Legal Aid Commission spreads its wings

THE Legal Aid Commission will open new offices in Vunidawa, Keiyasi, Seaqaqa, Kadavu and Rotuma.

Acting director Shahin Ali said this was possible through funding allocated to the Legal Aid Commission this year.

In the 2017/2018 national Budget, $8.4 million was allocated to the commission.

“It has been put to good use and that is by opening offices around the country, expanding our services and outreach to the people of Fiji and by providing employment for many graduates,” he said.

“While global standards and international best practices focus on Legal Aid for criminal matters only, we have taken it a step further by applying these practices for civil law matters as well as other forms of legal services. We have made legal services readily and easily accessible, including rural and remote areas as well as islands.

“Our lawyers go to places where no other lawyer would go.

“We take our services to the people who cannot come to us,” he said..

“There are times when we have visited clients and members of the public at their residence or in hospitals because they are not able to make it to our office due to reasons of old age, ill-health or they have difficulty with mobility or are bed-ridden,”

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