Letters to the Editor – August 10

Tropical Cyclone Winston destroyed the Oneviro stretch in Levuka. This is a straight road allowing cars to speed along this gravelled piece generating terrible dust. Picture: SUPPLIED

Dusty road a concern
IN 2015, the road between Levuka and Vuma Village was tarsealed. Severe Tropical Cylone Winston destroyed the Oneviro stretch. This is a straight road allowing cars to speed along this gravelled piece generating terrible dust. The houses along this road are covered in dust 24 hours a day; louvres need to be cleaned twice a day; a car washed at nine in the morning is filthy by 10am. The dust permeates the air causing respiratory difficulties with some of the elderly people in the area. Request to the FRA for frequent road watering or portable humps have gone unanswered.
Last Friday, a neighbour asked the police if he could string a rope across the road to try and slow down cars. They granted him permission and the effort did have positive results. On Sunday, some other police officers removed the rope and said permission from FRA was required to replace the traffic calming effort. FRA has not replied to my request to replace the rope hump. I have noted in your pages there have been some action taken on clinker dust in other areas. Our dust is also intolerable. FRA should respond to community concerns. LORRIE NOLIN, Levuka

Boost to oxygen su
I accord my appreciation and gratitude to the Project Bula Mai committee members for handing over a cheque of $30k to the organisers of local NGO Cure Kids Fiji (F/T 09/08). It was a delight to read that the donation would be used to install oxygen concentrators (lifesaving equipment) in hospitals at Nabouwalu, Taveuni and Nausori. On the other hand, the audience can expect a bigger and better Style Fiji fundraiser dedicated to providing oxygen to hospitals and helping children with rheumatic heart diseases. With a beautiful theme ‘Style Fiji in Bollywood Glitz and Glamour’, the organisers are working hard to prepare for a fun-filled and exciting event. I am indebted to the corporate sponsors and organisers for the charity that should assist the needy children. On behalf of my family, thank you so much for the initiative taken to assist Cure Kids Fiji. Vinaka vakalevu! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Airline food

I together with my wife who was on a wheel chair travelled from Nadi to Sydney on August 6. Due to some administration problems the flight was delayed by almost an hour. The staff from the check-in counter right up till when we were seated in the plane looked after us very well. I could clearly see that they paid special attention to aged people like us. For this I would like to sincerely thank the staff and only wish if such services could be extended to our hospitals and the commercial banks where people over 70 years could be given a bit of priority.
Since I am writing about our airline, I wish to add another request. When we buy our tickets to travel we are told that the airfare includes the departure tax and also our meals. We reported at the check-in counter at 6.45am and departed after 10. Breakfast was served at about 11.30 and by then we were really hungry. The quality of food was quite good but the quantity was not there. Not enough to fill our stomach and I guess a kindy student could have easily finished what was given. I sincerely request the authorities if at all possible to cut down the annual profit of $90 million by a few million and improve the quantity of our meals. Some of us are regular travellers and I heard of this issue from others as well.
VIJAY MAHARAJ, Sydney, Australia

Golf coverage

A very big vinaka vakalevu to Fiji One Television for showing all the golf majors live. I truly believe that “every sport counts” for Fiji One as it is the only broadcaster to bring different sports for the viewing pleasure of the public. Be rest assured that there is considerable audience following golf very closely here in Fiji and enjoy watching these tournaments. Hope this will continue next year and many more years to come
Looking forward to the final major of the year, PGA Championship this weekend. Dinesh Lingam, Vunivau, Labasa

Power bill
I lament the non-availability of electricity in Navuniivi village in Ra despite the provision of $42,000 to the Rural Electrification Project (FT9/8). Electricity relieves a lot of social inconvenience to women folks and children. I hope they will get their money back or electricity done.
It’s a pity others have been approved. Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Hibiscus festival
Your front page picture and narration on four Hibiscus queens posing attracts attention. One of the contestants does not have a sponsor yet.
Perhaps it’s time we do away with sponsors’ names and look at the festival purely from a charitable point of view or fight a common cause. A much better reading can be if we start with Miss Cancer Care or Miss Environmental advocate or Miss Health Wealth, etc. Sponsors can remain in the background but the real issues that affect our country can take the platform with the ladies advocating and promoting all week.
This will make the Mother of all Festivals a truly charitable and complete event. We do not want to donate by name or fame but through the issues that affect our nation. Vinaka HEGI and joka na Hibiscus festival for ever. Shalwyn Prasad, Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Bau Rd issue

Gone are the days that Bau Rd had potholes after the road was refurbished in 2014 by Fultan Horgan Highways. New seal was laid along with cement for reinforcement and drainage was redug by machinery in 2017. The new streetlights soon will be fully operational as for now they are installing them along Bau Rd. Hence, the process to cut a new road near the airport from Nadali to Bau Rd is going well also but it has all the unnecessary twists and bends. The old Bau Rd leading to the airport and Nausori Town is straight. So were the surveying people well equipped when doing the survey for such a busy road? The new road is being built on a swampy area, where rain always caused flooding. Ask the Nadali people they will tell you about that place. Therefore, I hope the road will be built so that during torrential rainfall the road doesn’t get flooded like Waituri Rd because in my lifetime I have never seen the Bau highway underwater. But the way the new road is shaping I grow more and more anxious for it to be completed and the rain to come. Also, the upgrade done to the Bau Rd along Naitalasese is now degrading in just four years and plenty potholes are visible.
I believe it is just another waste of money resealing roads. The parts of roads which are prone to be washed away in rainy weather can be rebuilt with cement. The portion which is eroding can be made of cement. It will last long and stay strong. Thus, saving billions of dollars spent on our roads. Amrit Singh, Naselai, Bau Rd, Nausori.

Four lanes

Thank you Mr Attorney-General for clarifying that Fiji roads, especially the Nadi-Lautoka corridor, cannot be converted to four lanes.
As a regular driver from Lautoka to Nadi, I know. It’s just common sense. Some buildings are so close to the road that if the four lanes were to go ahead, some portions of the roads will have to go through bedrooms, sitting rooms or kitchens. Oh and there are shops that are so close to the road, they can have a drive-in. Heck I’m just saying. Heheā€¦ and if the road went through bathrooms, drivers can have a shower and be on their way.
Now may I ask, who came up with the thought before even travelling the Lautoka-Nadi corridor. And where will the bicycle lanes be situated?
Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

Cold front

I always heard stories of how cold Nadarivatu was when I grew up. Now in the midst of it, my thermometer reading said four degrees Celsius the past few nights. I just can’t wait for my next journey down the road. Trues up! Pita Soroaqali, Nadarivatu.

Winning start
Hats off to the Bal Sanju coached national U19 soccer team for defeating Vanuatu 3-1! All the best to the players and team management for the crucial match against the Solomon Islands, which had a 3-2 win over New Caledonia. I pray that our boys make the trip to Poland for the FIFA U20 World Cup! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu.

Confiscated fish
Sobo Allen, stop asking about the confiscated fish (FT 09/08). They madua to answer! Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka.

Top bet
THEY may not repeat the victory last year but the presence of RKS except for one grade is another show of guts, determination, dedication and strength. They have proven themselves in athletics, rugby sevens, rugby league and became the world under-18 champion. Having been at the grounds and looking at the supporters, I always love to watch how the old scholars cheer. They know more than those who are in school at the moment what a true Ratu Kadavulevuan supporter is like. But it’s also great to see families and friends come in their colours and cheer for the whole day until it’s all over. May the best team win. Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu.

Trade skills
The old days saw majority of the young people doing trade jobs as opposed to what’s observed lately, where the appeal is for IT related and desk jobs, funnily it is noted that there’s money to be made in the area of trade. One only needs to engage an electrician, a contractor or a plumber to see the backing of this point and it is noted, that NZ is having the same discussion. Could this be a norm worldwide? Maybe that’s why DIY sites and videos are on the rise, but there are dangers with DIY. Nigel Fiu, The Owls Perch, Lautoka.

Taxi plates
Congratulations to the legitimate winners. With the 1000 or so new plates Lautoka will have more taxis than private cars in the city on a given day.
Dan Urai, Lautoka.

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