Let common sense prevail

AFTER listening to reasons why we should not carelessly litter, burn tyres, damage coral, cut trees and so on, it is likely that common sense would prevail.

However, I hope the leaders would on the same token not forget the destruction of climate sustainability because of wars, nuclear tests, firing missiles and so on. Who knows that because of such bomb tests we have more severe earthquakes, tsunamis!

Why can’t we live and let others live rather than abusing our powers? We are also part of the world and we should not forget that. If one is affected because of such events then it is likely that the neighbour would be affected in some way environmentally, economically, etc., so common sense should prevail now. Causing earth, air and water pollution one can just imagine the various negative effects on all living things.

There are continuous challenges ahead of us and we should be focused and keep abreast of our positive actions. We must always bear in our minds that as usual, prevention is better than cure.

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