Legalise or not

One explorer found in South America (although they say discovered) tobacco from the affluent western world and legalised, processed, packaged and sold it under different brands.

Upon finding its detrimental effects on humans, instead of banning it and criminalising it they have instead placed warning signs on the packages, increased taxes, stopped smoking in various places and purchased and used by certain age groups and this all in the name of jobs and economics.

Then we have ganja used in parts of Asia for centuries as an anti-depressant, relaxant, pain killer and various other uses but the western world which had become the commercial world banned it and eventually criminalised its use, cultivation, possession and sale with disastrous effects from death to imprisonment for the people involved in the trade.

I believe the agencies of the United Nations were used to influence nations to criminalise this activity.

I believe, now that the world has realised the error of its ways with marijuana.

I believe it has within the past decade started to liberalise laws under the heading of medicinal use – take Europe, last year it was parts of the USA and Canada and now it’s our neighbour Australia.

Yet in this country we continue with the criminalisation of ganja, arresting and convicting them and sending our citizens to long terms in prison as well as confiscating the money earned and properties purchased.

I can understand and agree with the criminalisation of artificial drugs like ecstasy, amphetamine (ice), heroin, cocaine and those of similar nature.

I request the legislators and judicial authorities not to make criminals out of citizens who are not criminals in the true sense of the word.

I believe too much of anything whether it be food, kava or alcohol and if it is adulterated, causes some consumers to act differently, but we have laws as with tobacco to deal with it.

Our sugar industry whether one wants to be in continuous self-denial will no longer be what it was or bring in the foreign currency or create jobs, only 25 per cent to 30 per cent of the industry remains, but I believe marijuana is a great replacement crop all in the name of medical science.

Can the powers that be act and introduce a legislation before it’s too late.

Also, can we have the President through the Prerogative of Mercy Commission pardon all those imprisoned for ganja.

This industry would take off instantly and make good citizens out of people who are presently called criminals and results in huge loss of tax-payers resources.

People who read this letter, please do some research before you react adversely, but let’s debate.

Time stops me from writing further.

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