Letters to the Editor- April 24

The last baton change of the Junior Girls 4x100m relay which ACS won last Saturday at the 2018 Coca Cola Games. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

I thought this was a beautiful photo of a glorious moment (FT 23/4).
The delight and exuberance shown by the ACS lass at the back captured my attention.
This is a mere moment in time that could have gone by and forgotten, however, it has been captured forever by the click of a camera.
I know it will be forever cherished.
Thank you to The Fiji Times photographer Jovesa Naisua for capturing it.

Allen Lockington
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

EFL shares
EFL shares for customers sounds good, especially when they say that customers will be entitled to profits made by EFL.
I asked a few prominent people this question: What if EFL makes a loss or is shown to have made a loss? How will this impact customers?
I am sure there’s a good answer out there.
Donald Singh,

Pile of rubbish
Can Nasinu Town Council do something about the pile of rubbish in front of our house at Ura Pl?
It’s filthy, unhealthy and been there for months now.
Pita Soroaqali,

Four more years
Another four years of soul searching. Another four years of going back to the drawing board. Another four years of choosing the right combination and another four years of waiting come 2022.
Dear oh dear! The gold has been eluding our sevens gladiators. We can dream on for the next four years. Maybe our elusive dreams will change and our wishful thinking come true.
Birmingham be prepared, we are coming to get the gold. It’s now or never. Go Fiji, go!
Vili Yaranamua,

$75k pay-off
I refer to your report $75k “historic” accident compensation and I am surprised with the quickness with which the compensation was paid out to the little boy’s mother.
I thank the Opposition Leader for attending the presentation by the honourable Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.
Her presence shows that the Government has come up with something better than we had before.
Sukha Singh,

FNPF assessment
FNPF personnel went around in teams or individually to assess damage caused by the floods and the tropical cyclones. In all there were 36 teams with four members to a team.
Our fellow Fijians who were affected were satisfied with the timely aid yet it was their own money. We thought that FNPF has many investments and a lot of business owning several resorts and a lot of infrastructure which rake in a lot of money for its savings.
Could it use some of that money for the members?
Alex Waqalevu,

Baby deaths
It’s sad to read that some 313 babies died at our hospitals in Fiji. That’s a big number and I am sure something is definitely wrong in our health services. To me the statistics provided by the Health Minister doesn’t reflect the improvement that the Government talks about in our health services.
Narayan Reddy,

Can someone or anyone for that matter perched at the upper echelons of authority please advise us “ordinary Fijians” about the status of drinking alcohol in public?
There is an urgent need to address such an issue that seems to be spiralling out of control.
Recently, there has been an upsurge of drinking alcohol in public places as I’ve witnessed in dear O’l Levuka, a designated World Heritage Site, Suva, Sigatoka and Nadi.
I guess my bro Allen (not my uncle) could enlighten us regarding the situation in the Sugar City. I am told that he loves his “six botts” but if he enjoys it along Narara Pde or Marine Drive, then forget about adding spice to this issue, bro.
Drinking in public is indeed a nuisance, not only to the local populace/residents who reside within the vicinity of such activities but visitors/tourists alike are inconveniently hassled and harassed by such drunkards.
Even the young and elderly are not spared.
The amount of unnecessary noise created, vulgar language used, littering, spitting, urinating in public, etc, etc, are part of such “public parties”.
The authorities need to urgently up the ante to ensure that such is “legally deemed illegal”.
Unfortunately, though, one will never get to see nor witness the reality by zooming past in a heavily tinted, air-conditioned top of the range 4WD vehicle.
Action please.
Anthony Sahai,

Skipper Cup
The 2018 Skipper Cup got underway and the provincial teams came out firing. The opening round marked a colourful stunner as Jack’s Nadi broke a 10-year losing jinx against traditional giants and powerhouse of Fiji rugby Nadroga.
The Savenaca Aria-coached Nadi side did enough to down the defending champion. Their U20 side also walloped their Nadroga counterpart. Namosi came close to upsetting Qaqa Naitasiri but fell short. Noqu Suva was on form as the Capital City thrashed Malolo while Rewa escaped Navosa’s onslaught.
The historic competition in the women’s category brought the crowd to their feet as Nadi, Suva, Rewa and Namosi reigned.
I wish the participating teams the very best and to my Nadroga Stallions, hold your heads high despite the loss. I know you will make headlines when the dust settles as your records speak volumes of your calibre. Hakwa Nadro hakwa!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam,
Nadawa, Nasinu.

It is important and interesting to read in this newspaper (21/04) the views of political leaders on the status of Fiji’s agricultural sector and plans on how their parties will address it.
For once we are able to read various policies and plans on how to address this important subject. Although the political leaders may differ in their perspectives but one fact stood out the most; all were eager to improve the agricultural sector because the nation depended on its success.
The significant issue is that the citizens are enlightened by reading and comparing these views, and are able to vote with confidence after filtering the information that is available. I am really looking forward to more views from political leaders on various important subjects of national interest in the coming weeks before the general election.
But it would be more interesting if there can be an event where all political leaders stand on a platform and have a debate on national issues while chaired by a neutral moderator and citizens are also given freedom to question potential leaders.
I agree with the American politician John Lewis who stated that, “We should be creative, and we should accommodate the needs of every community to open up the democratic process. We should make it easy and accessible for every citizen to participate.”
This allows people to be collectively involved in the making and building of our nation rather than leaving it in the hands of a few.
God bless Fiji.
Mesake Sivoinavatu,
Pago Pago, American Samoa

I believe every government department and just about every private sector or company thinks little or nothing about customer parking.
All parking spaces are for the workers. Customers even get told to move out if you dared park in a designated space.
Government departments and private companies need to understand that they exist to provide goods and services and if it wasn’t for customers they would never be there in the first place.
Customer service starts and finishes at the parking lot, not reception!
Please provide enough parking spaces for customers.
Simon Hazelman

I lament the comments made by the Acting PM and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum about budget consultation that it reflects “not valuing our youths”.
I believe budget is to do with expenditures, government tax, government objectives and national priorities, fiscal policies, economic activities, and income distribution.
It is a major tool of government policies, nothing to do with youth and their value.
Amenatave Yaconisau
Palm Drive, Delainavesi

in order
Congratulations to all athletes and especially the winners of the 2018 Coca-Cola Games, Adi Cakobau School and Ratu Kadavulevu School, well done.
One of the overlooked areas in the Coke Games is the monitoring of after functions.
With Park Jam and other events planned at the same time, students still need supervision.
Understandably, it’s the beginning of holiday break, but parents and teachers should ensure safety precautions are in place.
The common practice witnessed for the past two years include seeing buses with students screaming and shouting, speed along the Suva-Nausori corridor from 1am to 6am on Sunday? Is responsible alcohol service practised for post events, to ensure students are not intoxicated?
How effective do authorities monitor minors in nightclubs or drivers having rowdy noisy passengers in their buses in the early hours of the morning?
We always say, prevention is better than cure, without thinking of all possible consequences.
Finau Naigulevu Turaga
Nadi Airport

I applaud our Fiji Police Force for a job well done in keeping our students, parents and supporters safe over the weekend.
The Coca-Cola Games is known to be one of the biggest athletics events in the South Pacific region and it was overwhelming to see supporters coming out from both local and abroad.
I believe for the past years, one of the setbacks was the lack of security but this year the effort shown by our police officers was indescribable.
Until Saturday night you could still see police officers scanning around nightclubs, streets and at the park jam in pairs or threes, just making sure that everyone was safe and there were no incidents.
For the past three days of the event, the traffic in the city was well monitored and spectators reached the stadium on time to watch their school take part.
I came past USP on Sunday at around 8.30am and I could still see a few officers making their last rounds before they headed home.
A big vinaka vakalevu to every officer who made sure that everyone returned home in one piece!
Timaima Makulau
Toorak, Suva

Reference to your article on the subject (FT 21/04) while bicycle lanes maybe beneficial to those who use this mode of transport, priority should be given first in developing proper footpaths in our suburbs.
There are areas with high vehicle and foot traffic but no footpaths.
A great example is Vuci Rd in Nausori. The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and his team should take a walk through this stretch of the road.
There is high vehicle and foot traffic on this road and with no proper footpaths you are just inches away from a vehicle whizzing past and whisking you away.
If there are two big vehicles like a bus and lorry passing at the same point on the road, a safe option is to jump into the ditch by the road.
The risk is high for both the driver and the person on the road. Please do prioritise proper footpaths before bicycle lanes.
Sailosi Naewe
Naduru Rd, Nausori

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