Leleuvia Island

THEY wanted something simple, something small yet a setting which said “just the two of us”.

And that’s exactly what Tristan Rueben and Natalia Sagraria got — an intimate wedding on the beautiful Leleuvia Island Resort.

Thirty-one-year-old Tristan said his wife Natalia had heard so many good things about Fiji — unique and beautiful — that it basically made their minds up for them regarding the venue. Tristan works as a public servant in Belgium while Natalia is an external EU consultant in Fiji. They have been dating since December 2010.

Natalia said: “We had been dating for the past six years and in April this year, Tristan proposed to me in Belgium.

“We looked for our wedding venue for several months but could not find what we were looking for. When Tristan visited me in August this year, some friends from Fiji and Tonga recommended Leleuvia Island Resort as the best venue for a simple wedding.

“We were lucky to have friends that helped us in the choice for our wedding venue and a perfect wedding co-ordinator.”

Lambert Ho was their wedding co-ordinator who the couple described as “an artist who is very creative”.

“He did exactly what we were looking for, a simple but special venue just for the two of us,” said Natalia.

She said when Reuben visited, they decided it was the right moment to get married.

“It was the first time for him to be in Fiji and he fell in love with the place and we got married straightaway at Leleuvia Island Resort.”

The couple decided to use tokens (bracelets and necklaces) from the Solomon Islands instead of wedding rings because they were a wedding gift from a good friend.

Natalia, describing what they wore said: “My husband’s sulu was from Fiji and my dress was hand-printed by a Vanuatu artist and it was a gift from a friend in Tonga.

“The venue was at the beach with a table decorated for the signing of the wedding certificate and lunch for the two of us.

“And a beautiful altar made with some wood, corals, sand, and flowers with Padre James Bhagwan blessing our wedding.”

Lambert had also prepared a table for two for the night in front of the sea that made the whole experience an awesome one.

The newly-weds celebrated their wedding with staff members of Leleuvia Island Resort. They plan to return to the island for a holiday.

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