Letters to the Editor- April 27

Gau Secondary School's Timoci Nodarayaca and Vereniki Nailolo neck to neck in the final of the intermediate boys 200 metes at the ANZ Stadium yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Maritime Zone Athletics

Watching the Maritime Zone makes me wonder who runs the show.

I feel sorry for the students, teachers, parents and supporters who gave their all for the students to be there as they came from outer Islands. We were told that the opening would be at 10am and the game started at 1.30pm.

To my dismay there was no proper opening of the event like a prayer thanking the Lord Almighty for the life of students who made it for the day. For the start of the event, one of the officials was holding an A4 paper as a flag.

They were announcing the medal tally but there was none.

No medal presentation, just shaking hands.

The students would be happy to show other students back at their respective schools what they scooped from hard work.

It hurts because they spend more dollars for travelling and billeting and it took them two to three days to reach the main land. Please organisers, they are students just like those here in Suva.

I hope it will be better next year.

Vilimaina Sauduadua



Fijian connection

Hundreds of people who migrated from Fiji and now live in Canada still love and miss Fiji.

The memories of their childhood years and experiences in Fiji continue to dwell in them.

Some names like Fijiyanka, Fijineets and Fijipreet, that are never heard of in Fiji, are becoming common names for their children and grandchildren in Canada.

It is indeed true that one can take a person out of Fiji but one cannot take Fiji out of a person.

Raymond Chandra



Singapore 7s plan

The Fiji sevens team can only lead the World Rugby Sevens Series after the Singapore 7s if they win the tournament and South Africa loses in the semi-finals.

If the draws are set up that both teams win their pools than a possible semi-final clash is on the card.

However, should there be surprises in the pool stage than they may cross paths earlier or meet in the finals.

A final between Fiji and South Africa and if we win will allow both teams to tie the series.

I believe a Blitzbokke win will open a six point gap for them.

We must analyse each game and play with a strategy to achieve the ultimate goal not just say win the Singapore 7s and lead the series.

Taura vamalua boys!

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place,




Better all the time

Everyone strives to do good or better, all the time.

Many times it goes unnoticed.

You can be the best in what you do for many years, and of course it is what’s expected.

You make one slip-up, just one, and it goes viral.

Your high standards are looked down upon.

It becomes the talk of the town.

It goes all over Facebook.

Humans love to talk about people’s mistakes.

The good seldom goes viral.

Oh boy and do we talk long about it.

Even the politicians have a ball with it.

Poor Tourism Fiji.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place,

Waiyavi, Lautoka


Cost of vegetables

Semesa Doidoi is asking for another month’s stall fees waiver because of the high cost of vegetables.

I was told that the local government minister had already approved a fees waiver to all market vendors for a month.

At Lautoka market, vendors are all selling vegetables at a high price because they say they bought it at a high price from farmers.

Mr Doidoi should be reminded that the high price he pays to buy the vegetables is actually passed on to consumers.

So, if Mr Doidoi is asking for free market fees can we consumers also ask for a reduction in vegetable prices?

It takes both hands to clap.

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka


Plea for love

A humble plea to all readers who are so full of unused richness.

A possibility, from deep down your heart, if you could give at least a small token of your unwanted richness to families who are dying for it.

You do not need to look any further to find them, be silent and their faces will be shown.

Trust your instincts for they were given for a reason.

Suli Tokalau



Social media

Social media has influenced our world today.

It has brought about positive and negative impacts.

It has given the power to individuals to express their emotions and ideas freely.

The point I would love to address is that social media should be used responsibly.

Especially when it comes to exposing the vulnerability of a human body.

Respect should be given to deceased victims and especially the sexual exposure of our young ones.

Those that are involved in the distribution of gross material should be ashamed of themselves.

Where are the Fijian behavioural morals such as caring (veimaroroi) and love (veikauwaitaki) that we are usually known for? Let us value the dignity of a human body.

It is the gift of God to humanity, because someday “each of us will give an account of ourselves to God,” (Romans 14:12). Veilomani Viti.

Mesake Sivoinavatu

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