Letters to the Editor- April 30

Kolora Momoedonu who represented Fiji at the weeken's World Supermodel Pageant became first runner up. Picture: World Supermodel Pageant

Years to my life

When I opened Saturday’s The Fiji Times online at 2.30am and saw the picture of the World Super Model South Pacific it added five more years to my life.

It was a breath of fresh air to me.

And that Wise Muavono is what keeps me youthful.


Allen Lockington,
Kava Place,



State of housing

The joint response of the Opposition parties (NFP, Unity Fiji, FLP, FUFP) to the state of housing in Fiji (FT 28/4) is very worrying and concerning.

I believe despite being written in the Constitution as a right under Section 35, affordability is still a problem.

The last thing young couples want is to be considered dependents.

They want to own properties! Someone help!

Amenatave Yaconisau,
Palm Drive,


Fijian sevens

If you analyse the set-up of the Fiji sevens team we have Jerry, Nasilasila, Nacuqu and now Teri Tamani — all playmakers in the team.

These players are sharing the half back and the playmaker roles between them, confusing the opposition whenever on the field.

This is a good strategy by Gareth Baber to keep interchanging these two roles among these players.

Naduva and Sau provide that blistering speed in the wings and the injection of Keponi Paul at rover, if done, will complete an Army/Police backline force.

Only the kickoffs need to be tidied and we are off the blocks …

Kunavula needs to be injected more after the break and the “Eyes” fever needs to complete the puzzle and Singapore will be in the bag.

Joka kece, kon Roki.

Shalwyn Prasad,
Mukta Ben Place,


Police drivers

With the increase in the number of vehicles for the Fiji Police Force and the concern raised by the Commissioner of Police on the abuse and accidents involving police vehicles, the commissioner should consider increasing the number of female drivers in the force.

Findings of a research published in the Daily Mail in 2017 revealed that women are more competent then men behind the wheel.

Men are more likely to be distracted while driving, while women were much better at controlling their distractions and paying attention to the road ahead.

The research conducted by Norwegian scientists also showed that while men were more likely to take risks, drive too close to the car in front, cut corners, go through lights on amber or talk and text at the wheel, women in contrast were more likely to be courteous and considerate, take care when approaching potential hazards, use their mirrors correctly and stop at lights when they turn amber.

With the study confirming that women are proficient behind the wheel, the Commissioner of Police may want to take heed if he would like to control the abuse and accidents involving police vehicles.

Sailosi Naewe,
Naduru Rd,



Home ownership

Home ownership affordability in your Editorial Comment (FT 28/4) not only provokes interesting thought, I believe it’ll be one of the most hotly debated topics come the next election.

The questions that need to be answered are:

  1. How and why has owning a home become out of reach for ordinary Fijians?
  2. Who is responsible for making it this way — the real estate industry, the Government, the lending institutions — who?
  3. Why were control measures not put in place in the real estate industry so that our local people wouldn’t be priced out of the market?
  4. Who is benefiting from the exorbitant pricing of homes other than homeowners and the real estate industry executives? Who else?
  5. What is the next government going to do about affordable housing and placing a moratorium on pricing?

Tragically, this trend is happening in western countries all over the world and I believe no one has had the intestinal fortitude to do something about it because most ordinary people have been placed out in the “cold”, unable to afford housing for themselves or their children.

And there’s no relief in sight.

Colin Deoki,

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