Lessons should inch out caution

Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

The weather hasn’t been good over the past few days.

Heavy rain and strong winds brought in by Tropical Cyclone Josie left behind a trail of devastation that was described by Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar as worse than the 2009 floods.

He said this after surveying Ba’s central business district and residential areas that were hit by floodwaters associated with Josie. He provided meals and rations as part of immediate relief assistance.

Every household, he said, had the same story in a sense that within a few minutes, the water came in and they were not able to save anything.

There was no homeowner, he said, who was spared.

“The ones who were staying on the top floor were fine but all others, they have lost everything,” he said.

But as TC Josie continued to move away from the Fiji Group, the Fiji Meteorological Service said it was monitoring another trough of low pressure which lay to the north of Fiji.

It said the system was expected to drift over the Fiji Group as TC Josie moved south eastwards.

It has urged the public to heed advisories and take alerts and warnings seriously.

Kadavu, Matuku and Ono-i-Lau can still expect damaging gale force wind from TC Josie, it said yesterday.

Strong wind and heavy rain warnings are in place for the entire Fiji Group.

TC Josie was located about 280km south of Kadavu and about 380km south of Suva at 9pm.

TC Josie was moving south-south-east at 10km/hr away from the group.

The weather office warned that associated trough of low pressure and rain bands would continue to affect the group.

Flood warnings and alerts remained in force for parts of Fiji.

The weather system was frightening for all those who came face to face with its power.

Floodwaters reached damaging heights and swept through with a power that was never seen before by many people.

Such weather should inch out caution and concern for the welfare of loved ones.

It should force us to be mindful of our safety, and not take risks.

It seems many people were caught unaware. However, because such events are not new to our country, we must be prepared.

It is in our best interest.

Because warnings are still in place, we must heed advisories, be careful and stay safe.

Surely there were many lessons learnt over the past few days in the wake of TC Josie.

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