Letters to the Editor – April 27, 2019

Power plant closure

I CAN’T believe that the reason the Nabou Green Energy Ltd power plant closed down was because they ran out of fuel. Is this the truth or is there another reason why it closed down? Goodness gracious me, it’s a $100 million investment and it just halted operations like that. I believe some feasibility studies must have been done before its inception. Eh? ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Sri Lanka attacks

THE deadly attack in Sri Lanka during Easter shows that hatred, racism, abhorrence are linked to act of terrorism. The Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe conveyed a strong message during remembrance day for the victims and condemned terrorists around the globe that they did not belong to any group of people or faith-based group. In whatever way, practising your own faith is every individual’s right, where they are not bound to interference and fear. According to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, this rights include freedom to change religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public, or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance”. Act of terrorism interprets practice of cowardness, self-pity, inhumanity, and barbarism and every country around the world should rise up together to combat this. I believe that intelligence units should stipulate with every branch of government in order to sort possible solutions. The Sri Lankan PM in his message also said intelligence failed to do their part, the deadly attack could have been avoided. Few weeks ago, 50 people were killed in their place of worship in a deadly attack in Christchurch. In contrast to this deadly attack, I believe that every community should learn to integrate into other racial groups, pacify with their religion, and understand their culture, respect their place of worship, so that we can create peace and harmony. My heart goes out to every individual of this deadly attack in the due course of practising their faith. My heart goes out to their families, I do hope that they will find peace in their heart. I would also like to thank our Fijian community for taking part in the vigil of their remembrance. I do hope that we will rise up to condemn hate speech and racism in our own community in order to uphold peace and harmony in our multi-cultural society. PITA NAIGULEVU VOSAICAKE Korociriciri, Nausori

SODELPA leadership

I REFER to Simon Hazelman’s letter dated 23/04/2019 regarding the SODELPA leadership. I have had enough of reading Simon complaining about SODELPA. I believe he should be sharing what Savenaca Narube and Professor Wadan Narsey had already said regarding the state of the economy which the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has already pointed out. The election is over and the internal party differences are for the party itself to solve. That is part of politics nowadays. BAOGO LARUA Nasinu Village, Savusavu

Now and then

MR Colleague and I conversed about this being year 2019 and about the technological advances man has made since man was Neanderthal no more. Then the anger crept in somehow and poor phone and internet signal became the butt of anger. Somehow, thought went back to those old days when gun sites, bunkers and hideouts were better strategically planned and located than telecommunication towers these days. Colleague said these days they could pick out a log far out in the sea just by

Pre-internet dark age

DON’T you think we live in a truly incredible age? When I was younger, even when I started working, we had no internet. The world was an extremely different place. Friends who moved or left were gone forever. We almost never saw distant relatives unless we visited them or they visited us and that was quite rare. Landline telephones (if we had them) were really the only fast way to talk to distant contacts or you had to write a letter if you wanted to stay in touch with some of your friends. If you wanted to learn a new skill or find a rare piece of information, you had to visit the library. Fortunately, Nadi had a good one. And there were good bookshops too. And now? Thanks to the internet, almost everything is instant. You can catch up with old friends just by quickly searching for them on Facebook. Just type their name in and in an instant, you’re blasted with pictures of their pets, children and sometimes even their most recent vacation. Right now, all the information in the world is at your fingertips. And the internet has done something even more incredible than simply connecting all of us: It has created a massive, untapped potential for the creation of wealth. The internet is one of the world’s most untapped opportunities. What makes it even more incredible is just how easy it is for anyone to make money online. Believe it or not, there are people out there who are making a killing on the internet. Plus, the cost of entry is so ridiculously low anyone can do it. If you can read this letter, you’re qualified to kick-start your own little side income stream online. And yet these snake oil salesmen write copies that will pull your heartstrings. They pretend as if they are really genuine, helping real people, with real problems while promising not to scam them online when they are doing just that. Also, I believe people have lost the appreciation to read, they have lost their interpersonal skills and have become social misfits. A group of friends go to a restaurant for a dinner and all of them are busy on their smartphones. Why even bother to go out together? You are having a conversation with someone but their attention is on the phone on the table. The art of letter writing is lost. Proper spelling and correct grammar have gone by the wayside. Many applicants have lost the chance of an interview because their CVs look so pathetic because of the “texting” language. Relationships and hearts are broken via a callous and heartless text. Intimate photos are shared online once the relationship is off. And another meaningless one starts. Gutless trolls, leading pathetic boring lives get their kicks by posting misinformation and lie blatantly with no heed to the consequences of their despicable actions. Is nothing sacred anymore? Call me old and old-fashioned (I am both) but I belonged to an era when we had the right values –– we did not lie. Our word was as good as gold (pran jaye par vachan na jaye), we would not sell our souls for a few dollars. We lived by the principle, wealth lost –– nothing lost, health lost –– something lost, character lost –– everything lost, now the opposite is true. If we told a little fib, we would hold our heads down in shame. Now convicted felons and con men walk the streets with their heads held high with no sense of shame. Their success is determined by how much they have accumulated by hook or by crook. I would trade my life for the pre-internet dark age in a heartbeat. ARVIND MANI Nadi

Green to brown

THE aerial view of the Nabou Green Energy Ltd plant summed up the situation of the $100 million company. The company sourced trees and plant materials to produce electricity. The aerial shot was predominantly brown. MOHAMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka

Rugby question

WHILE our national men’s sevens team can win gold at the Olympic Games, the Rugby World Cup and the Hong Kong Sevens title for several years in a row, why is it that our national women’s sevens team continues to struggle. Some say the struggle is real and patience is a virtue, but something does not add up. Is it that our development plan for women’s rugby is not working? If so, why and how? Do we have a development plan for our women? Whatever one’s views, let’s continue to support our Fijian side but hope that rugby authorities do a thorough review of progress to date and come up with some practical suggestions. FLOYD ROBINSON Toorak, Suva

Let’s be vigilant

IT’S back again to the raincoats and umbrellas especially with the recent frequent drizzles and downpours around the country. Given the weather, we must be vigilant especially with our children as they tend to enjoy the rain. Flooding of low-lying areas have been reported in the media and we can always prevent catastrophic incidents such as drowning if we are more vigilant and watch each other’s back. Please take care, keep warm and have a blessed weekend. SPENCER ROBINSON Suva

$400m breakdown

WAS it really $400 million that was spent on the fight against non-communicable diseases? That’s a lot of money. We still have NCDs. How was the money spent, any breakdown? ALLEN LOCKINGTON Waiyavi, Lautoka

Put the streetlight

THE section of Mukerji St below Nadi Hospital is not safe for walking at nights because there are no streetlights. Hundreds of people including women and children who regularly use the road obviously feel insecure because the place is too dark at the moment. Before something happens, please put the lights needed. Prevention is better than cure. I hope you will look into this. SURESH CHAND Nadi


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