Let them pay

It is plain disgusting to read of rowdy students who ripped out four bus seats and threw them out of the bus, broke windscreen and rear-screen and damaged lights in two consecutive nights of unprecedented vandalism on buses.

The driver knows which school these rowdy vandals are from and should have driven the bus to the school and let the principal, staff and students see their handiwork before going to the media.

Get the school to pay for damage as it was the school that hired the special bus and the students involved were in school uniform.

The school principal would in turn find out the students involved, after all the bus was full of students from the same school and discipline the culprits.

I believe that the ill-discipline we find in students today can be attributed to the new laws of disciplining children we have today.

The Word of God says that when we spare the rod, we spoil the child.

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