Legal fratenity needs to embrace mediation: Vaurasi

Fiji Law Society president Laurel Vaurasi speaks to Dr Akanisi Kedrayate and Jenny Seeto. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

FIJI Law Society president Laurel Vaurasi believes that the legal fraternity needs to embrace mediation instead of always taking matters to court.

Speaking to this newspaper at the Fiji Law Society Annual Convention on Friday, she said there were a number of reasons why mediation was better for all parties.

“Mediation is the preferred first stop before we go to litigation because in litigation there are so many factors – the ongoing costs and the length of time it could take in court,” she said.

“Mediation saves the courts time, saves resources and for lawyers it develops a new skill – with mediation you are forced to be creative to bring about a solution that is of mutual benefit to everyone.”

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