadavulevu School for some lessons learnt and sharing of experiences. This would be good for both national players and management, including our national coach. All in all, the RKS side rocks and played like true champions. What a blessing it is for RKS to have the services of Nacanieli Saumi. By the way, congratulations to Cuvu College for defying all odds and creating history by making it to the finals. A new beginning it is and Cuvu College will be back come 2019. Floyd Robinson, Toorak, Suva

Busy roads
There are too many vehicles on our roads and the road size hasn’t increased. I am suggesting that there should be a quota system. Each car dealer should be given a quota. We are flooding our roads with vehicles and the roads can’t take it. Paras Naidu, Lautoka.

Fish issue

A better reply would have been to just say what happened to the fish, so that all the people’s curiosity will be put to rest. I’m glad that Hasmuk Patel of EFL replies and makes no bones about anything. Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

EFL weir saga

Hasmukh Patel went to great lengths to explain about Wainisavulevu and mentioned that EFL will continue “to eliminate Fiji’s reliance on dirty, environmentally-harmful diesel fuel”. He has eloquently forgotten the devastation caused by the raising of the eight metre weir to the environment. I believe surrounding areas are suffering and to sit in his airconditioned office and talking about “an energy — independent future for Fiji” seems to me to be hypocritical to say the least as his message did not address what the real issue is and what EFL will do about it. Mikaele Leawere,
Galoa Village, Serua.

Confiscated fish

To the honourable Semi Koroilavesau (FT 11/08), why do we have to call your mobile when it is of public interest? I am pretty sure the public would like to know what the Ministry of Fisheries does with the confiscated fish. Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka.


As someone who has to deal with small amounts of money that are not my personal accounts, I am aware that I would be held accountable and punished if I were to use money designated for one purpose for another purpose. Does this rule not apply to everyone? Tessa Mackenzie, Duncan Rd, Suva.

PSV drivers

How many Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers have valid first aid training certificates? Can the Land Transport Authority (LTA), please answer?
Vinesh Prasad, Newtown, Nasinu.

Minister’s response

The minister has advised busy bodies Wise and Allen to give him a call and he will explain what happened to all the donu and kawakawa confiscated from fishermen (FT 10/08). After chatting with him they can then thank him through this column. Dan Urai, Lautoka.

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