Let’s be responsible

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JUST yesterday we reported on a road accident that killed a mother and injured her husband and sons on Taveuni.

The accident effectively affected a family.

It left an indelible impression on the minds of loved ones. Yesterday police confirmed yet another death on our roads.

This time, police confirmed a 19-year-old died along Ratu Kadavulevu Rd in Mokani, Tailevu, in an alleged hit-and-run incident early yesterday.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said they were awaiting a post-mortem examination report to determine the cause of death.

We are told the victim was allegedly drinking homebrew with three friends who left him behind when they went to town because he was allegedly too drunk.

Ms Naisoro said a man walking towards Mokani around 2am heard the alleged accident and saw a vehicle heading towards Nausori with all the lights off but could not make out the registration of the vehicle.

She said police were searching for the vehicle.

What is frightening though is the revelation by Ms Naisoro that “quite a few accidents linked to alcohol” were recorded in the past 24 hours.

“From yesterday morning until today, nine drivers were arrested for drink driving.”

That should sound a warning for us all.

It raises the issue of how much we value road safety, and life.

There are some very irresponsible drivers around us. We can only hope the law will come down heavily on them.

Deaths because of road accidents should remind us about how fragile life is, and how unnecessary the loss of life is. We are now into the festive season.

This is a time of festivities, of merrymaking, fun and joy.

This is when many people will throw caution to the wind, and embrace the season of happiness.

It should not be a season of sorrow.

Sadly though, it is when we ignore safety that we pay the ultimate price. That is when we must blame ourselves.

The police force, from the director traffic and his men and women, needs our support to ensure everyone enjoys the festivities safely, and with loved ones.

So let’s be responsible. Let’s enjoy ourselves, be mindful of an early school start next year, and live life to the brim.

Let’s appreciate our loved ones, be mindful of safety concerns, and when we are on the roads, be alert, proactive and mindful of road safety.

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