Letters to the Editor- April 29

Luisa Radinivuya, a market vendor at the Bailey Bridge market at her stall yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

Luisa Radinivuya, a market vendor at the Bailey Bridge market at her stall in March. Picture: ATU RASEA

Extra dollars for organic

IN Savusavu, you can buy organic guava jam and a few years ago I saw organic bananas for sale by the roadside at Volivoli Village near Sigatoka.

Please tell me, has anyone ever fertilised guava and bananas in Fiji? Sellers use the word organic so they can add another dollar to the price.

At present, the sugarcane industry in Fiji would not survive without the use of fertilisers.

In the past, farmers fertilised crops to increase productivity and new strains of wheat were developed for the same reason.

The result was substantially decreased periods of famine.

Now we are clearing large areas of arable farmland to organically farm.

Before we know it, we will be back into the famine cycle all because we have been brainwashed into believing organic farming is environmentally friendly.



Right focus

SEXUAL molesting of children is increasing every day which is rather surprising as in the Pacific today, there are numerous rights that protect the right of the child. Despite that, children are molested not only by strangers but people who are close to them and whom they trust.

A reading that got my attention was about a girl who was molested by her father when she was 12 years old in 2005.

Now 25, the complainant told the High Court in Suva she was disgusted by what her father did to her because he compared her with her mother.

I was glad to hear that the father of the victim was found guilty and the girl finally got justice.

But it was sad to note that it took the court 12 years and eight trials to finally punish that man.

It was also stated that the complainant told no one of what happened because she was ashamed of what people would think about her because the perpetrator was her father.

I think that every girl or women who has been molested has the same fear as people in the society are too quick to judge and most of them blame the woman.

But my advice would be to stop worrying what other people are thinking or saying and focus more on what is right.




One bus company

FOR so many years now only one transport company has been servicing the Princes Rd.

Bus drivers for this company purposely ignore when there is only one person standing at certain bus stop especially the one opposite Deovji St just before the entrance to Tamavua Village and slightly down the road past Ragg Ave.

So I plead with local authorities to try and have another bus company to provide competition on this route so bus travellers can catch the bus on schedule and arrive at work on time




‘Impossible’ to afford

IT is impossible to make homes affordable for the average income earner.

In my family’s scenario, when Housing Authority started, my father saw the opportunity to own a home.

He went about gathering the necessary documents but he knew that he could not afford it.

So we went and lived as squatters in a rural area.

As time went on, people from our area were getting homes.

Few years later, those homes were on mortgagee sale.

These were the so called affordable homes for low-income earners.

Do all political parties agree to make housing affordable for all Fijians?

Can someone please tell me what is an affordable home?




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