Let’s do something

I believe that we all concur with the editor when he said: “We sound like an old record permanently on replay mode” when we talk about road deaths (FT 12/7).

Nearly every week and monthly we get updated on accidents and road fatalities Fiji wide, comparing the number of death this month with the same month last year.

Every week and every month, pedestrians and drivers are warned to take extra care on our roads, to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities.

But it seems that all the warnings and awareness and even fatal accidents has no affect on the pedestrians and drivers.

Our road death toll seems to be increasing every month.

We all know that speed kills and that driver fatigue is another cause of accidents and death.

Let us all do something about this old record permanently on replay mode.

Let us dob in dangerous drivers and more warning signs to slow down and rest, revive, survive should be erected on all roads in Fiji.

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