Letters to the Editor – April 24, 2019

Sri Lankan security personnel walk past dead bodies covered with blankets amid blast debris at St Anthony’s Shrine following an explosion in the church in Kochchikade in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Picture: NEWS.COM.AU

Gruesome bombings

Yet another bomb attack has claimed lives of innocent people. In Sri Lanka the calm of Easter Sunday was shattered by gruesome bombings that killed at least 270 people. It is believed that the explosions blew out the tiled roofs of churches and hotel windows, killing worshippers and hotel guests. Watching the videos and pictures on social media was painful and I pray that the lost souls find solace and the grieving families find peace. Such a sad day for humanity! God bless Sri Lanka! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Fight against NCDs

I believe an individual’s personal interest and commitment towards physical training is the key factor in the fight against NCDs. Much has been said nowadays in respect of the rising cases of NCDs which is becoming a killer in our society. The Ministry of Health has been seen conducting awareness programs both by visitation to communities and through the media, however, the rate of NCDs related death is still on the rise. It is very important for all of us to change our mindset towards life and make physical activity an integral part of our daily life. I believe physical workout helps our body in using up stored fats which have been accumulated and rarely used by our bodies. I believe these stored fats when not utilised, give way for NCDs to attack our immune system. The fight against NCDs is possible and it can only be done by changing our mindset. I believe we need to watch our food intake and ensure working out for at least 30 minutes a day. It is time to make use of the enormous work being done by the Government to upgrade our infrastructure in terms of maintaining and construction of footpaths. I am a regular user of the footpaths along Cunningham Rd in the early hours of the morning and it is overwhelming to see an increase in the number of people prioritising their health by waking up early for a morning walk. Let’s all make physical activity an integral part of our lives to ensure good health and longevity. Krishan Keshwan Suva

Road condition

I believe the Fiji Sugar Corporation has given the Nadovu Park Tennis Court in Lautoka on lease to Tennis Fiji. Local, regional, and international tournaments are being held at the court and one should take a drive to the court to experience the pathetic condition of the road leading to it from the Lautoka sugar mill end. I believe not much has been done to improve this private owned road over the past years. Road users were frustrated during the Easter weekend while taking a risk to drive after heavy downpour which resulted in flooding of the road which directly received heavy flow from Nadovu Park. Safety of family members and safeguarding of other road users when driving in and out from the court over the Easter weekend was an experience because of the pathetic road condition. Two to three loads of gravel, river stones and a culvert could bring about the much needed improvement. Either improve the road conditions or stage tournaments only when the weather is in favour. Those parents, visitors and players who took the risk to drive up to the court will agree with my statement. During adverse weather conditions it is unsafe to use the road leading up to the court. Gulsher Ali Lautoka

Landslide victory

I heard on BBC radio that Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has scored a landslide victory in the country’s presidential election. He is a political novice. He beat Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko who is the fifth and current president of Ukraine, and also a political veteran. An expert on elections was being interviewed and the question was asked of him, “Why did the people vote for Zelensky? The expert’s answer was, “They didn’t vote for Zelensky. The people voted against Poroshenko, because they are fed up with how the country was being run.” Good luck to Zelensky who said, “I will never let you down”. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Heavy downpour

The recent continuous heavy downpour has certainly “wrecked” the rickety bridges/crossings and untarsealed road that circumnavigates Ovalau. Unfortunately, the company contracted to oversee road maintenance on the island, deemed it fit to only send a small digger to attend to the severe and life-threatening damage caused. Yes, life-threatening, as carriers, buses and other vehicles that traverse those roads on a daily basis are laden with humans. I humbly request the people’s Government to put the contractors on notice to ensure that the roadworks are urgently attended to. The “toy” digger sent is pretty much useless.

Beautiful women

The hype and excitement of the Asian leg of the HSBC sevens series seems to have calmed down. However, we must have all seen three beautiful ladies were also watching as shown in our two daily papers. Yes, they were our travelling members of Parliament. Lynda Tabuya known for her modern outfits was so attractive in Hong Kong (FT 8/4 and FS 8/4). Politics aside, Ro Teimumu Kepa and Premila Kumar were also attractive in Singapore (FS 15/4). To the three ladies, that’s the way to enjoy life. Cheers and go Fiji go. Vili Yaranamua Nadi

Cigarette butts

I’d love the CEO of Suva City Council, the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Health and the Commissioner of Police to please explain to me and others, just why there are so many cigarette butts littering the ground around the small kiosks at Suva market, when signs in the area proclaim it to be a “smoke free zone”? A lot of the butts get washed, via the storm drains, to our “pristine harbour” and some no doubt literally feed the fishes! Alastair Ward Tamavua, Suva

Homeless man

We often boast about Fiji being a paradise island in the Pacific. I wonder if the homeless street man who died sleeping on a cardboard (FT 23/4) felt that way? Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Very sad

It seems terror attacks are well calculated and the targets picked by plotters are no ordinary places but places of mass gatherings. Take for instance, in Sri Lanka the plotters targeted Easter worshipers and high end hotels popular with international guests. The bombing of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka appears to have been very well co-ordinated. The attacks are a sad reminder that the planet is not free from terrorism. So far the death toll from the bomb blasts that ripped through churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka stands at 310 while the injury toll stands at 500. So sad and so barbaric that words can’t describe the hatred these attacks reveal. This is a time when world leaders should offer their assistance swiftly and aptly. May the victims of these horrific acts find solace and comfort and get over it soon. Our prayers are with you. Suresh Chand Nadi

Street sign

I see that our new street sign now reads “SANDELWOOD ST” instead of “SANDALWOOD ST” here in Lautoka. Grateful if the Lautoka City Council would be good enough to rectify the spelling error ASAP. Henry T Manulevu Sandalwood St, Lautoka

Plastic bottles

There is an advertisement which informs public members that they can take plastic bottles for recycling. In return, people can earn a small sum of money. Recycling companies in Fiji should not only rely on the public. They should venture out. Roadsides, streets, rivers, shorelines and drains are their goldmines. In this manner they will not have to be dependent on the environment caring public. Their supply is being ensured by irresponsible litterers among us. Our environment will be a whole lot better. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Water shutdown

I REFER to the concerns raised by the residents of Field 40 in Lautoka for being caught off guard as they were not notified of the water shutdown (FT 22/4). I believe that when it comes to water and electricity we should always follow the scouts’ motto: “Be Prepared”. Given that these utilities are powered by machines, such disruptions could occur anytime and without warning. Therefore it is advisable for people to have back-up facilities in place all the time. SELWA NANDAN Lautoka

Religious conventions

Congratulations to various religious organisations for successfully organising their annual conventions every year. It is hoped the conventions’ objectives and goals are always fulfilled. I believe the success of conventions like these is dependent on the support and patronage of the members and followers alike. Their presence undoubtedly gives you assurance of their attachment, support and confidence in the work you do. A strong congregation signifies a healthy organisation. One of the most prominent features of these religious gatherings is the sports activities without which I think the convention is not complete. Now among the crowd also present are many wellwishers who add flavour to the carnival. It is not easy organising and running such conventions each year. It requires hard work and proper planning by experienced and active members to run the show. Seeing how successful and well organised the events are indicates the enormity of the organisation’s support. These conventions are being held each year for more than 50 years now. Some have already celebrated their 75th anniversary. We thank our forefathers who introduced such a wonderful and religiously binding and enriching meets that ensure our faith and origins are not lost. They would be happy seeing from heaven that the spirit and message of the tradition left by them has not dampened at all. My ending message to all is always keep your religious faith intact. Suresh Chand Nadi || april24balavyup9 || There is an advertisement which informs public mem


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